Want To Protect Your Heavy Equipment From Theft – You’ll Find This Helpful

You must have come across this many times when one fine morning, you are informed by your employees that a particular part of heavy equipment is missing. You get up in a state of shock and wonder how this can be possible and what use a part of an equipment would be for any person. Well, such thefts are quite rampant in the entire US and one got to be very vigilant to ensure that his things are at place. Many a times, the entire machine gets stolen and shipped to other country and you are left with miseries. Before we begin noting the possible solution for this problem, let us first understand the reason why one would steal parts of heavy equipment or the equipment as a whole.

The market for stolen equipment is very big in the United States and the money involved in this business is huge. Therefore, it has gangs that have the skill to open up equipment and carry away few important parts of the machine in no time. The people who are running this business never fall short of men and therefore in spite of the cops taking every possible action to nab them, their counts keep on increasing.

Let us now discuss what could be done to contain this problem so that you do not suffer loses.

Keep your documents in place:-  Ideally, most owners of construction companies lose the track of important documents pertaining to the equipment they have bought. Due to this, if the equipment is stolen, it could not be traced by the cops and they end up taking all the trouble for nothing. Hence, it is crucial to keep all your documents like model or the serial number, the manufacturing year of the equipment, photos etc. that will prove to be helpful to the cops to catch hold of the miscreants.

Conduct a sound background check of your employees:-  It is highly recommended to do a thorough background check of all your employees and employ only them who have a clean record with no criminal background. Alternatively, it is prudent to keep a watch on employees whom you find to be suspicious. Questioning them directly may not be the right way to deal with them but checking their behavior may give you some idea if not all.

Maintain a register:-  You should maintain a register where you can keep a record of people coming in and going out of the site. Alternatively, you can also employ security personnel who will check the employees every time they enter or exit the construction premise.

Install cameras at different locations:-  This should be really helpful in nabbing the culprits. If the thieves do not know that you’ve installed cameras would definitely make the mistake of not wearing masks and that will help the cop nab them. However, if at all the thieves know that there are cameras installed, they would rather look out for some other place and may skip yours.

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