Worried that your heavy equipment may get stolen – install cameras

It is natural for us to care for the expensive item that we possess. There is always a fear that those expensive items might get stolen if we do not take proper care to keep it in a place that we consider as safe. Therefore we take every possible measure to keep it hidden and away from the eyes of any miscreant. This is possible as far as the expensive item is small in size but what about those items that is big enough to be hidden or even if you try to hide them there is someone or the other who will get to know about it and can then make every attempt to steal it. You buy an expensive car and you may stay a bit worried that someone might steal that and therefore you keep that in your garage completely locked. But you can’t do the same for your heavy equipment which are left open in the construction site. If you have a lot of heavy equipment that are working on the construction site, it will be next to impossible to lock it in some garage. You have to think of something else to keep it safe.

Well in such a situation, the best that you can do is install cameras around the jobsite and appoint some security personnel who will keep a close watch on the screen to check if anybody is trying to be become smarter and making his way to steal either of your machines. There is a chance that the robbers may come with their faces masked and try to first break off the camera. Well, if this is what they do first the security guys sitting inside the control room will get to know about it as they will find the screen has gone blank which will suggest that someone has ended up breaking the cameras. They can then go to that direction to nab the culprits.

The price of the cameras are hardly few dollars and definitely far lesser than the price of the heavy equipment. So one should buy them without thinking twice and secure all the machines from getting stolen. You also have cameras that rotate 180 degrees which means that you do not have to install more cameras on the jobsite. If the jobsite covers few acres of land, you may have to invest a bit on cameras or else a couple of them should be fine. Either ways it will be a win-win situation for you and you can sleep without having any worries or fear of your machines getting stolen.

While hiring the security guys, you should ensure that they have some experience in guarding things. They should know how to monitor things on the switch between multiple monitors. The existence of cameras will have no importance if you have recruited incompetent workforce to guard your belongings and will eventually lose it. However, if you have the guys trained there is negligible chance for someone to have the opportunity to steal the heavy machines.