Follow the tips for uploading the videos and pictures of heavy equipment on Instagram?

Now a day’s photo-sharing, chatting, video-sharing and social networking are popular among youths. Instead of playing with friends they spent time on social networking sites. One popular service among them is Instagram, which helps to share photo, video and as social networking. People take photos and video of them and after digital filter those they share on different of social networking service like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr. Instagram confines pictures to square format which is similar to Polaroid images and Kodak Instamatic. Now its aspect ratio is 16:9 used by mobile cameras. Therefore if you are planning to start your business on heavy equipment then you definitely should use Instagram for a proper marketing of your products.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram in October 2010. With rapid popularity now its active users are over 100 million as of April 2012. Through Google Play and Apple App Store Instagram is distributed. Instagram Support was actually available only for iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone. In April 2012, its support also attached to Android camera phones running

To compete with Twitter’s video-sharing application, Vine Facebook applied this venture.

Upload videos and pictures on Instagram: To upload photo or video of your heavy equipment on Instagram using Android, iPhone or PC is very easy. Below are the steps which will help you to upload your items on Instagram.

  • First you have to register and open an account of Instagram.
  • Then with Instagram user ID and password you have to login in your Instagram profile.
  • Then you will reach on your home page. Then you will be able to see a navigation button on the right side of Instagram toolbar, press that button.
  • In order to get right options, press the right of the navigation page.
  • Now you will get the options menu and click on the option of “Camera settings”.
  • After getting the camera settings option, uncheck the checkbox, “Use Instagram Advanced Camera” and click anywhere or go back.
  • To get “Upload picture” option, click to the button that is in the taskbar.
  • Now you can see the option “Photo Gallery”, click on it. It includes your photos and all the photos of your heavy equipment are kept in your PC directory named “My Pictures”.
  • Now select folders where you have your photos, you can search the folder by its name.
  • After choosing your folder now selects the video or the picture that you want to upload.
  • Now, with crop sign the picture or the video of your heavy equipment will display on Instagram. After cropping it click “Accept”.
  • Now in the upload menu you can see options like tagging the picture geo-tagging and sharing on websites, choose your option.
  • On main window with status of uploading, your new uploaded item will display.
  • After completion of upload please go to navigation panel of yours. Now you can see your profile and you can check new uploads of yours.
  • By following these steps you will be able to upload all the necessary items that you want to upload for your purpose.