Use Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer with Elevated Drive Sprocket

Have you ever operated any Caterpillar bulldozer product? If ‘no’ then this article will definitely help you to make understand the importance of Caterpillar D10 bulldozer. Bulldozer is a type of crawler that is mainly found in heavy industry factories, construction sites, mines, and farms. It is bulky and potent trailed heavy paraphernalia. The tracks help the bulldozers to hold the ground tightly in the jagged topography zones. Caterpillar D10 bulldozer is mainly employed in the mining and construction sites. Here, the labourers and the miners come to know the applications of efficient D10 bulldozer manufactured by Caterpillar Inc Company.

Antiquity of Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer

The first model of D10 bulldozer was D10X1 that was presented in the year 1973 in the business meeting of Caterpillar Inc Company. This mechanism was invented due to the need of a large tractor. Within some years, this Caterpillar D10 was popularised in the whole world and the East Peoria Plant of Caterpillar Company produced 1000 D10 bulldozers in between the year 1977 and 1986. At that time, a large number of heavy equipment manufacturing industries of different nations tried to build competent bulldozers just like caterpillar D10. Some of them are D455A, Fiat Allis 41-B, Con Expo 69 etc. Later the invention of the N-series tractors downgraded the demand of D10 dozer. For this reason Caterpillar company replaced D10 bulldozer with D11 N.

Structure of Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer

Some of the structural features of this D10 bulldozer are as ensues:

  • The power capacity of this dozer is 700 horsepower (520 KW).
  • The customers can get the facility of 19 foot U-blade tool with this dozer if they order it at the Caterpillar Inc Company.
  • Earlier the U-blade attached to this dozer was available in the weight of 82,000 kg but nowadays the modern blades are obtained in the weight of 86,000 kg.
  • The conventional U-blade was 7 feet high and has the capacity to ram the soil up to 35m.
  • The modern D10 bulldozers are used in 777 off-highway dragger.

Benefits of Elevated Sprockets in D10 Dozer

  • The elevated sprockets abolish the final coerce structure.
  • Inclined to frequent failure is another attribute of lofty sprockets.
  • This sprocket is constructed in modular shape.
  • It helps to smash down the tracks and eradicates constrain sprockets easily.
  • The modular design of the sprockets helps in removing the diffusion from the rear.


Chief Qualities of Updated Caterpillar Dozers

  • The Caterpillar bulldozers proffer additional facilities to the customers like engine efficiency, cost diminution and recuperating workers.
  • The financial system of the fuel is improved by the fans and the eco-operating form of Caterpillar bulldozers.
  • The cab enrichment quality gives the bulldozer machinists to stay in comfort and safety cabins.
  • The productive feature of the machine increases because it is supported by the electro-hydraulic, authentic power trains and committed hydraulic tools.

Additional facility of adaptable undercarriage enhances the quality of the Caterpillar bulldozers. In the early years of 1970, Seal and Lubricated Track (SALT) system was pioneered by Caterpillar Inc Company and still this technique is famous in heavy equipment manufacturing organisations.