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Tips to become best heavy equipment salesman

The job of a salesman is considered to be very demanding and challenging. He often has to go through a lot of hassles during sales call and eventually in the meeting. A salesman requires lot of patience. He can’t expect things to work like he wants. Many a time he will find situations going against him. This can lead to frustration and therefore a person who does not have patience can’t find his place in the sales sector for a long time. You be into any industry, if you have to deal with sales then you got to be patient. You can try hard to sell a product but while you do that you can’t lose your patience. This is what many salesmen fail to do. While they try so hard to sell the item, they go so deep into it that they do not realize that they are getting pushy with the customer. This irks the customer and they end up saying a big NO.

Salesman selling heavy equipment have to be very cautious while they are dealing with their customer. They can’t afford to haste things with them. You got to be very smooth with them. There are few tips that a salesman should keep into consideration while they are on a sales meeting.

Upgrade your communication skill:-

For some reason every salesman believes that he is a good communicator. If he can speak well it certainly does not mean he is good in communication. Selling heavy equipment is not all about good communication skills but it is more about effective communication where you speak sense to the prospect and can covert him into your customer. Just by speaking well you can’t convince a person to change his brand. People in the US are brand-conscious and they will not want to change their brand as long as there is a good strong reason to do so. The job of the salesman is to display that reason to them. People who are associated with heavy equipment are more conscious with the brand they are using than perhaps anybody else would be. Heavy equipment salesman should be knowledgeable, confident and that should reflect in their way of presenting themselves to the prospect.

Be in the company of technicians and operators:-

You get to learn a lot when you are in the company of technicians and heavy equipment operators. They can teach you a lot about heavy equipment. Though they will not be much helpful to you as far as the selling technique is concerned but they can really develop your base understanding on heavy equipment. This will help you to answer some of the most challenging questions that come from customers. Ideally, heavy equipment salesmen are not so savvy with the technical aspect of the machine but it always creates a good impression when you are able to answer those technical questions. You can always learn the techniques from your peers. They can help you in that area.

Tips For Starting an Excavators rental business

The construction activities have increased due to increase in population. Many big and start up construction companies cannot afford to a buy and maintain all new equipment for their work, especially in case of short term projects. Hence, they prefer to buy equipment and machines on rental basis at an affordable price and return it after use. Thus, rental business is profitable and is booming. It is observed that many equipment rentals only rent specific equipments and do not keep all types of equipment. It is because they have studied market and functional aspects of the equipment. Since most of the heavy equipments are multifunctional, being in rental business of specific equipment can be a good idea as it saves the cost of buying and maintaining different equipments.

Excavators are called the giants of the construction industry. They are powerful machines which can dig through concrete, install electrical service, transfer loads of bricks, lift objects high, and break down huge rocks and entire structures. Due to their wide applications, they are very much required in any construction project, however they are expensive. Excavators are in demand, hence starting the business of renting these machines can be profitable. Being a costly investment, it is expected that person should do some research before starting this business.

The following guidelines will be helpful for the person who wants to start the business of renting an excavator:

  1. Excavators are cost and rental service provider (RSP) should be able to afford to buy them. He should be aware of his personal expenses while owing a big place or showroom, advertising, labour and maintenance costs, and so forth. He should make a business plan for selling excavators.
  2. If RSP provides excavators at high rental price then many buyers will find it expensive and difficult to purchase. Hence they will negotiate with the price. RSP should provide excavators at appropriate price.
  3. RSP should make his excavator rental service popular by advertisements in newspapers and websites.
  4. Buying entire fleet of brand new excavators is indeed very costly. To avoid, RSP should study the demands of the market to know which the most preferred model by the construction industry is. Keeping excavator from small to mid-size of different brands is a good option.
  5. Due to technological advancements, the new equipment have become compact and easy to operate, using such equipment has increased the speed at work place and increased productivity. The new compact excavators are more in demand and are preferred to old versions. RSP should provide such technologically advanced excavators on rent, which increases the customer interest and sales.
  6. Buying used equipment on rental basis is common for the short duration projects, hence they are in demand. Thus, RSP can also look for option of renting ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ excavators, since purchasing such equipment is cost affordable. However, they should be careful while choosing such equipment that they are not damaged. Only when these used machines have less wear and tear and their parts are available that they should be purchased from the seller.
  7. RSP should be careful while renting the expensive heavy machines to the buyer. They should understand the nature of work requirements of the customer and should guide them properly. They should make sure that the buyer has the capability to pay the rental amount and would take care of the equipment and will return the equipment in good condition. After all the terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties, a rental agreement has to made between RSP and prospective buyer

Tips to retain construction workers

Like many other industries, the construction industry too faces a lot of trouble regarding retaining their employees, especially the workers. There is always a demand and scarcity of construction workers, especially the skilled ones. The problem of construction worker shortage is something that the owners always try to cope with.

