Tips for mixing lime in the soil with a caterpillar SS250 Mixer

Lime has been used widely as a key ingredient in construction for centuries. It has been used for many purposes like lime wash at building construction, site preparation, calcium silicate brick, insulation materials and many more. With fine design and good techniques of construction, lime can be mixed with soil chemically and make the unstable soil stable. For construction purposes lime is mixed with soil using a caterpillar mixer to different degrees to modify the soils. This kind of mixing along with proper design, testing and construction techniques gives the soil a stabilised form permanently.

Use of Caterpillar SS250 Mixer in Mixing Lime with Soil

The lime should be mixed with soil in a definite proportion so as to ensure its strength. That’s why the engineers have designed Caterpillar SS250 mixer to do this task perfectly. This mixer, at first blends the poorly graded soil into fine and tiny particles. Then it mixes hydrated lime or quick lime in accurate measurement with the soil that is already present in the mixer. By doing this, the mixer increases the capacity and friability of the soil. This kind of mixing lime with soil minimises shrinkage. It is generally done with cohesive soils which are wet. The wet soil is dried in the process. Caterpillar SS250 mixer can also mix lime and fly ash into the fine soil particles. But this mixture contains low strength as compared to the previous method. It contains duck feet. This mixer increases the compacted density and shear strength of impermeability of the mixture. Some of its other uses are cited below:

  • Improves workability
  • Increases the stiffness
  • Reduces plasticity
  • Enhances durability and potentiality.

How Caterpillar SS250 mixer works?

  • Drying:- It immediately hydrates the water present in the quicklime and gives out heat. This hydrated lime reacts with the particles of clay. These reactions add to the drying process. In return, it gains stability.
  • Modification:- After the initial mixing stage, the mixer enables the hydrated lime’s calcium ions to move to the clay particles’ surface to displace the water. This process helps in increasing the compactness. During this process, plasticity of the soil reaches its minimum and hence it minimises swelling and shrinking too.

Features of Caterpillar SS250Mixer

Mixing of lime with soil using a Caterpillar SS250 mixer has really some advantages. It has the following features which make it to stand out among other mixers used at construction sites:-

  • Auto-lube pulvimixer
  • Rear steer and down-cut mixer which can be changed quickly
  • Open operator station and soil rotor
  • 28L X 26 front tires
  • Water system
  • And lastly it has spade teeth.

To sum up, we can say that in mixing lime with soil, Caterpillar SS250 Mixer is economical and accessible in the long run. It can make heavy mixing work at construction site easier and smoother. Then, why wait? Just turn on steam and buy this wonderful mixer today to get your work done in seconds.