Tool box safety talk

Over the last few decades, safety of the employees has been on the forefront. Construction companies want their men to be safe at work because any accident can cost the employee as well as the employer dearly which can also lead to closure of work for some days. Now the owners of construction companies can’t afford to remain closed for a single day and therefore they want their men to go safe and sound while they are in the construction site. Now there is something known as “Tool Box Talks” where the employees talk about different kinds of hazards and how to work safely and not fall prey to those hazards. So at the beginning of the shift, they can go through a small session of Tool box safety talk where someone will speak on a particular topic, will explain the reason why the safety tips should be followed and how that will help them to remain vigilant and safe all the time while they are at work.

Things are better understood when they are explained by giving few examples. So a tool box talk will kind of have some examples for the trainees. So they will be given a situation where the person in the example will be a victim to some hazard and then questions will be asked like what are the potential threats that were present in the zone. What could have been done to avoid the danger and taken an approach that is considered as safe. Also if someone already meets such a form of an accident what should be done to save his life? All the employees should remember the emergency contact numbers so that it can be dialed whenever deemed necessary.

Tool box safety talks can consist of any topic irrespective of how small or big one may find it to be. The intensity of the problem is completely dependent on the situation that the person is in and therefore having a tool box safety once every day before the beginning of the shift sounds to be a good idea. The employees who attend such talks on a daily basis have indeed learnt a lot and remain cautious from any potential perils. They have learnt to work safe and more and more construction companies are following this trend. The things that come under tool box safety talk can be anything and everything under the sun. Right from the battery of a construction equipment to learn to give signals to the operators, it consists of just everything.

There are different ways to conduct tool box safety talks. Some does it by way of examples. Some prefer giving live demos. It seems people learn faster when they see demos. But demos can be expensive and therefore some companies strictly stick to examples given in the notes. It also speaks about the do’s and don’ts about every topic that has some peril attached to it. Basically it is all about being safe and tool box talks teaches you exactly how you can be safe while working in a construction site that is often termed as an unsafe zone.


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