Utilize Caterpillar D3 Bulldozer for Agricultural Land

Very often, the word ‘bulldozer’ is used in the list of heavy equipment but actually it falls under the category of tractors. Many of the farmers are unaware of this fact and think D3 dozers as the heavy construction equipment. This piece of writing will make them understand the benefits of D3 in farming applications. Nowadays, Caterpillar D3 bulldozers are used by the farmers to develop the fertility of the land.

Factual Information about D3 Bulldozers

D3 bulldozer is often recognised as D3 crawler tractor that is employed to shift land, echelon land and for destruction. The engine of the D3 dozer has 5.2 litre diesel in it. This motor has the capability to produce maximum 62 KW of horsepower. The diesel tank has the capacity to hold 30.1 gallons of fuel. It has the competence to hold an utmost freight of 13,980 kg. This bulldozer runs in the speed of seven miles per hour. There are three gears in the front side and one gear in the opposite side of the bulldozer. When the dozer blade is fitted in the device, its total length is 12.1 feet and without blade, its distance end to end is 9.1 feet. The customers get the helm track in the size of 6 feet and floor clearance of 1 foot.

Security Tips for Bulldozer Users

  • The trained bulldozer drivers should go through the manual section before using the machine. The test drive is must for them so as to avoid accidents.
  • The mechanical back up alarm helps the bulldozer driver to call the workers in the site in emergency. The volume of this alarm is so loud that it can be hear from any corner of the site.
  • It is very important to know for the bulldozer operators that whenever they have to refuel the machine, it is sensible to shut off the engine.
  • The rollover protection structure (ROPS) attached in the bulldozer help the drivers to run the crawler safely.
  • It should be necessary to wear hand and foot hold safety tools whenever there is a need to mount over the parts of the machine.
  • Always employ overhead security whenever there is a need to use bulldozer on a high altitude material.
  • The bulldozer machinists should always be conscious if they have to use it near a trencher or an excavator.

Procedure to Make a Road Using a Bulldozer

The workers should cut down the big trees that are in the lane before they utilise dozer. It is advisable to the bulldozer drivers that never use crawler to curb out the large trees form the ground. With the blade of the bulldozer, thump the remnants and thrust them away so that it will not create an obstruction on the path of the bulldozer. The bulldozer helps to swell the gravels on the road.  When the pebbles are compressed by the bulldozer, it gives a smooth appearance and never washes out in stormy rain.