Top 5 Advantages of Construction Safety Vest – Why Wear Them

If you around, you will find constructions happening everywhere. Be it the construction of a new building, road, flyover, bridge or any other mega structures, or repairing and renovation of an old and existing structure, there is always the requirement of elaborate construction works. And these constructions are always associated with possibility of danger and hazards. The difficulties that can be faced in a job site include –

  • Injuries that might happen due to the fall of big chunks of rocks on the workers
  • Being hit by machineries
  • Being hit by cars or other vehicles while working on the roads
  • Injury caused to civilians or non-workers as they pass by a job site, unaware of a construction going on.

Hence, it is very important that the workers wear a gear or a gadget that makes them highly visible. Visibility helps in avoiding a number of possible accidents. The most useful gear in that respect is a construction safety vest or a high visibility jacket.

What are these?

The high visibility jackets of vests are usually made up of very bright, fluorescent colours such as orange and green. They also have silver reflective tapes striped on the vests, so that even in darkness, when light reflects on their jacket, they are clearly visible. Visibility makes sure that they are not hit by machines or vehicles and even the civilians can identify them as workers and avoid the area that they are working in.

Benefits of wearing construct safety vests:

The construction safety vest comes with a number of benefits. These are –

  1. Visibility:


Already mentioned, the colour and the reflective stripes make these vests so highly visible that there is no difficulty on the worker’s part to be visible to the drivers on the road, driving vehicles or the machinery and heavy equipment controllers at a job site. Thus, possibility of accidents is greatly reduced.

2.  Colors:


Orange, yellow or fluorescent green are colours that can be seen from quite a distance. Hence, drivers on the road or other workers at a job site can identify the vest wearer from a distance and slow down the speed of a vehicle.

3.  Comfortable:


Though these vests are highly useful and effective, often the workers as well as employers wonder, if these would be comfortable for their workers or not. But the fact is that they are highly comfortable and hence, there is no way that the discomfort of these gears will become a hindrance in the performance of the workers.

4.  Waterproof:


Along with comfort, another very beneficial aspect of the construction safety vest is that it is absolutely waterproof. Hence, sweat or rain will never be a problem in its performance or purpose.

5.  Low price:


These vests are very affordable and there is no way that the price of these vests will become a problem for the employers to buy these for the employees and workers at a job site.

If you are running a construction business, it is a must that you choose this safety gear as a must for your workers.