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Various methods to market your construction business

We can’t grow our business if we are unable to pervade what we are doing to the mass. People should know about the business you are doing so that they can also directly or indirectly become a part of it. Other than that if only people know about you and your work, they will be able to give you more work or can recommend others to give business to you. End of the day, what matters the most is how soon you can market the name of your brand to others and what method you can take to reach out to millions in no time. With the advent of modern technology it has now become simpler for a person to market his product nationally as well as internationally. He can become a huge brand within months. This does not mean that he can skip the struggle that people normally have to become a known identity. It is just that the process has become simpler than what it was a couple of decades ago.

In order to reach out to large number of people at a time and let them know about your construction business, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Create a professional website:-

The identity of your business is your website. If someone wants to know more about you and your business they will hit the name of your business on google and from there they will pull out the details that they want to know about you. Your website should be professional but attractive. Try to put all the information that you want people to know. Your existing projects, the projects that you have completed and the ones that you have in hand should be mentioned in there. If you are a start-up then mention your aspirations and your goal to take the company in the next few years.

Marketing via blog:-

People love to read blogs and they believe that it helps them a lot to learn new things. In a blog you write stuffs that help someone to understand new things about the construction industry and then you leave the blog open for people to leave their comments. If someone has a query and they talk about it there in the blog, he can expect to get answers from others who are reading the blog and if you know the answer/solution then you can chip in and provide your view point. What is happening here is something quite fruitful to you. People get to know you through your blog and if at all you have some announcement to make, you can pretty well make use of the blog to do so. You may get suggestions and at times even new businesses through that medium.

Social media:-

One of the most powerful tools in today’s times to reach out to millions at one shot is Social Media. You post your message in a social media website and it reaches to everyone irrespective of people knows your or not. Make good use of this tool to speak about your construction business. It will always earn you rich dividend.

Promote your heavy equipment business through social media

Social media has recently turned into a much powerful source to catch the attention of millions at a single go. You can express your ideas, your emotions to people you have never met in your life and they still follow you if they find your stuffs at all interesting. Such is the power of social media that many business houses are using this as a tool to promote their business. Ideally promoting any kind of business includes lot of costs which not many are able to afford especially the ones who have just made their way in an industry and do not have a godfather to get support from. It is for such people that social media has come nothing less than a boon. They can talk about their business ideas and can share their website to mass. They can do all this for a very nominal fee. Some websites do not charge a penny though.

We will discuss few primary reasons why people feel social media is more powerful than any other form of promotion channels.

Cost effective:-

When it comes to promoting heavy equipment business, it involves tremendous cost that is attached with it. You have to create a website and need to pay money to maintain it unless you have sound knowledge on how to maintain a website. Other than that, the challenge is to inform people that you are in the heavy equipment business. Your website will give a detailed picture of your profession but how to inform people about your association with this business can be quite a challenge. This is wherein the social media steps in and allows you to connect to other users and help you inform others about your profession. You are in a way creating your brand image and asking people to give you work. Websites like LinkedIn are the most effective social media websites as far as promoting your business is concerned. You save a good deal of money while you are busy on a promotion spree as you have to pay a very nominal fee to the service provider.

Creates a platform where the giver and the doer meet:-

Social media provides a platform where the person who gives the work is able to meet the person who can do the work. So for instance, if you are looking for aggressive marketing guy to market your machines then you can just leave your requirement on the website and you will be flooded with emails or calls from people who feel fit for the job. Simultaneously, you can also pick some random profiles based on your requirement and send them an email checking if they are interested for the job.

Talk about your website on social media:-

You can’t put everything about your work on the social media website. Or else there would not have been the need to create your company’s website. But what you can do is talk about your website to people who are interested in buying heavy equipment. Tell them the different kinds of offers you can give them and if you are ready to ship it to different states.

