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Veterans should focus on new entrants and guide them throughout

In every industry the role of veterans in nurturing the business cannot be ruled out. They play a pivotal role in shaping up the future of the company and also the career of many individuals who learn from them. At the same time they also earn a special place in the company and if ever the company goes through a rough patch, it is the veterans in the company that secures their place in the company. They are probably the last one to be kicked out. The experienced ones however have to make this place for themselves by giving their time and paying attention on the new guys. It is the experienced lot who can train the new guns about the systems in place and the process of work along with the culture that is followed in the company. In a nutshell they have a big role to play irrespective of what industry they belong to.

Veterans have a stronger role to play when it comes to the construction sector. This sector being quite vast in nature, it takes years for a person to learn things and to master them. People commit lot of mistakes when they are new to work and with every mistake they take a step forward in learning something new. Veterans can make things a bit simple for them by providing them with proper guidance and showing them the correct way to get the assigned work done. Construction business is not only a vast one but also quite complex and the newcomers will for sure find it difficult to comprehend things in the beginning. They need someone who can walk them through the initial phases and be with them whenever they need their advice.

Try to become their mentor:-

The newbie who get into the construction sector look for people who can turn out to be their mentors. They may come across many people who will help them. The new guys will try to pick a mentor out of the many people whom they feel is able to guide them in the most appropriate manner. The work of a mentor is undoubtedly a difficult one as he will be bothered with all sorts of questions. It will be a real test of his patience and he needs to prove his credibility by being calm and answer their queries as and when it shows up. After spending anytime between 8-10 years in an industry one becomes a veteran but you need special qualities to become a mentor and not everybody can become one. It is only those who have sound knowledge about his work and can calmly impart it to their juniors and subordinates can ultimately possess the quality of becoming a mentor.

Be a problem solver:-

Day in and out the new guys will come across new things and that will indeed riddle them and compel them to ask questions. Now if they turn up to you, they come to you with believe that you have the potential to answer them. This is when you also need to do your best and try to solve the problem they are in. Try to be a problem solver. This will mean a lot to them.

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The beginners should be backed by the veterans

You be a part of any industry and you need some guidance when you are new to that form of business. You seek guidance from the tenured guys who has been working for that company or have being a part of that industry for years and you believe that if at all you come across a problem, you have people to bail you out. You depend a lot on them. Simultaneously, it also becomes the responsibility of the experienced men to take the onus and give proper advice to the newbie so that they can steer away from any issues and learn to deal with problems. The need of such veterans is needed a lot when it comes to selling heavy equipment. Sales in itself is a difficult job and not many are able to find this to be their cup of tea and there are many who after striving for a while generally give it up.

Not quite good with product knowledge:-

One of the major problems that has been seen amongst the newbie is that they find it tough to understand heavy equipment and therefore when they approach a client, they are not confident enough to pitch in the product and subsequently unable to sell the stuff. They lack good product knowledge and are most of the time confused as to what they should learn from this vast topic. Heavy equipment is undoubtedly a vast topic with so much to understand and one can only grasp it completely with time. So, we can’t expect a newbie to learn everything just after he is done with his training. A veteran can step in here and advise him on the areas that he should concentrate. He may not have to learn everything but just few important things that are relevant to sales.

Not all days are good days:-

In the daily life of a salesperson, he has to go through a lot of ordeal. In order to make one sale, he probably has to work hard for the entire month and heavy equipment being an expensive item; it certainly takes time for a contractor to make the decision to buy the machine. On the other hand, he should also be ready to take up insults at times which can be very embarrassing. There are times when the client do not buy the stuff but is also not rude to you but such clients are few in numbers and you get mostly people who for some reason turn out to be a bit rude when they deal with sales guys. This needs to be addressed by the experienced lots and they can always comfort the beginners by saying that this is a part and parcel of the business and one has to go through this in order to grow.

Sales trick are important to be shared:-

Every form of business has a trick that helps to complete the job faster. The veteran salespersons should share those tricks with the new guys. Do some role play with them where they will act as client and the beginners will be salesperson? In this way they can sharpen the skills of the beginners and generate a new confidence in them.

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