Why is there a worker shortage?

Construction worker shortage is a persistent problem in the construction industry and there are many reasons, why this takes place. These include –

  • Lack of advancement and growth
  • The fear that this is a dangerous job
  • Being displeased with the job or the company and employers.

Some of these causes are general that any other industry would encounter and some of these are specific to this industry. Whatever the cause or type of cause may be, the employers need to take specific measures to retain the construction workers to the company.

Things to do to retain construction workers:

In order to retain the construction workers to do the construction work, the employers need to –

  • Offer Job Training:


The workers must always be offered job training. Job training is important for any worker in any field as it offers the employees and workers the peace of mind and confidence about their capability. This also gives them the chance of growth in the years to come. Without training, they will lack confidence.

Besides, the training – both practical and software related training, helps the workers to feel safe in the construction working environment. Otherwise, they feel vulnerable to work in this industry.

  • Offer Effective Communication:


In most cases, the construction workers have to work in the field. Hence, they often feel that their needs and demands are not being heard of. Hence, the employers need to make sure that the workers get to communicate with them. The managers and team leaders should be open to listening to their needs and demands.

Using monthly newsletters to communicate with the employees and welcoming representatives of the workers to be a part of the project meetings will help the employers to feel that they too are a part of the company and understand the projects well. There are various tools and devices that help in the communication and as an employer; you need to offer these things.

  • Pay Them Well:


There is no alternative to this tip. Regardless of the industry the workers are working in, good pay is the single basic thing that will help you to retain your workers and employees. Along with the monthly salary, you need to benefit the employees with bonus. This will keep them happy and satisfied and they will not think of leaving your company. In fact, pay time and attention to the other financial benefits like insurance.

If you keep these things in mind, you will not face trouble in retaining your workers. All that you should be careful about is that the recruitment of the employees is proper and you choose only the best, trained and qualified employees. This will help in the outcome of the construction job.

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Equipment Safety Tips

Heavy equipment being such an important part of the construction industry, it can be said with no doubt that one needs to take good care of the machines he possess. He can’t just play around with things because if machines fail to function when it is supposed to, he will be into some real serious trouble. Therefore it is important to say that before the start of any project, check the health of your heavy equipment and if you find something not so correct, you better get that fixed first and then put them to use. Concurrently, one also needs to follow quite religiously the safety procedures when it comes to their heavy equipment. When safety procedures are followed it only lengthens the life of the machines making things more comfortable for you.

There are innumerable incidents that get highlighted on a regular basis that happens due to not following all the safety tips leading to heavy losses to property and at times even to life.

We will be discussing few heavy equipment tips that we all can follow to keep our machines healthy and simultaneously incur less cost on the repairs and fixtures.

Get good trained men on your machine:-

You should realize that you are dealing with big heavy machines that can turn dangerous if not operated by trained men. Give it to a newbie and he will make a big mess out of it. Therefore, it is of immense importance that you let your construction equipment to be operated by trained men who have sizeable experience in dealing with such huge stuffs.

Communicate with people around you:-

When you are working on the machine, it is imperative that you keep on communicating with people who are around you. It would be foolish to assume that they will understand your next move and will move away from your path. They may be engrossed with their work and if you fail to talk to them and ask them to move away you might find them exactly on your way and that might lead to some serious eventualities. Get your walkie-talkie out or 2-way radio so that you can ask people to get out of the way. Do not make a situation where things will become difficult for you to take care of.

Check your machine at the end of the day:-

You might be working very hard all day along and do not get the time to check if everything is ok with the equipment even though you get a slightest of hint of some problem. In a situation like this, you should check the machine at the end of the day and see what could be the problem and if it is a serious one try to report it to the people in charge. The repair team will take it from there and will fix whatever issues it had.

Regular maintenance is the key:-

This is perhaps the most critical and also the most ignored thing. Due to enough load of work, regular maintenance of machines can be easily forgotten. However, that will make matter worse and therefore try to get some time out of your busy schedule and ensure that you service the machine on a regular basis.

Tips to pick out your heavy equipment trailer

Today, many types of equipment trailer are available in the market. Are you confused of what kind of trailer to choose? Yes, choosing the right equipment trailer is quite difficult if you don’t follow any tips, but at the same time it is also very important to get the trailer that suits your equipment. First of all, you have to determine what you want to load.  The next vital thing to consider is the weight of the loading thing. And finally focus on the procedure of loading and unloading it, and the vehicle which you are going to use to tow the trailer. If you are planning to find out the best trailer for your heavy equipment, just check out the following.

