Keeping the Right Tire Pressure Can Save Lot of Fuel, Time and Money

We give a lot of importance to the fact of buying the vehicle which consumes less fuel and covers the maximum distance. In this way, we even tend to buy an expensive vehicle or heavy equipment considering that you will save on fuel and thus will be able to adjust the money you have spent on buying the stuff. However, to your surprise, you will ultimately find that the vehicle is not giving the promised mileage and you do not know why. Well, the reasons many not be many if at all you have bought a brand new car. The most unchecked reason is not filling the right pressure in your tire. If you do not have the right pressure, it tends to take more power which in turn results in consuming more fuel.

It is said that more than half the population in US drive on underinflated tires. Many may not even know that underinflated tires are costing them money as it lowers the gas mileage by 0.3% by every 1 psi. It has been estimated by the “Department of Energy” that on an average 3.56 million gallons are wasted on a daily basis due to underinflated tires. This is a huge number of wastage especially when prices of gas are sky rising and the salary of an individual is almost stagnant. Moreover, people can’t so away with their vehicles as it have become a necessity for them.  Keeping the tires underinflated also results in replacing the tire much before it is required.

How underinflated tires are related with high consumption of fuel?

Have you ever imagined how tiring it must be for you to ride a bicycle with no air in it? You will begin panting and will perspire heavily after riding it for few meters. The same goes for an engine of a vehicle. In order to keep the wheel spinning, it requires more energy and the engine gets all its energy from the fuel. In other words, the engine starts consuming more fuel to keeps the wheel spinning at the designated speed.

What could be done to ensure that the tires are inflated?

In order to ensure that the tires of your vehicle are always inflated, you can buy an air pressure gauge. These air pressure gauges are very inexpensive and give precise readings. You only need to know the pressure needed in the tires of your vehicle which you can find in the vehicle info sticker and this is it. You can measure the air pressure using the gauge once every month and if you find it to be less; you can visit any of the nearest service/fuel station to get it inflated.

With ever increasing prices of fuel, it is very important to know all means by which you can save fuel and ultimately save money for yourself. Moreover, inflating the tires once a month won’t take too much of your time. You can definitely give a few minutes to save good sum of money.