Top 10 hauling questions for heavy equipment

Transporting heavy equipment from one to another is a big headache for the construction company. At the same time, they also can’t keep the machine idle in one place when they already need the machine in some other site. The reason why many find hauling heavy equipment as a difficult job is because that kind of work requires 100% accuracy. You just can’t afford to do a single error and if there is an error, the consequence of that could be immense. There have been numerous instances of accidents that have taken place due to improper loading of machines and while it is hauled, either the chain breaks loose or it tilts to the front of the trailer leading to some or the other complications.

Loading of heavy equipment should always be done under the supervision of an expert. You being a layman may not know the correct way to load the machine and haul to the new destination. An expert on the other hand will provide his expertise on this issue and will ensure that the loading is done properly and it can be hauled without endangering anyone’s lives. Alternatively, the expert also understands the capacity that can be hauled and will never advise you to tow anything that exceeds the designated limit. Alternatively, please ensure that you have the right guy to drive the vehicle for you. If you hand over the work of hauling heavy equipment to a driver who has been driving only SUVs then he may not be the right choice for you.

We would be jotting down few important questions that often arise in the mind of a newbie.

The most generic question that people have is to know the towing capacity of the vehicle and where can they know about the limit.

The best way to know about this is to check the user manual. You’ll get the information there.

People want to know about the functions of trailer signal wiring?

It is nothing but a device which will work exactly the way as it works when you stop your car. It just emits light signaling the car behind you that the trailer is to stop now.

What do we exactly mean when we say payload rating and what is vehicle weight rating?

It is simply the weight of the trailer without any substance or thing on it.

Trailer has anti-sway control, what is that?

It is an electronic sensor system that signals the driver if the trailer is moving exactly behind the driver. If not, brake pressure can be applied to bring it in line.

How can an oil cooler system assist in towing heavier weight?

It becomes cumbersome for the engine of the trailer to pull extra weight and it tends to become hot in short span. Therefore, the automakers provide a package of oil cooler system that enables to cool the heat in the engine and allows the trailer to pull more weight.

Where can a person weigh his trailer?

You can weight it in any repair shop or go to a truck dealer/truck stop to do so.

Integrated Trailer Brake Control, what is it?

It is an advanced system that not only put brakes on the vehicle that you’re driving but also brake the trailer.

Switching the transmission to “tow” or “haul” mode. How does it help?

This quality of the vehicle will pay off for road steepness and eventually lets the vehicle consume less fuel.

Heavy duty rear differential helps us a long way while towing, How is that possible?

The larger or heavier rear differential helps the truck to tow heavy loads. The heavier rear differential can take the pressure coming from the axle and from the load thus helps the truck to pull more loads.

Why vehicles with diesel engines are used to tow heavy vehicles?

Diesel engines don’t have high hp but have torque figures that tell the weight a vehicle can tow.

How expensive will be the maintenance of vehicle that indulges in hauling heavy things?

Ideally, it should not be expensive if the vehicle is maintained at regular intervals. However, if it’s not done then the costs could be higher.