What are you planning to load?

A wide-range of trailers are available in the market nowadays that you can use to load everything starting from landscape materials to rock, to motor cycles and cars, to constructional equipment like tractors and bulldozers. That’s why, at first, you need to decide what you are going to load. If you are planning to haul a big rock to back up the landscape of your residential area, go for shorter landscape or utility trailer which has many sides and open, may incline for easier clear out of the load. For commercial site projects, switch to dump trailer which is well-known for its capacity of loading at least 8.4 cubic yards and 14000# GWR.

Enclosed and open trailers are also very common which are used for transporting old vehicles like cars, tractors and trucks usually at the same time. If you are more interested in moving two or more vehicle at a time, use large equipment trailer which will be capable of handling more than one vehicle. You should not be in a hurry while choosing the equipment trailer. Take enough time to find out the maximum weight carrying capacity of the trailer and how it will be stable. We have seen that many businessmen prefer to buy the equipment trailer for a short-term use. Considering all these factors, invest your money in buying the trailer so as to get full satisfaction on your trailer.

Unloading and loading process

Every heavy equipment type has its own requirements of loading. A top-notch equipment trailer will contain many options for spring-assisted ramps in contrast to easy hauling tilt. Many strong models from different manufacturers such as Moritz have on hand options like folding gates, 3rd ramp, steps for easier access to deck and some pull back places to protect your cargo.

Equipment trailers which have goosenecks attached with bed of the truck allow for a secure hold up. Though gooseneck trailer have many advantages, but its cost is quite high as they require a larger capacity of dragging and an efficient hitching system so as to ensure an easy installation of the gooseneck in to your truck’s bed.

Try to pick up a local dealer who is experienced in selling both new and used equipment trailer to find out the best equipment trailer for yourself.

Tips to Procure Second-hand Heavy Equipment with Peace of Mind at Internet Auctions

The nastiest nightmare of every used heavy equipment buyer is purchasing a machine and later realising that it is worthless. Though loads of bulky apparatus’s possessors properly sustain their investment over regular time period, the purchaser wants the equanimity that the equipment will run the way it has been promoted. But, unfortunately, what you perceive is not the same all the time what you obtain.

At the land-based auctions, the procurers do not always get the chance to examine the heavy apparatus, re-evaluate the fluid investigation report or operate it. Moreover, the data provided during the bid may be unfinished or imprecise. This can generate unwillingness about buying the second-hand bulky apparatus at a sell-off. The buyers who are opting for online auction feel apprehensive because there is no option for them to check the performance of the heavy equipment. The online heavy equipment buyers are lucky that they get the assurance of the apparatus with the help of guaranteed assessment reports.

How to Make an Inspection Report

An inspection report presents proof that a piece of apparatus has been systematically reassessed and operated. It embraces all the information what the heavy equipment purchasers are probing for. The condition and the traits of the machine are properly mentioned in the report. In this inspection statement, the used heavy paraphernalia buyers also get the data about the cosmetic, structural and motorized facets of the equipment. Here in the below mentioned discussion, you will get to know the strides to create a guaranteed inspection account:

The quality of the scrutiny report automatically rises when it is produced by the knowledgeable and unprejudiced individuals. Some of the auction organisations hire inspector-in-house whereas the other companies recruit autonomous contractors to accomplish the assessment properly. To lessen the cost of purveyors, it is perfect when the supervisor conduct the scrutiny at the seller’s construction site in order that the possessor does not have to budge the paraphernalia until the transaction with the procurer is accomplished.

The purchasers want the examination report to perform as their ears and eyes. However they are required to ensure that the information mentioned in the report are not just the estimations. Preferably, an assessor would apply a standardised course of action to examine the heavy equipment so that the reports are trustworthy and unswerving from instrument to instrument.

Important Points Incorporated in an Auction Statement

As the purchasers employing networked auctions will not be on the construction site to observe the performance of the heavy apparatus, the assessment report should be inclusive in every facet. The idyllic statement should include the following significant points:

  • Lab results of the bulky paraphernalia
  • Images of the interior and exterior parts of the equipments
  • Numerous sections and line-item ratings
  • Report must verify the structure, age and sequential number of the weighty apparatus.

