Top Selling John Deere Machines

John Deere has been a renowned company for the last many decades and they have maintained their reputation consistent in all these years. It is perhaps one of the companies that have managed to give tough competition to the leaders of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry. It has rather managed to show their presence in the heavy equipment industry and often come across products that others feel are highly advanced and that compels them to come out with something that is befitting to its product. John Deere never wanted to be the market leader but has always wanted it to outperform others and make its mark in the heavy equipment business. Today, they stand amongst the top selling brands and have scored good profits in the last many years.

Though the construction industry was quite volatile all across the globe, they still managed to keep their nerves cool and advance in a way that can keep the company floating during turbulent times. Not only have they capitalized in the construction industry but they have also made their mark in the agricultural sector. With the help of their tractors, famers are able to do their work with much ease and comfort and it also saves a lot of their time. Time is certainly a factor for the farmers as well as they need to bring the agricultural products to the main market on time and the heavy equipment produced by John Deere directly benefits the farmers there.

John Deere’s heavy equipment are sold all over the world and this time it was in the European Union that it made significant sale. They in fact became the household name as there were not many houses who did not own a machine of John Deere. In the year 2012, the total number of John Deere tractors sold in UK alone was 4,734 which is indeed a commendable figure. Not many heavy equipment companies have managed to hit this high volume during that year considering that 2012 was not an enthusiastic year for the manufacturing companies. It was John Deere that has managed to set aside all odds and sold high volumes of tractors that were above 50 hp.

This figure also suggests that John Deere has been the number one company for straight 14 years. This is a mighty achievement for any heavy equipment company who faces stiff competition from all sides. When you have companies like CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu and stuff, it gets tougher to get going. The year 2011 was better than 2012 as they were able to sell more tractors in that year. However as stated the year 2012 was invariably not a good year for the entire heavy equipment companies, it can be said that John Deere managed to not burn its finger in that year.

John Deere has its presence in many other countries and it seems that their sales are always top notch in whichever country they operate their business. Though they manufacture other machines as well, however it is the tractor that gets sold the most.