Volvo Articulated Trucks

Trucks have always been considered as one of the most integral component in the heavy equipment segment. The importance of trucks is required every time and everywhere no matter what the circumstances are. Be it a rough weather or a smooth one, trucks are always expected to haul materials from one place to another. Most of the time, It is needed to haul heavy equipment as they can’t be driven from one state to another. They need to be carried upon a truck to be transported. However, the trucks that are meant to carry heavy equipment and the one that carries debris are not one and the same. There are varieties of trucks that are available in the market and each of them is designed for a specific purpose. So you can’t just buy a truck and use it for all your work. It just does not function that way.

Heavy equipment manufacturing companies are also into production of trucks but the company that is renowned in producing articulated trucks is Volvo. It is tough to beat the market leaders and in order to put your product in front of the audience you need to bring something exceptional. This is how you can beat the rest who have capitalized the heavy equipment industry for years. Volvo has proven its metal well as far as articulated trucks are concerned and is producing some of the finest trucks that are being used by numerous construction and mining companies all over the world.

Volvo is considered to be the King of Productivity when it comes to producing trucks. They have recently come up with A40G FS articulated truck which has succeeded to become the eye candy of major companies. It is basically a dump truck that is used to dump materials in the dump-yard. However, it is installed with complete hydraulic front and rear suspension. This actually allows the trucks to move at a high speed and still be in control both when it is loaded as well as unloaded. The new suspension system that Volvo has come up with provides enhanced productivity and also ensures that there it offers maximum comfort to the driver even in rough terrain.

Another intrinsic feature of Volvo articulated truck is the spacious cab that it offers to the driver with superb visibility. The inside of the cab is well built and importance has been given to ensure that the driver is able to drive the truck with maximum ease and it does not become an arduous affair for him. All around visibility is something quite imperative for a driver when the weather or the terrain is not such a convenient one. Also it minimizes the risk of an accident since the driver is able to make out things that may close too close to the truck.

It is also installed with a fire suppression system that gets automatically activated the moment it detects fire inside the engine bay. This system can be triggered both inside and outside the cabin and ensures that the truck does not incur lot of damage.