Terex has big plans for China in 2015

The year 2014 may have not been so pleasant for many but some companies just know how to make fortune out of nothing. The overall construction segment has seen a decline in the year 2014. Right from heavy equipment manufacturing companies to the big construction houses, most of them have suffered losses. In general, it has not been the year that passed away pleasantly. It indeed gave lot of losses to big as well as small companies. Many companies saw a sharp decline in the sale of heavy equipment, something that was not experienced by many for the last many years. However, this was the year when almost all the companies have experienced the same issue and are struggling hard to get over it.

Some companies found 2014 to be more difficult because they did not foresee the issue in advance. They relied more on domestic markets giving less importance to other global emerging markets. They were of the opinion that it may be difficult for them to conduct business in other countries and they may lose their share of hold in the domestic markets. Therefore, they paid less attention on international markets where there were more opportunities and took a hit on their sales. Simultaneously, there were few companies like Terex that made a smart call and took the plunge to overseas markets. They made some real big plans for countries like China. They have planned to increase their annual revenue to $1 billion from $300 million in the next 3 to 5 years. This means that they have taken far better calculated risk which is likely to pay huge dividends to them in the future. Ron DeFeo, the chairman and the chief executive officer of Terex feels that China plays a significant role in making Terex a $10 billion revenue company by the end of 2015. The CEO sees China as an important player that has plenty of demand. Terex in return has a lot to offer to China. They see immense business opportunity in that country and also in other South East and Middle East countries.

According to the CEO, in the year 2014, China has single handedly contributed around 8 percent of the $4.4 billion revenue generation in the year 2014 and they forecast that it is expected to enhance its contribution to 20 percent. They see immense investment opportunities in China. Terex will be working on their aerial work platform and agrees that the government in China gives a lot of importance to safety and efficiency. The company will therefore pay a lot of attention to the safety and efficiency part and ensure that it abides by the rules and regulations of the country. Slowly and steadily, they may work to create a safety aerial work which will not be restricted only to the business but will be relevant to the whole society. They are in talks with the government to make something of this kind possible.

Terex sees the overseas market as the market with potential and feels confident in doing business away from home.