Types of Heavy Construction Equipments and Its Attributes

A construction site is filled with different types of heavy equipments which are busy moving from one place to another. A non-construction person passing around such a site may only wonder what use are they off as he may not see much utility in it. However, it’s only people who belong to the construction business or who works in this industry does know the real worth of these machines. There have been instances where a break-down in a machine has brought the entire work to a standstill and probably huge sum of losses to the company.

Nowadays, big construction companies have a team of technicians ready on the site that can work on the faulty machine and can get it up and running. This saves them from the trouble of keeping a replacement of a machine which in a way is practically not possible. You just can’t keep a replacement for all the machines that’s there on site. Thus, by having a team of technicians do a lot of good in getting the stuff back to business.

Here we would be discussing in brief about the different kind of heavy construction equipment and its utility to the construction industry as a whole.

Bulldozer:-  Bulldozers are widely used to level the land. They have huge dozer blades that is attached to its tractor which can be moved in the forward as well as in the backward direction. It becomes very difficult to work on uneven land and hence they use bulldozers to level the surface and make the road smooth. They play a huge role as far as construction of roads is concerned. One can’t think of doing the job without the presence of the dozers.

Excavator:-  As the name suggests, excavators are extensively used to excavate land and with the help of the shovel, the mud is taken and dumped in the truck. Seeing this machine in a construction site is quite common as they are used for digging huge holes deep inside the ground. To give more power to excavators, it has been added with hydraulics which helps to get the work done quickly and by consuming less fuel.

Wheel Loader:-  This heavy equipment is used to remove huge blocks of demolition debris and ferry them to the truck. They have a loader/bucket attached in the front, with the help of which it collects the debris in the bucket, fill it up and then dump it in the truck. The wheel loader is also used for constructing roads and in mining industries. It plays a pivotal role in clearing heavy blocks of snow, thus making way for the workers to construct the road. Similarly, in the mining industry, it is used to carry huge pile of dirt, coal etc and place them at their right place.

Scraper:-  A Scraper is a huge machine used for earth moving purposes. It is also extensively used in the mining industry. The back portion of the scraper has a bowl which is hydraulically powered and be raised or lowered as per the command of the operator. It is this bowl which when lowered fills the stuff in it and when it’s full; it’s closed with a vertical blade so that the mud doesn’t falls out.