What are some heavy equipment safety warnings?

When dealing with heavy equipment all construction project owners need follow certain health and safety guidelines to ensure safety to their workers as well as other people around the site. Faulty heavy equipment need to be repaired or replaced immediately as they can lead to fatal disasters and cause loss of monetary funds and lives of employees around the construction sites. A large number of accidents are reported every year that happen due to negligence of workers or awry equipments and lack of maintenance of proper safety warnings around the area.

The basic procedure that needs to be fulfilled with production of safety warnings in all construction sites and to be circulated through all employees, subcontractors and applicants, is mentioned here. The objective of these warning signs is to ensure that all workers follow these safety precautions when at work with heavy machinery so as to minimize the possibility of disasters taking place.

To ensure proper protection in the working area all employees must be handed with a copy of these health and safety rules at the time of their employment. And it is important that all the workers sign and submit the acknowledgement forms after reviewing the safety rules and clarifying all pertinent questions in these matters. The safety and health guidelines also need to be occasionally reviewed and updated to ensure they are current and applicable.

Enforcement measures are also necessary and employees should be subjected to disciplinary actions in case found to be violating these rules. Employees shall be afforded educational counseling and/or informative training to assure they have a clear understanding of the breach consequences and the importance of proper conduct under organizational rules. Nonetheless, nothing in the guidelines of this safety agenda will prohibit the management from terminating an employee for a safety violation. This is not progressive disciplinary system and any safety violation may lead to an employee’s termination without prior order or warning.  Management reserves all right to impose whatever disciplinary action it deems to be appropriate:

The measures can be anyone or more of the following mentioned points depending on the severity of the violation done.

  1. Verbal warning with recorded documentation in the personnel file of the employee in question.
  2. Written warning with mentioning of the details of the violation and also documentation of the offence in the personnel file of the worker.
  3. Termination if the severity of the violations seems to be too great.

The management personnel and supervisors will be deemed to appropriate disciplinary actions, if needed under certain circumstances as mentioned below:

  • Failure to provide adequate training to prospective employees before assigning them to the job.
  • Consistent safety guidelines violation incidents done by the employees under their supervision.
  • Not reporting accidents successfully or failing to provide proper medical assistance to any injured employee at work.
  • If precise cleanliness and housekeeping standards not being maintained as required which can prove to be a safety hazard.
  • Not being able to control or prevent unsafe working practices or conditions under their supervision.