Top ten models of bulldozer

Manufacturers of heavy constructional equipment, farm and mining bring out innovative models of the machines with prototyping tools of the manufacturing companies. As these tools develop a clear understanding of the total effective cost, risk management and maintenance requisites, one can go ahead with confidence. This advancement in designing the models of heavy machines especially bulldozers slash the construction time and hence, enhances the speed time of the product marketing.

Different designs of bulldozers have their own applications in their respective areas. The skilled engineers use CAD tools to increase the productivity which in turn will reduce the cost making it affordable to the users.

List of top models of bulldozers

Fiat Allis FD-50 Bulldozer: – It is outfitted with an engine of Cummins VT28-C. Due to some rationalism in its marketing, the manufacture of this type of bulldozer has come to an end. FD-50 had the highest power of 600 hp with carrying a total weight of 80 tons.

Promtractor CHETRA HEAVY 40Ya Bulldozer: – The model of the diesel engine which the bulldozer uses is YaMZ-E856. Its fuel tank has the capacity to hold 1200 litres. Its main technical data indicates that this kind is less efficient as compared to the above said model with the maximum power of 590 hp and working weight capacity of 68.5 tons.

KOMATSU D375A-6 Bulldozer: – This kind of bulldozers uses a dislocation of 23 litres of the engine of KOMATSU SAA6D170E-3. The bulldozer can run at the rate of 15.8km/h. It is efficient with 645 hp power and carrying limit of 72 tons at its best.

Promtractor T-50.01Bulldozer:- Russian product which came into existence in the late 1980s. The width of the track is 740mm with the installation of U-shaped blades. Its power of 751hp with loading capacity of 93.5 tons makes it stand out from other models of bulldozer.

Caterpillar D10T Bulldozer: – D10 in 1970s was the largest bulldozer types. The latest T – type models use the cylinder engine of D10T-12. Both its power and lifting retention is low i.e. 671hp and 66 tons respectively.

Ch TZ T-800 Bulldozer:- This bulldozer is equipped with the diesel engine of 6-turbocharged cylinder. It has two back and four forward gears, but this machine is not efficient to give out more than 8 units when carried out to work of mining and removal of the debris.

KOMATSU D475A-5SD Bulldozer: – The capacity of its fuel tank is 1670 litres. The technical info shows that the bulldozer has the maximum power of 913hp and working weight of 113 tons.

KOMATSU D575A-3SD Bulldozer: – It has total 6 gears-three reverse and three forward. The bulldozer can hold maximum 2100 l fuel. The length of its machine is 11.72metres.

ACCO Bulldozer:- ACCO, an Italian company manufactured the world’s best designed bulldozer model in 1983. Due to some technical fault, it can’t be operated. It never got any appropriate occasion to show its efficiency.

Caterpillar D11T CD Bulldozer:- This kind of bulldozer uses the displacement of 32L of the diesel engine of Cat C32 ACERT. It can carry upto 113 tons of weight utilizing its power of 950 hp.

To sum up, the rapid advancement in the field of technology has definitely boosted up the designs of the bulldozers giving it a completely different look and efficiency.