Which one consumes more fuel – brand new heavy equipment or old heavy equipment?

For every construction management company, it is very important to buy all the heavy construction equipment for doing the construction job smoothly. Therefore, the companies always look for the very best construction equipment. No matter what the brand is, irrespective of that, the construction companies always look for the condition of the equipment and their cost effectiveness to consider whether the company should buy the equipment or not.

What are the factors that the construction company should look for before buying heavy equipment?

As the construction equipment come at a huge cost, therefore, it becomes quite expensive for the construction companies to buy all the variety of heavy equipment. It quickly burns a hole in the pocket to buy the brand new equipment from the house of Caterpillar Inc., John Deere and many others. This is a reason why the companies shift to buying the used, second hand or old heavy construction equipment. But compromising with the condition of the equipment many times leads to a deterioration of the production or increases the maintenance. So buying the equipment which is properly working and has not been facing any frequent visits to the service center is the best option. The cab, the engine condition, the age or the date of manufacturing of the equipment and the how long the equipment can perform under heavy and continuous work load or extreme condition, are the very basic factors that the buyers should always look for. Apart from this, one of the very main factors that a buyer must consider before taking any decision is to check whether the equipment consumes a heavy amount of fuel or not. This is because any heavy construction equipment always requires quite a heavy amount of fuel consumption to run properly. As the machines have to perform for a long 10 hours a day almost without any break, the cost of fuel consumption also increases incredibly. So fuel consumption rate must be considered before buying the equipment.

Which heavy construction equipment consumes more fuel – old or new?

When talking about the average fuel consumption rate in the heavy construction equipment, approximately all the equipment consume 7 to 8 gallons of fuel per hour. As the equipment works more and becomes old, the consumption rate increases. This is because the strength of the engine weakens. With the adverse condition of the construction site and the age of the equipment increasing more, the fuel consumption rate increases up to a 10 gal/ hour rate. Therefore, on the basis of fuel consumption rate, a buyer should always buy the newer models of the equipment. However, it is also a fact that the fuel consumption rate varies among the manufacturing companies. This will reduce the other costs. So when you are up to buying the heavy construction equipment, you must consider all these factors before making your decision.

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