The New Case Construction S Series Multi Fit Coupler

If you are in the industry of construction, you are probably not unfamiliar with the name CASE Construction Equipment. They have developed some new designs that are slowly proving to be a ground breaking discovery in this industry. This introduction goes by the name CASE S Series Multi fit Coupler. The use of the coupler system enables the contractors to get the hydraulic excavators transformed into multi tool carriers. These carriers have the capability of executing several important tasks from the comfort of the cab. It is a genuine coupler with a twin locking system and it is completely automatic. The hydraulic coupler is very light and also much safer as compared other couplers that are found in the market.

One of the best aspects of the coupler is its design which is strong and light at the same time. Materials that are used in making the coupler of steel cast that are very strong. If you compare it to the other brand in the market, you will see that the coupler is lighter than the others by almost twenty percent. Therefore, you can expect improved performance of the machine as well as very easy maneuverability. The CASE S Series Multi fit Coupler has been designed in a manner that makes it highly versatile. You can work with it in face shovel as well as backhoe positions. The swing radius is also very large that enhances the power of lifting and digging.

Another good part is that not only is it sturdy and strong, it is also an equipment that is very safe to handle. You will be able to avoid the attachments to be released inadvertently as there are two mechanical locks that work independently in the system. In this way you can avoid severe damages or any sort of harm to the operators or environment. If you face a power loss or a hydraulic failure, the rear as well as the front attachments would be secured by the system. Therefore, extra precaution has been taken in the design of the equipment so that you can get additional operator safety. There is an Automatic Blocking System that has been uniquely patented. This helps the operator to visually conform that front and the rear end has been locked. The coupler cylinder also comes with check valves along with a solenoid valve so that retention of the pressure is possible in case there is a failure in the hydraulic hose.

If you are in the construction industry, it is highly recommended that you go for the newly developed CASE Construction S Series Multi fit Coupler. Some of the most excellent features of the equipment is that it is entirely automatic along with a quick hydraulic coupler that has a twin locking system. The steel cast tensile materials that are sued for making this equipment makes it very strong and durable. Although, the equipment is strong and hard, it is not heavy at all. Therefore, it is very easy to handle and quite safe for the operators.