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Winters can be a big problem for heavy equipment

Extreme climate change can pose real big problems to almost any type of business. When people face difficulty to move from one place to another due to extreme weather, it does have a larger impact on the smooth functioning of the business as well. As a matter of fact, you will not find much of an alternative to crack the problem.

Hot summers are still manageable but heavy monsoon and chilled winters are almost unacceptable for most of the industries and if we talk specifically about construction then monsoons and winters are its biggest enemies. If it rains heavily then there is a problem with transportation of materials and simultaneously you can’t even work on an existing project. Winters can have havoc on your heavy equipment. Winters do not affect the project directly but it plays a bigger role in hampering your work by attacking heavy equipment. Thus the productivity of heavy equipment takes a hit and you take the hit on your business.

Before the arrival of winter, you should be prepared to do some basic repair work on your heavy equipment. Your machine goes through a lot during all the weathers and still perform. So it becomes crucial for you to ensure that the needs of the machine never go unattended. With the onset of winter, the oil gets thick which blocks the flow while you start the engine.

This has been a major problem for every operator. At times it takes over an hour for an operator to just start the machine. Other than that, there are many other complications that come in with the arrival of winter. Experts believe that heavy equipment that are serviced regularly and are well maintained do not give a tough time to the operators during winters but the ones that are not serviced at regular intervals are bound to cause trouble.

Take help of a mechanic:-

Firstly it is important to keep the heavy equipment well maintained. So keep a track of the days when you service the machine and also ensure that you do not delay the service date for the upcoming month. It has been observed that you perhaps think to delay it by a day or two but you eventually end up delaying it by more than a week. This is absolutely not healthy for any heavy equipment and it thereby weakens the machine from the inside. Before winter arrives, you should take help of a mechanic and ask him to inspect the machine. If they find any flaw with it, ask them to get that fixed even if it requires replacing some important parts of the machine. Give very clear instruction to the mechanic that you want the heavy equipment to work like it always does during the winter.

Take help of user manual:-

Heavy equipment before the start of the problem give signals. If you fail to comprehend those signals, take help of the user manual and check what does signals are for and what you need to do if it throws some kind of signals. The user manual usually talks about the care that you should take and going by the book can really lengthen the life of the machine and also keep it running during winters.

Snow tire chains for heavy equipment

Winter has already arrived and so is the time when heavy equipment owners need to be more careful with their construction equipment. It is perhaps this time that most of the accidents occur. Heavy machineries are not able to have proper grip of the road and they slip. The tires in no way will be able to move smoothly on the icy slippery surface and the moment you increase the speed of the machine the chances of it slipping and turning rise manifolds. This is the reason why an operator has to be ultra-careful when he is driving a construction equipment on an icy surface. He got to be patient with the speed and can’t rush things up. Apart from that, others should also not ask him to hurry. Allow him to do the job or he might get stuck in the ice.

One thing that can be done to avoid this problem is to install the snow tire chains on your heavy equipment so that the tires can get some grip on the icy surface and the operator does not have to put in the extra effort to keep the machine on the road. These tires are highly beneficial especially on steep roads when the machine is climbing up the road or moving downwards. The operator can have real tough time to control the heavy equipment in both the situations. There are higher chances of him to lose the control as the tires will just skid off the road and get stuck in some bush or on a pile of ice. But the probability is more on bumping someone and causing some casualty. The snow tire chains for heavy equipment just ensure that you do not lose control due to icy surface.

There are snow tire chains for all kind, shape and sizes of tires. Since the make of all heavy equipment is not the same, in the same fashion the tires are also different. The snow tire chains are designed by taking into consideration the different sizes of tires in different heavy equipment. The owner of the machine needs to first come in contact with one such company who is engaged in producing tailor made snow tire chains. The guys will first inspect the tires of the machine, take some measurements and will then ship the final product to you.

People who are into the business of manufacturing snow tire chains have their websites. One who seeks their service should first visit their website and check for people’s reviews. If he has received more of positive reviews then it makes sense to approach the team and get the work done. If you are content with the reviews you shall get their contact details on the website and ask them to send a quotation. If it fits your budget you can give them the order.

In no way you should make use of your heavy equipment on icy weather without taking necessary precautions. A snow tire chain is the most needed component during the winters and spending few dollars to ensure that your machine and people around it are safe is really worth the deal.

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Winters may cause immense health hazards to construction workers

Places where it snows are not conducive for construction industry to flourish. But it does not mean that the construction industry will not flourish at all at such places. If it snows throughout the year then it is a grave concern for this industry to set its foot in. However, if it is only during the winters that it snows and for the rest of the year, it becomes conducive for the industry to thrive then that will really help. We all know how immensely difficult it is to take care of heavy equipment and also to work on a project during the cold weather but less care has been given to the fact that it also takes a toll on the construction workers who find it all the more difficult to work in a rough weather and with very limited help from machines.

During winters, heavy equipment tend to stop working which means that the construction workers will have to put their efforts and try to get the work done. At times, it may not be possible for them to finish a job without the use of equipment. In such case, it becomes a loss to the company. In situations like these, companies tend to risk the life of the workers by pressuring them to work overtime in difficult work conditions. The workers have to work on snow or ice and have high risk of slipping while working. They may cause severe damage to themselves. It is therefore very important for the construction companies as well as the workers to follow the correct safety parameters while working in snow. By following these parameters, they will only save their as well as their colleagues lives.

Check if the brakes and other vital parts of the equipment are in order:-

Before you start with your day, it is very important to check if the brakes, horn and other important parts of the equipment are in order. Once the operator is sure that everything is in place, he should carry on with the work. In case if he finds any issues, it is advisable that he get that sorted first and then starts off with the day’s work. Any negligence on his part can cost the company as well as the worker dearly.

Ensure that all the workers wear their safety accessories:-

In many of the occasions, workers skip wearing their safety accessories assuming that they will be safe and wearing those stuffs will be time consuming. Calamity does not knock the door before arriving. It just strikes you and workers should understand this important part. More importantly, the supervisor on the construction site should take the responsibility that all the workers are equipped with complete safety accessories and that there is an emergency team active at the site. Just in case, if there is an emergency situation, the team will be able to deal with it.

Report anything that you find to be dangerous:-

Construction workers should report anything that they find to be dangerous. This will help to save the life of many other workers who may not know about the danger on the site.