Owning a construction business – Promote it on Social Media

It is somewhat difficult to promote a construction business if you do not have a goodwill that supports to name of the company. This form of the business is so big and widely spread that it may take ages for you to set up an identity of your own. You not only got to work really hard but also equally smart in order to make a mark in this industry. So when we talk about smart work, the smartest will be to find an easier way to communicate to the mass about your business and in this process get some work and recognition from people. You can make use of a very powerful tool that will help you connect to many people at a given point in time. The people with whom you are getting connected to may or may not know you but irrespective of that you can put your word across to the mass. You can make use of Social Media.

It has been witnessed that almost every company across any industry has their website where they can post about their information. Similarly, they are fast approaching the concept of having an account in a Social Media forum so that people can go there and check the reviews left by others. Many from the construction business have also taken the same approach. In order to promote their business, they open an account in a Social Media website and from there they post messages about their business, their achievements and the activities they conduct so that people who might require their service are aware of them and can contact them when required.

Almost every internet savvy person today has an account in some or the other Social Media website. They do this so that they can stay in close contact with their friends and loved ones. Off late, it has been seen that people who have their businesses have started promoting them on these websites. However, they prefer to keep it official and do not post pictures that are casual. Likewise, when you are creating an account for your construction business, do not post any casual pictures of you hanging around with your pals. Try to keep it as much professional as you can. Post pictures that are linked with your jobsite. Pictures like heavy equipment working on the site, engineers talking with the laborers explaining what needs to be done and stuff.

Mentioning a bit about your achievements on the Social Media website also helps a lot. There are job seekers and job givers both available on the Social Media website and if any of the job giver finds the quality of your work in compatible to his requirements, he may give you an assignment to work on. You can also customize your account to make it look attractive. There are loads of options available that you can opt to make it work. Many have found this to be a great tool to promote their business and when it comes to construction, it can’t get better than this.


Use social media as a tool to augment your heavy equipment business

The construction and the heavy equipment industry are largely dependent upon new technology. The construction industry is always in the hunt of heavy equipment that can get the work done quickly and with utter precision. Now this is only possible if you upgrade your heavy equipment by adding new technology in it. This will bring in a new life to the machine and it will work with more vitality under tremendously rough situations. Now that was all about how technology can help get the work done at a faster pace. However, if we want to make use of technology to advertise our products and services so that it can reach to thousands of people at a given time, there is no better option than talking about your business in social networking websites. There you can reach to a large number of population without having to pay a penny for it.

There are many companies who are involved in the process of creating their business profiles in social networking websites like LinkedIn, Periscope, and Facebook etc. There find this to be an excellent tool to reach out to a sizable amount of people at one go. They have seen their business growing in this fashion and acquiring more clients from such networking websites.

There are few do’s and don’ts that one needs to follow while they set up their business profile in a social networking website.

Keep your personal and professional profiles separate:-

It is very crucial that you keep 2 accounts in one social networking website, one for your personal use and the other for your professional. If you are into selling of heavy equipment of all the brands, you can make use of your professional account to mention that there. Talk everything about your business in that account but pay special attention that you do not talk much about your business in your personal profile. If you share a couple of your business stories to any of your friend on the personal profile, it won’t be an issue but if you only keep on bragging about your success stories all the time on your personal account, your friends might get turned off by that. They definitely do not check your profile to know about the success in your life. They just simply want to know if things are ok with you.

Maintain strict professionalism on your business account:-

You should keep your business profile very professional. Social networking websites like LinkedIn are meant for professionals and businessmen who are looking to acquire clients and get businesses from them or to reach to the skilled masses and absorb them in their business. If you are an authorized dealer, you should be very stringent when it comes to professionalism.

Post a photo of your company:-

It makes ample of sense to post a picture of your company’s logo on your business profile. It help your prospective client to understand the kind of account you are holding and they will move into your business account to know more about your business and will not stray down to your personal account.

