Which one is the best – Caterpillar D6T Dozer or John Deere 850 Dozer

Which one is the best – Caterpillar D6T Dozer or John Deere 850 Dozer

Having the right set of tools is very important in any sort of business and when you are in construction industry, it becomes all the more important to get your act right. You got to ensure that starting from a needle to a dozer, everything is in working condition and things won’t go off at the time you need them the most. Being into construction business where you have deadlines and have to get the work done under a stipulated time frame, it is quite imperative that you have the best machines to carry out the operations.

Here we would be talking about the features of one of the most critical equipment in the construction business and that is none other than a bulldozer.  At present there are few companies that are renowned for manufacturing quality bulldozers and out of them; we would be targeting Caterpillar D6T and John Deere 850 Dozers.

Caterpillar D6T Dozers:  Many construction houses use this dozer for their operations. It is renowned for its quality, high efficiency and low maintenance cost and is considered as the most trusted dozer manufactured by the brand Caterpillar. While framing the design for this dozer, the engineers paid special attention towards increasing its productivity, reduction in emissions and to lessen the operating cost without hampering the quality and design of its lineage. Several other features have been added which includes service centers at the ground level that permits the battery to get detached and the engine automatically turn off the switches. This saves the time and energy of the person operating the machine as he does not have to climb on the dozer to get that done manually.

Special attention has been given to the cabin which gives lot of space to the person working inside the cabin. He can easily move in and come out of the cabin without brushing his arms or knocking his head with any parts of the machine. They have also set up new cooling package, a hydraulic fan and an electronic engine control that plays an instrumental role in saving at least 6% of the fuel. Overall, Caterpillar has ensured that it gives the best to you and it should worth every penny you pay to the company.

John Deere 850 Dozers:  John Deere is another such company which is renowned for producing quality machineries and out of the many machines they have produced, the 850 Dozers have quite evidently left its mark in the mind of big construction companies across US. The 850 dozer has been built with the notion to cater construction companies who are extensively looking for a solid waste disposal machine and which can work in an extra rough terrain without breaking down in the middle. It is equipped with a semi U blade which is at the outside of the machine and is mounted upwards that helps it to easily carry the thrash and dump it out.

This machine has a reverse fan that can be used to change its direction after every 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It can also be activated from the seat of the operator as and when he feels the need to do so. Doing this helps the machine to keep its engine cool and that ultimately increases its productivity.

John Deere 850 Dozers continues to give strong competition to its competitors and its business rivals by introducing new features and developing the machine to cater the needs of the construction business.