Caterpillar 613 Scraper

Heavy equipment is more in demand in both the construction and mining industries. Over the period of last few decades, it has shown the world that the overall construction industry has moved into a new dimension and the one that is responsible for this shift is the heavy equipment that is been used for construction work. With the help of internet, finding out which heavy equipment can be used for what kind of work is fairly simple these days but when it comes to choose your pick on the brand, things start becoming confusing from there. A number of brands associated with heavy equipment have made their presence in the gigantic industry. So now people have more options which means that they can pick up anything that they feel is the best for them. However, having more options also leads them to a sort of confusion where it becomes very difficult for them to identify the brand they should be making way with.

It has been witnessed that Caterpillar is a brand that has managed to penetrate deep inside the hearts of major construction companies. Many of them would prefer to go with Cat products as they believe that CAT is known for producing quality produces at quite a reasonable price. CAT is also brand that has been in the market for years with an untarnished image and it is quite a hard job to keep your image spotless especially after having stayed in a competitive environment for so long.

CAT is known for producing many heavy equipment but it has a reputation of designing some world class scrapers. Speaking a bit about the scrapers, we would be discussing briefly about the CAT 613 scraper. The net power of the machine is 150 hp with a displacement of 636 cu in and the power is measured at 2200 rpm. The total fuel capacity is around 65 gallons and the size of the tire is 18*25, 12 PR. It is also known for its solid grip in muddy ditches and rocky slopes. The maximum speed while going forward is 24 mph. The operating weight of the scraper while it is empty is 14305 kg. Talking about the bowl of the machine, the heaped capacity is 11 yd3 with a maximum depth of cut of 6.7 in and width of cut of around 8 ft in.

Moving to the dimension of the machine, the overall length of the scraper is 32.1 ft in and the width is around 8 ft in. The overall height of the machine is 9.4 ft in and the wheelbase is around 20.8 ft in. Many are of the opinion that CAT products are usually high priced ones and are not within the budget of many small to some mid-sized companies. However, the fact is completely opposite as far as the 613 scraper is concerned. Many small to medium sized construction companies can easily afford to buy a new 613 scraper without hurting the overall budget of their company and will find it a worthy purchase.