Guaranteed assessment reports are gaining popularity in today’s construction equipment market because a large percentage of procurers prefer online heavy equipment souks to fulfil their needs. This report helps in building the confidence the between the buyer and the seller. So if you are hesitating to buy heavy equipment from the internet auction, then guaranteed inspection report is the most effective solution for your business.





Tips of cleaning a job site with the help of Skid Steer

Choose a skid steer from a reputed rental company and read the safety tips in the operator’s guidebook to get information on how it is operated. It is a heavy machine which can turn at a swiftly, tips over effortlessly and changes direction suddenly. Here the tips to get started with the skid steer

Learn to control the machine-Skid steer loaders are controlled by two steering handles, each one situated on each side arm where the machine rests. These steering handles contain the control buttons for accessories, situated on the tops like triggers on the machine’s forward part. Usually there is a figure which gives details about the console beside each attachment.

Bring the machine on the job site- In order to get rid of the dirt, debris and other inert materials fetch it on the job site.

Find out the location of the controls which starts the machine-The start or ignition is normally functioned by a key having similarities with that of a car. There are some skid steers that have a button for starting up, and the latest and innovative machines have a key pad for punching in a code and start the engine.

Look for the throttle handle-A throttle handle is a flat bar made up of metal. It has a rubber grip on top of the console extending to the right side of the right arm resting with a hole for sliding in forward and backward direction.

Undo the control switches and buttons-Many skid steer s have a lock system attached in the machine. It also consists of the control switches near the mechanism panel which enables lock symbols situated under them, and a lot of time it is found it has a red lamp operating as soon as the switch is put off, however the lamp turns to green color when the switch is put on. You will have to control the power switch to put on to start the machine to operate. This could be done by fastening the seat belt or turn over a switch.

Shift the bucket or front part up off the land- It means dragging one of the control levers, in, toward the middle of the device, for example, you will bend the stick in the left hand side towards the right hand side, and this is generally the stick that lifts up and lowers the machine bucket. Owing to these joysticks which perform numerous functions, be cautious not to move about the joysticks obliquely; instead try to move it straight in the right direction or the left.

Lift up the attachment far above the ground to find a clear sight of what is in front of you, bring it down; lift it again, to experience its movement- If the machine’s left stick lifts up the bucket, then the stick at the right will alter its position. By bending the lever at the right to the left, you will lift the front side of the machine’s bucket in a scooping movement, and by moving to the right hand side with the help of the right stick, you will unload it. Lift and bring down the bucket, scoop and dump it, and you will feel the movement.

Drive slowly in front putting on the control sticks. The engine will go forward, and if the throttle is not operating, and you progress both sticks slowly and at the same pace, you will be able to move it effortlessly without delay. While you drag back on the control levers, you will back up, and have less view about what is happening behind.

Move about the joysticks separately Pushing merely the right stick will turn the machine to the direction in the left. Driving on the left side lever will manoeuvre the machine right.

Check out the following tips before buying heavy equipment

Now a day, construction companies have made an amazing reputation in the whole world. Due to its several facilities and benefits, it has managed to gain people’s attention. If you want to run a construction business successfully, then you have to buy the best heavy equipment in the market. Heavy equipment is the most important part of construction companies that help your workers to work properly in the site and take your business to the next level. Without the best heavy equipment you cannot maintain your construction works. Thereby, you need to very attentive to choose the heavy equipment and buy it from the real place. Buying heavy equipment is like buying a new car. You have to be very careful about it because you are going to spend lot of money in it. However, you shouldn’t get worried over this.  There are some tips that can help you to choose perfect equipment for your site.

Follow the tips below to find out the best heavy equipment-

  • Well, at first you need to search very well to find out the right equipment that can serve your purpose. There are many websites available on the internet that offers heavy equipment. You can definitely search such websites in order to get the right one. Companies that are dealing with such equipment always listed their items on their websites. You can search on the websites by equipment name, type, model and you will certainly get what you need. It is important to compare the equipment with each other to find out the best one.
  • Well, before buying the equipment you need to know its operating hours, work ability and other conditions. There are some concerns that you should know about the equipment. For example, an old but well maintained excavator can be operated for very few hours while the new model can offer you great services with more operating hours. But when you have to choose between the two of them you should go with the old machine.
  • The most important point is the manufacturer. Before going to buy the machine, you should definitely check its manufacturer properly. People believe in brands and also have soft corner for brand items. Whether it is about clothes or heavy equipment, they like to go with the name. Well, it is true that brand materials come with good quality and you can trust it blindly. You just need to pay little more to get a brand item for your construction site. There are many brands available in the market that offers heavy equipment with guarantee. But, sometime, you can also go with the lessen-known and less expensive brands. You can get what you want from such sites also.