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Use Social Media as a platform to grow your heavy equipment business

Starting a business is not as difficult as growing it. You may need some amount as investment money, little know-how about the business and you can start your own business. You probably do not have to worry about making profits in the first phase of your business but as and when your business grows older and you start generating profits, making new clients, which is perhaps the time when you start thinking of expanding your business. Well, in order to reach the larger section of society, you need to use a platform that is adopted by everybody in their day to day life. Something which the mass uses quite frequently. If you are able to talk about your business in that platform, it is evident that more and more people will get the chance to look at your business and will appreciate it by becoming your client.

Today we all are highly connected with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. These social media sites are used to stay connected to your closed ones who are ideally distance away from you. But you can still see them in the virtual world. You can make use of such social media websites to promote your work, to let people know the kind of business you are associated with. It can prove to be a big boon for people who have their business in the construction domain or who deals with heavy equipment.

In order to promote your heavy equipment business, it is prudent to use social media sites that are mainly used by working professionals or businessmen. Well, what you can do is create your own group and can invite people whom you know so that they all remain in your group and in this way they get to know your business from a closer angle. This will only help you to promote your business and in case if someone who is interested to buy any sort of heavy equipment will get in touch with you and place their order to you. You should try to keep your profile very professional as it attracts people’s attention and they do not take you casually. Having a casual profile will not have that high impact as a professional one can put. Remember, when you are putting up your profile in any professional social media website, it is not solely for the purpose to stay connected to the people you know but also let them know about your business and nobody will want to deal with a guy who has a very casual approach towards his work.

Moreover, there will be others whom you do not know but are linked to the people who are in your friend’s list and they also get to see your profile. Having a professional outlook will definitely give a good impression about your business to them. You never know when a big deal may strike and you may get chunk of orders from a new client that you have made from a social networking site.

Reach out to more people with the help of Social Media

Social media is an amazing platform where people get to know each other. Friends with whom we have not met since ages can be found there and then can stay in touch throughout. It has made things really simple for people who live far away from their loved ones and still manage to see them, speak to them almost daily. Similarly, this platform also plays a very important role when it comes to augmenting your business plans. It will help you reach out to a good number of population at a given time and spread your message to them. For instance, if you want to talk about your business plans to your investors and to the general public at large, you can make use of this platform as well and convey your message to them. It has also been a great site for people who are looking for different business opportunities. They can get to meet people having various ideas which they can implement in their businesses and make it a success.

People who are in the business of selling and servicing of heavy equipment have a lot to gain from such social networking websites. They can advertise their plans and products on their websites but in order for others to know what they dealing with; they need a platform using which they can reach to a sizable amount of people. Social networking sites give them exactly what they need. All they have to do here is create an account with one of the site and invite all the people you know. The request of your invitation will go out on their email address and they might also latch on to the same website. Once they are also a registered member of the social networking website they can accept your invitation and become your friends on the website.

From there, they will be able to track all your activities that you make public. In case, if you want to post something that you do not want everybody to see, you mark those people whom you want should see the stuff. In this way, you can pervade your message to anyone and everyone who are there as your friend on the website. At the same time, you can ask your friends to always share the stuff you are putting up on the site so that people who are latched on to your friend’s account can also get to see your work. In this way, you can put across your message to people whom you do not know. This actually gives them the chance to add you in your network.

It has been widely observed that people who are in the business of sales and service of heavy equipment have friends who are also into the same profession or in the profession that corresponds or is co-related to your work. Therefore if you make any additional friends, it is very likely that they will also be from the same or a profession that is co-related to your line of business. This will be benefitting you as you may sell your machines to them or make some money by servicing their equipment.

Looking to grow your business – Make use of LinkedIn

Internet has indeed become a boon for many people who have aspired to start a business of their own. When you begin a business, the first hurdle that you come up with is procuring good clients who will stick around with you after receiving quality products or services from your company. Getting clients who can give business to you was becoming very difficult and on top of that you have those big business houses that were not ready to let their businesses go to small start-ups. They were doing everything possible to ensure that the small companies do not get clients and eventually they get rid of them and there stays no competition.

