Veteran operators should act as role models to the newbie

It is absolutely important for the tenured men to become role models for the new guys who would be taking over the work from them. You be a part of any industry but you need the experienced guys to teach you their work. You may have studied in the best of the institutions but having a hands-on knowledge is way too important than the bookish knowledge you have been imparted from your institution. Getting a degree from a college does not make you an expert. It is perhaps years of experience that comes into picture to become an expert in the field you are in. Therefore it is important to learn the tricks of the trade from a veteran of the industry who will impart you the knowledge which no institution can ever offer you.

Similarly, in the construction sector the work of an operator is considered to quite vital and when there are new recruits joining a construction company, it becomes the onus of the tenured operators to train them. They may have the technical knowledge but when it comes to practical training they will need your help. The new entrants coming straight from college aspiring to become ace operators have big dreams and it is your responsibility to give wings to their dreams. Help them in every possible manner you can. You become their teacher and apply every possible method to ensure that they do well on the jobsite.

Train them on understanding signals on jobsites:-

Comprehending signals is very crucial for an operator to perform in a construction site. He needs to read the signals well and understand what it means and accordingly move the machine. If he fails to understand it incorrectly, it may lead to a disaster. The veterans should ensure that the newbie learn to comprehend the signals and move the machine accordingly. Understanding the signals becomes all the more important in rugged terrain and bad weather conditions. Heavy equipment are required to work irrespective of the terrain and the operators are expected to work in that not so convenient condition. In such a situation, signals play a significant role for the operators to perform. The tenured operators should therefore offer their experience to the new guys and help them overcome any problem that they encounter on the ground.

Fix heavy equipment during breakdowns:-

Heavy equipment if breaks down during the course of work will result in no work on that day. This will lead to loss to the company. Heavy equipment usually give signs before completely breaking down and one can understand those signs only if they have worked on machines for years. The veterans can play a big role in understanding the state of the machine and can thus impart it to the recruits. When the machine is showing signs of breaking down, the veterans can point out the issue to the newbie and show how that can be fixed. In case if it requires involvement of an expert, the same should be explained to him.