Top 10 Fantastic Types of Excavators

Excavators are heavy equipments used for mining, digging and moving bulky objects. There are different types of Excavators. Here are top 10 fantastic types of Excavators.

Compact Excavator-It is that type of excavator which is basically a wheel vehicle with backfill blade and boom swing that operates independently. It can weight approximately 0.7 to 8.5 tonnes. Its structure has three separate division .The first division is house second one is undercarriage and lastly the workgroup. The hydraulic motors assist in travel functions as well as rotating the vehicle.

Dragline Excavator-Dragline Excavator finds its application in civil engineering and mining of surfaces.

It his divided into two categories

The first categories are cranes which are used for lifting materials. It is heavy in size and is provided with winch drum situated at the front side which acts as a dragline.

The second category is relatively smaller than the first category and is used for civil engineering purposes like constructing roads, bridges, port etc. It is also used for cleaning ponds and canals as well as driving heap rigs.

Wheel Excavator-This type finds application in surface mining. It is very large in size. It has a large round wheel as it name suggests with an arrangement of scoops which help in its rotation. All the materials are carried away from the machine by the discharge boom.

Reclaimer– A Reclaimer is a type of excavator which is used for handling large objects and eliminating heaps of materials. Reclaimers move on a rail between stockpiles. They perform all the instructions with the help of a remote control. All the modern reclaimers functions automatically whereas the older reclaimers are operated manually.

Digger Excavators-Such Excavators are heavy equipments and also has three separate divisions which are house, undercarriage and workgroup. The house comprises of boom and sticks. The second division which is the undercarriage consists of wheels and tracks. It is operated by cables.

Dredging– This vessel is used for cleaning and collecting the sediments and silt deposits in the bottom of the seas or lakes and disposing them to another place. Dredging helps to keep the seas and lakes traversable which would have otherwise become swallow due to presence of silt deposits making the seas and rivers unsuitable for navigation.

Apart from this dredging is also used for making harbours and channels in the sea for accessibility of larger ships. Other uses of dredging include mining of ocean floor, mining of sea beaches that are badly eroded by gales, eradicating garbage and debris, land reclamation etc.

Steam Shovel-The first Steam Shovel was invented by William Otis in the year 1839.

This excavation type is a large machine powered by steam. It finds in application in moving soil and rock. Steam shovel has contributed heavily in public works which dates back to 19th century. This equipment finds its application in constructing rails, roads and canals. They are also used for digging canals, building roads and railways and for mining purposes.


Vacuum Excavator-Vacuum Excavator is a vehicle which is used mainly for removing debris on land that is heavy. It is also used for eliminating soil from hole. Its structure consists of a suction nozzle with two knobs which the operator holds with his hands to grip it. For cutting soil and sucking up debris it has a tooth situated at the end of the tube.

Trencher-This type of Excavator is used for mining trenches, deploying drainage. It comes in different sizes and models. There are four different  kinds of trenchers includes Micro Trencher, Portable Trencher, Chain Trencher, Wheel Trencher.

Slurry Wall Excavator– They are used in the construction of concrete walls in those areas which are situated close to ground water table to block the walls enclosing tunnels.