Things have now changed a lot and acquiring new clients is not as difficult as it was a couple of decades ago. Especially people who belonged to the heavy equipment business had suffered a big deal in the past but with the advent of internet and many social networking sites they are able to show their work to thousands of people at a time and they are not paying anything extra for it. There are some sites that do charge a nominal fee for promoting a business but not every website does. Someone who is associated with the heavy equipment business should definitely try LinkedIn to connect to people associated with the construction industry so that the ones who are in his list will know every detail of his business that he wishes to share.

First and foremost, you need to sign up in your LinkedIn account and create a profile. Please make sure that the profile you set up should be very professional as it will be viewed by people who will connect you for business purpose and hence do not leave any scope for any casualness to appear on your profile. Share all your details and write a lot about your business and what you ideally do. For instance, if you are engaged in selling and servicing of heavy equipment you should state that in detail. Mention which kind of machine you basically deal with or if you deal with every kind of construction equipment you should mention that explicitly out there. Since when you are in this business is very important for others to know as that will help them analyze the experience you have in this form of business.

Your language should be polished and avoid using any slangs. This can go against you in a big way. If you have accomplished any goals that you want others to know about, do share it on LinkedIn. People have the right to know about your accomplishments. Simultaneously, always keep our LinkedIn account updated as it will let others know that you are an active member and you have taken this up quite seriously.

Putting up your photo is also of much importance. However, you can’t put a shady one or the one where you are partying along with your friends or you are enjoying your time with your girlfriend/s. You should post a decent picture that has only you in the photo and with decent looking attire. This all will go a big way in generating more contacts which will be fruitful for your business.

LinkedIn can be instrumental in the heavy equipment business

Technology plays a significant role in the growth of any form of business. It is pretty evident that it has its place intact in the heavy equipment and construction industry alike. There are so many heavy equipment manufacturing companies that make use of social networking websites to reach to different sections of society. It is not true that heavy equipment are needed only by the construction or mining industry. It is rather used by many industries and hence the scope of making a successful business in the heavy equipment sector is quite high.

The only problem is which mode you should be taking to spread your business to a vast section of the society. People use social networking websites to reach a huge population. However, not all social networking websites are meant for business purpose and hence there is a high possibility of people not taking you seriously as they are looking for something else on that website. For instance, it will not make much sense to talk about your business in a website that is meant for friends to hang on and gossip. They will not want to know much about what you do for your living. In order to grow your business, you would need a platform that is meant for professional use and still you can reach to a larger section of the society.

You can create an account with LinkedIn or something that is similar like it. LinkedIn is also a social networking website. The only difference here is people who have created their account in this website are looking for some to meet their professional requirements. For instance, you will find people who are looking for jobs in a specific industry or a specific line of business. At the same time, there are people who want employees for their company. There are big as well as small businessmen who are also into it and they put their listing out there setting out their requirements to the general public.

For someone who is in dealing with heavy equipment, he can mention that he has the latest models of excavators which he wants to sell. If possible he can state if he can give any discounts or offers on the purchase of the machine. He should also mention about his website so that people who get to read his ad and who do not know about him will go to his website and check how genuine he is. For this reason, one should be very true to what he is mentioning on his profile. Giving any sort of false information on LinkedIn can have serious implication on his business. Therefore be true about what you are and avoid from overstating or misrepresenting yourself on your profile. Remember, it is read by thousands and if you want to continue with your business, any falsified information can severely ruin your aspiration.

Do mention about your achievements and your experience in selling heavy equipment. This will let others know how much you know about machines. This will have a positive impact in the minds of the readers who can become your prospective customers.

Two Ways to Differentiate Your Service Contracting Business from the Competition

As the Information Technology has made the service contracting business reach the mass at a rapid rate, it has become very important for every owner of service contracting business to stand out in the competition. Only providing top-notch quality service is not enough, one has to become a good learner of the market strategies to globalise his service contracting business.  The two most important ways to differentiate your service contracting business from the competition is to use the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and listen to your customer with great care.

