Top 10 Models of Wheel Loader

Wheel loader is an excellent tractor which finds its application for construction and building purposes. They have different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the user. Here are top 10 models of wheel loader.

521F-The CASE 521F is provided with 4-tier technology engine that combines comfort, adaptability, and superior service. It is extremely beneficial to the operator for being fuel efficient and fast speed. The service costs are also low due to simple SCR design which makes it easy to maintain.

1221F-This is the perfect model which can move large quantities of materials. It combines power, control and productivity. It is a powerful heavy equipment which has tier 4 technology of engine installed in it which makes its operators to use for longer duration and consume minimum fuel. It also has power shift transmissions which permits the operator to set the shift transmission according to the needs for a particular application.

990K-This model of wheel loader has proven unique features and finds its application as one of the finest tool for loading. This version has Tier 2 EPA technology and is powered by ACERT technology which makes it very productive by consuming less fuel. The speed of the engine is lesser which helps in saving fuel.

HL760-9-It is very fuel-efficient heavy equipment. This model of wheel loader has three forms such as Power, Standard and Econo. One unique feature of this model is that it has an advanced color visual display with 5.7 inch LCD for the user to operate the machine easily by reducing the glare.

JCB 411-This 411JCB model is equipped with tier 4i technology of engines which makes it fuel-efficient. It also has operator cabs that are large in size and it also has a remote monitoring system. The JCB live link technology enables engine information to be accessed from distance.

JCB 416-It also 4i tier technology engine which helps in reducing fuel costs. It is very economical and does not require diesel oxidation, expensive diesel filter. Its speed is regulated by a viscous engine fan situated in the machine.

ZW 180–5-It is designed to give top class productivity and comfort to the users. The machine has a relaxing cab which is user friendly and can be controlled easily. The features of the machine make it easy to maintain. It is safe and sustainable and does not have harmful discharge complying with the EU rules of emission standards.

L330C-It is a good model which is extremely fuel efficient and comfortable to the operators. It is equipped with an alternator and a water pump.

L30B-This is top model of wheel loader which has innovative design, immense driving comfort and versatility. It has an electronic service which makes it to maintain easily.

L35B-It is an excellent model of wheel loader which has great power and stability owing to the computer aided design. It is long lasting and can be moved easily. It also comprises a comfortable cab and slender doorposts for all-round visibility.