Tips on How to stop Heavy Equipment Theft

Theft of an essential commodity especially something that comes handy in your day to day activity can be really irking and then you got to leave your work and run from pillar to post to lodge a complaint with the police, try to work things out with the insurance company and to add salt to the wound, you are out of work till the time you seek a replacement for the stolen equipment. This is something which you would never want to happen in your business but these things happen unwillingly and the owners pay the price for it.

Let us first understand what makes stealing heavy equipment a lucrative business for the thieves. How much do they gain from the deal and what do they do with the stolen equipment. We all know by now that heavy equipments are the most expensive equipment required in the construction domain and they always have a resale value attached to it. Moreover, if the machine is in good working condition, then the value simply multiplies. Stealing heavy equipment can give them good deal of money in a single shot, which means that they do not have to work hard in stealing things which are less valuable and for which they are more at risk of getting caught. All they have to do is make a healthy plan to steal heavy equipment from a construction site and find ways and means to sell it off to a buyer in a different city or ship it to a different country.

In this bargain, they earn more with minimum effort and also take less risk. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and National Equipment Register, it has been estimated that equipment theft differs from 300 million USD to 1 billion USD on an annual basis. This is indeed a huge figure. Reading this, many would want to leave their existing business and join the thugs. (Said on a lighter note) Well, it has become very important to ensure that you discourage the thieves stealing your stuff by training your staff on how to prevent robberies of heavy equipments, installing cameras at different places of the project site, installing other devices that will throw signals to you confirming its current location. This way you will be able to track the machine and in this process may also catch the thieves’ red handed.

Register your equipment to make it identifiable:-  It is not mandatory to register your equipment and this makes the work simple for the crooks. You have your stuff unregistered and once it gets stolen, you have no other means to get it back as there is no record of that machine. This also gives a hard time to the cops to trace your machine. You should therefore register your equipment and also try to engrave some markings on the equipment which will help the cops to indentify your machine.

Install cameras around the construction site:-  As heavy equipments are big in size, no thief can go unwatched from the eyes of the camera if they attempt to steal the machine. You can also spend on security personnel to guard the equipments during nights.