Things to keep in mind before renting heavy equipment

Small construction companies often find it difficult to function due to non-availability of required heavy equipment. Heavy equipment being an expensive piece of metal, they often themselves to be incapable of buying it and therefore they try to use some alternative which falls within their means. For such companies, the advice that one can give is that they should start looking at heaving equipment which is available on rent. Buying heavy equipment can definitely be an expensive affair and no small construction company can afford to go with that as an option. So the next best option is to catch hold of a person who is willing to give the machine on lease. This means that you can own the heavy equipment for a temporary period and can make full use of it till the end of the project or till the time you require the machine. You certainly end up paying a small amount as rent but it is worth the stuff. You do not lose much from the deal. On the contrary you gain more than what you spend.

There are few things that one must consider before they start looking for heavy equipment on rent.

Check if the machine is in order:-

To check if the machine is in order is one of the most important criteria that the taker should consider before he signs on the dotted line. Many owners of heavy equipment lease out their age old machines thinking that they will get some takers for it. All that they do is they paint the machine and make it look new. Some are not even bothered to repair the machine as they feel that there is no much use of it as the machine will come to the same state as what it is now. If these things are not checked then the ultimate sufferer is the guy who takes the machine on rent. He has to call up a mechanic and get the machine checked and also spend money to replace vital parts which was in fact the responsibility of the owner.

Insist on an inspection:-

It is you who have to insist on an inspection of the heavy equipment. If you have been operating heavy equipment since years and you know the in and out of the machine, you can do the inspection yourself or it is recommended that you take along an expert or a mechanic who can inspect the machine for you and can advise your accordingly. This is quite important to be done as you know the actual state of the machine and if you have to make any further spending once you have taken it on rent.

Insist for a lease agreement:-

A lease agreement is a mandatory requirement for every rental contract. The contract speaks in volumes about the rights of both the owner and the taker. You should know your rights and also realize the steps that you can take in case you see yourself being cheated.