These are the few tips that you should definitely check before buying the equipment. It will help you to select the best heavy equipment for your site.

Tips to start a leasing heavy equipment business

Nowadays, leasing heavy equipment business is booming. It is gaining a strong hold in the competitive world of business because of its features. Most of us who are acquainted with constructional works want to have the equipment in good condition while at the same time don’t want to invest a huge sum in that. Do you too want to start a renting heavy equipment business? Don’t know how to start it? All the businessmen should work very hard along with little calculation to establish their business properly. Are you looking for some tips on how to start the business? Okay, just check out the following article.

Tips to start heavy equipment renting business

  • Put up with the distributors of equipment to get the prices of dealers on their constructional equipment. Most of the agreements include a form fill up where you have to give every information regarding your business. You have to hold with them for a specific period’s minimum purchase which can either be on an annual or one-time basis.
  • Get the coverage of insurance. Leasing equipment means taking the responsibility of the person who is going to rent the equipment from your company. You should have enough insurance coverage to help the person in case he is injured while using the equipment.
  • Write down the renting agreement. It should encompass a liability setting aside as well as the terms and conditions such as rental time, price and the returning condition of that equipment. You should also mention in your agreement form whether you are going to demand any money from the leasing person in case any damage occurs to the machine.
  • Before you set the leasing rates, look for the rates which other renting companies are offering. It will enable you to fetch the best price. Try to set the rate properly which should be neither too low nor too high to attract more customers.
  • Are you thinking how you are going to maintain the equipment? Just relax. Technicians are available in the market who can take care of your equipment. You only have to spend some money in hiring the technicians. Don’t forget to scrutiny all their documents properly to avoid any kind of problem in the future. Try to get a well-trained technician who can repair all types of damages efficiently.
  • At last, focus on building your inventory. Set in with a fine collection of famous rented heavy equipment such as concrete saws, front loaders, sand blasters, bulldozers and the like. Try to store as many equipment in your company as you can so as to provide the customers with a greater choice.

A good rule of thumb is to deal only with the sources which will be of financial help to you. But, that financing source must have worked at least as long as the lease term. And yes, get little picky when it comes to deal with the terms. Go ahead and flourish your business using the tips.

Tips to maintain your heavy construction equipment

The heavy construction equipments are one of the most essential elements in the construction industry. With the revolution going on in making the earth the best planet, heavy construction equipments play the pivotal role. Whether it is demolishing the old dilapidated buildings, or to remove the debris, or even constructing a bridge over a river or lakes, without the heavy construction equipment, this dream would never have been possible. This is the reason why these equipments always stay on top of the list of priorities for the construction businessmen. However, the only problem with these equipments is the cost – it is huge and sometimes makes quite a big hole in the pocket. Therefore, the owners must take a thorough care of the equipments and repair it properly; so that they do not have to get rid of the equipment at once or that they can use and utilize them for a long time.

There are quite some tips that can help any construction equipment stay fit and provide maximum output to the owners. It is not a very difficult thing to follow, but takes only 15 minutes a day to go through. Proper maintenance of the heavy construction equipment will increase the safety and the life of the equipment. These maintenance tips include:

  • Cleaning:

This is the first thing that needs to be done. The reason behind cleaning the heavy dirt or the debris from the equipment regularly is to make sure that there is no leak or damage on the parts of the equipment.

  • Repair the damage:

Damage repairing is the next most crucial part of maintaining the heavy construction equipment. If the leaks or the worn out parts are nor repaired, then the damage will worsen. This includes the checking of the oil or coolant leakage.

  • Protect the wires:

Protecting the electrical wire is very important. The heavy workload damages, crushes or cuts the electrical wires and cords most of the time. To prevent any further hazards, the purpose-built casings or the ramps must be carefully covered around the cords.

  • Lubrication:

Lubricating the heavy construction equipment regularly and that too, before every use of the machine, makes it work properly and increase the quality of the service. Within the pneumatic tool, corrosion constantly takes place due to the environment created by a condensation in the air line. To prevent this corrosion, the owner of the equipment or the operator must coat the internal tools with the lubricator namely air-tool oil. This oil will help the equipment to prevent the corrosion and also displace the moisture.

  • Fuel:

A full tank equipment works better than a half tank or semi tank. The efficiency and the quality of the output become much better with a full tank than with a half-filled tank. Therefore, after the end of a working day, the tank needs to be filled. It also helps the owner to determine the fuel consumption rate of the equipment.

If all these tips are followed, it is very unlikely that the equipment will face any difficulty.