How to operate a backhoe loader

Backhoes are one of the most widely used heavy construction equipments that are utilized at many construction sites. When one take the responsibility to operate a backhoe, the operator has to be very careful and well learned about the mechanism of how the backhoe is operated.

Steps to follow to operate a backhoe:

  • Check the location:

The first thing that the operator needs to know is the location of the backhoe. The position of the steering wheel, the control lever, gas pedal, brake pedals, emergency flashers, lights, horn, emergency brake, gauges and the ignition switches are the main parts that the operator needs to know.

  • Read the manual:

No matter how experienced and well taught an operator you are; you must read the manual of the backhoe, before you start to operate it. This will help the operator to understand the difference of the particular backhoe with the other backhoes.

  • Start the machine:

The next thing that the operator needs to do is to start the engine. After knowing the positions of the parts of the backhoe, and reading the manual, the operator is all set to put the engine on. While starting the machine, the operator must have a feel of the back boom and the bucket is stabilized. Without stabilizing the engine if you start it, then it will start vibrating violently.

  • Drive the heavy construction equipment:

After you have started the engine, you can move forward slowly by shifting the transmission forward and by releasing the parking brake. Keeping the balance of the machine is very important and since there is very little chance for the operators to drive the machine on smooth surface, the operator must use the second gear to maintain a stable and low speed.

  • Raise the backhoe boom and bucket:

This is the main part of operating heavy construction equipment such as a backhoe. The backhoes are used to lift materials at a construction site and therefore, the operator has to be very careful in lifting these materials. This is because a little inattentiveness might damage the entire process and also destruct the equipment. The control lever that operates the loader bucket or the backhoe boom is the main part that needs to be controlled while raising the backhoe loader.

This operating lever is situated on the left hand side of the machine in the operator’s cab, while sitting with the face put forward in the cab. Once the operator pulls the lever towards the rear, it raises the backhoe loader bucket, and if the operator pushes it forward, it lowers the bucket. The operator has to pull the lever towards the centre to scoop the materials from the construction site and then push it outwards to dump it. Steering the equipment the operator can control the direction of the backhoe loader.

Operating a backhoe loader is a very tricky job and needs experience. But once you learn the process, you can operate it easily.