The Answer To Effective Construction Is Coal Connect

It is always a good idea to make the best of technology when it comes to construction project. It is known to all that profitability and productivity could be increased a lot with the right application of technology on the job sites. One of the finest examples of such technology of connected site on larger scales is Coal Connect. According to the bills, it is the most well known project of machine controlled earthmoving in the entire region of southern hemisphere. The technology used a strategy of connected site for integrating the advanced survey, earthmoving technology as well as construction for a certain site that has a footprint a hundred and three miles long.

As implied by the name, this project from Queensland AU had been designed for constructing a rail line and connecting two rail lines so that coal could be moved to processing from the mines in a more efficient manner. There are plenty of challenges that are to be faced when it comes to projects of this scale. This particular project had flat land that is located in as many as four plains. There plains were flood plains and so excellent drainage was required so that the water flow could be managed.

Apart from that the project also required upgradation of the lines along with crossings of fifteen level, eleven railway bridges, road intersections and a couple of road bridges over rail. Therefore, the task had been a magnanimous one and without a good technology this would not have been possible. The scale required the spreading out of the crews all across the construction project. Therefore, it need stable as well as consistent data positioning all over the place and at all times.

The productivity of the project could be reached to such extent with extensive planning. However, the challenges could be overcome with this site-wide connected technology for construction. Across the whole site a framework was built by Coal Connect for coordinating and establishing a network for station correction based on GPS. Machineries of more than forty two pieces had been equipped with the technology of 3D grade. It also included sixteen excavators, twenty graders, a compactor and five bulldozers. The team had excavated earthworks bulk of about four million cubic meters. This had been done all over the three sites and had been done in over a hundred and fifty thousand truckloads.

The technology of connected construction has opened many doors of many increased productivity in several areas. The project in concern had been completed well within the estimated time despite of extensive flooding, two cyclones and very inclement weather conditions in general. Also, the implantation of the technology as also resulted in a very cost effective project completion. For any such project there would be a requirement of a huge number of professionals on the site. Therefore, this would mean more personnel. Travel cost, equipment along with the issues of data integrity as well as logistics. However, with the implementation of this technology a lot of such problems could be avoided.