The utility of a crusher in the mining and construction industry

In order to break a piece of rock into pieces, there is a need of a machine which can do it in minutes. This is why we have crushers that can get this part of the job done quite easily. Crushers are basically used in the mining industry where they have to deal with huge pieces of rocks and need to crush them into small pieces so that the minerals can be removed from within the rocks. Likewise, in the construction segment in order to develop roads, you need to do away with big stones and for this purpose you require crushers to do the job.

Normally, a small sized crusher can break a stone measuring 1.5 meter and bring it down to small pieces. It is not expensive equipment and normally every construction and mining company possesses one. As a matter of fact, mining companies have an array of crushers that are used to crush different kinds of stones. They just can’t function with one particular kind of crusher because once they are done with the elementary stage of rock crushing; the rocks have to go through the 2nd round of crushing that is done by a different crusher. So overall, you need more than one type of crusher to get what you want.

There are basically many types of crushers available for mining work. Right from the primary crusher whose sole work is to break down the size of a rock to a size that can be managed by the secondary set of crushers, the piece of rock has to go through several crushing and grinding processes and for getting this done, there is a need of experienced men who knows how to get the work done. When we are talking about the primary crushers, the Jaw and Gyratory crushers are considered to be the most important of all. The sole function of the jaw crusher is to reduce the size of the rock by allowing maximum compression force on the two plates of the crusher. The speed of this crusher is around 100-350 revolution per minute. So one can imagine the state of the rock will be when it is grinded with such force.