Tips to maintain your heavy construction equipment

The heavy construction equipments are one of the most essential elements in the construction industry. With the revolution going on in making the earth the best planet, heavy construction equipments play the pivotal role. Whether it is demolishing the old dilapidated buildings, or to remove the debris, or even constructing a bridge over a river or lakes, without the heavy construction equipment, this dream would never have been possible. This is the reason why these equipments always stay on top of the list of priorities for the construction businessmen. However, the only problem with these equipments is the cost – it is huge and sometimes makes quite a big hole in the pocket. Therefore, the owners must take a thorough care of the equipments and repair it properly; so that they do not have to get rid of the equipment at once or that they can use and utilize them for a long time.

There are quite some tips that can help any construction equipment stay fit and provide maximum output to the owners. It is not a very difficult thing to follow, but takes only 15 minutes a day to go through. Proper maintenance of the heavy construction equipment will increase the safety and the life of the equipment. These maintenance tips include:

  • Cleaning:

This is the first thing that needs to be done. The reason behind cleaning the heavy dirt or the debris from the equipment regularly is to make sure that there is no leak or damage on the parts of the equipment.

  • Repair the damage:

Damage repairing is the next most crucial part of maintaining the heavy construction equipment. If the leaks or the worn out parts are nor repaired, then the damage will worsen. This includes the checking of the oil or coolant leakage.

  • Protect the wires:

Protecting the electrical wire is very important. The heavy workload damages, crushes or cuts the electrical wires and cords most of the time. To prevent any further hazards, the purpose-built casings or the ramps must be carefully covered around the cords.

  • Lubrication:

Lubricating the heavy construction equipment regularly and that too, before every use of the machine, makes it work properly and increase the quality of the service. Within the pneumatic tool, corrosion constantly takes place due to the environment created by a condensation in the air line. To prevent this corrosion, the owner of the equipment or the operator must coat the internal tools with the lubricator namely air-tool oil. This oil will help the equipment to prevent the corrosion and also displace the moisture.

  • Fuel:

A full tank equipment works better than a half tank or semi tank. The efficiency and the quality of the output become much better with a full tank than with a half-filled tank. Therefore, after the end of a working day, the tank needs to be filled. It also helps the owner to determine the fuel consumption rate of the equipment.

If all these tips are followed, it is very unlikely that the equipment will face any difficulty.