Why Should One Be Using Caterpillar Excavators – Find It out Here

A construction site is filled with heavy equipment of different kinds and they all are working all day busy constructing a building for us to live. But one thing we must all understand that without the help of these heavy equipment, things won’t look as simple as we see it to be. A construction company needs to have all sorts of machines. Right from a bulldozer to an excavator, they need it all to fulfil their business requirements.

Each machine has its own role to play and hence it becomes quite imperative to pick the right iron for the job. It becomes quite tricky to select the best available option when you are given too many of them. However, when you have a name like Caterpillar as an option, you may not think twice to pick that up. Therefore, it is wise to put Caterpillar machines to work and get the job done.

Cat is perhaps one such company which gives lot of stress to consumer’s demands. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling customer’s requirements and pay special heeds to their needs. This is probably the major reason why many big construction and mining houses vouch for Caterpillar heavy equipment.

We would be discussing about caterpillar excavators and why should one have them in their corner. Let’s talk about the most recently launched Cat 320EL Hydraulic Excavator. Well, this machine can make the hard work look simple. It’s rock solid but has the potential to do the work with ease. It’s easy to move from one place to another and the control system is simply awesome. The operator won’t perspire doing the tough job and may even find him listening to some music while moving earth. Its capacity to lift things has increased by over 5% on a standard one and if we consider a heavy lift configuration, then that’s been increased by more than 20%. Like its earlier version, it has low emissions engine which not only increases its fuel efficiency but also boosts productivity.

Cat 320EL is fitted with C6.6 Acert Engine that has an electronically control the fuel pressure. It also includes a 3 layer fuel hoses and an electric pump which permits the use of biodiesel. In order to cool the engine, they have an air to air after cooler and an A/c condenser. The fan automatically adjusts to the temperature and keeps it cool. The engine of this model plays a significant role to keep down the fuel consumption without hampering its performance.

The machine is gifted with hydraulic horsepower which perhaps make it unique in approach and also more favourable as compared to other machines. It’s indeed the actual power behind the machine which allows it to do the toughest of the work with much ease. It has a back to back main control valve which helps it to increase its efficiency. It’s also blessed with a heavy lift which allows the machine to lift a lot of stuff at the same time and complete the work at a much faster pace.

Knowing all these, it would be absolutely naive to think of going for any other equipment which may not at all have these features and if at all they possess it, it may be short lived.