This article will define the above said two points to improve your service contracting business.

  • Use of Social Media:- Social media is the best source to reach the people. By using social media you can share the views of your customers and also tell them about the services which your company offer. You can use this media to inform the people about your service contracting business and why should they opt for you. A survey on the number of users of social media shows that nearly 1.7 million people use Facebook (leaving aside the surveys on other social media). Social media sites give opportunity to the users to communicate with other such service contracting business owners. And if the owners add you in their circles then you can also get some latest information about how they are trying to satisfy the customers by delivering services. This will definitely help you a lot. Account with more number of likes always attracts more traffic. If you have more number of likes, then people will visit your website and if they require any kind of service they will contact you either through email or phone. The increase in the number of likes in a social media makes the customer believe that it is trust worthy.
  • Carefully listen to your customer: In order to attain success in service contracting business, you have to listen carefully to your customer. Find out in which field they need your service. Ask them the deadline of delivering that service. Don’t delay in providing customer service and try to give them some offers or discounts to attract the customer. Try to give the customer quality service. If you give them quality service and that too within an affordable price the customer will definitely stay with you in the long run. Give good training to the customer service provider personnel isn’t a bad idea. If they are properly trained then they will make no faults while servicing. Even when your contract period with the customer is over, call them (though less frequently) to know the condition of the product. And if they make any complaints regarding the service then try to fix it and assure them that it will not happen again in future and you are really feeling very sorry for it.


Apart from this building an attractive website, giving online and offline ads, and an arrangement of weekly fun staff meeting where you can discuss about various steps required to take your service contracting business to the top are some other points which cannot be ignored.



Promote and Sell Your Heavy Equipment through Online Social Media- Let’s Explore Options

The modern 21st century global scenario is all about going virtual. From shopping to advertising to making new friends- every possible activity requires the World Wide Web as a crucial tool in their fulfilment. Like other enterprises, the construction industry has also begun to set a foothold in the race of online marketing. Perhaps the most important aspect of online marketing is to present and publicize the aim, content and other facets of the organisation in an appropriate manner so that it appeals to relevant customers.

This is the age of social media. Today one makes new friends, relationships, grows his/ her circle via the online social portals. Hence, it is very obvious that promotion of a certain enterprise on a forum that is accessible to this many number of people has its own benefits. As per ‘eMarketer’, an online digital forum, the United States holds record for more than two thirds of the population accessing the social networking sites regularly on an average. Hence, it may be considered as an approved fact that construction organisations aiming to expose their heavy equipment across a vast cross section of customers should make use of the social media to the best of their advantages. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter have been ranked as being the three best social networking forums by majority of US enterprises.

In order to hook relevant customers to the heavy equipment intended for sale, it is important to produce content that can engross and appeal the target audience. The content may be illuminative, professional or otherwise depending on the target audience. It is also a good idea to use phrases and expressions that the relevant customers might look for. Another crucial aspect that one needs to know and understand about these social networking mediums is the fact that users of such forums often share a point of common interest and for that reason a different “page” is often assigned to such areas of interest. So, in order to facilitate the flow of potential customers, it is recommended that they create a page of their own so that they are able to remain connected to the users round the clock and the relevant users are constantly updated about the recent happenings of the enterprise. In this manner, the audience will also come to know about various facets of the heavy equipment intended for sale.

Enterprises can also benefit by linking themselves to big names in the industry and with widely used blogs, associations and publications. This proves to be especially useful in drawing customers and in expanding the company. Putting up adverts of the heavy construction equipment intended for sale on “walls” of relevant users is also a key point in making that equipment sell. How can one achieve this? It is important to locate relevant audience who may purchase the equipment and this can be achieved by the aforementioned association with the big names in the field. It is also recommended to have a non imposing presence, simply updating on the events regularly.

Social networking forums no doubt can form the best platform from which organizations can connect to and trade in heavy equipments. And the best point in the whole scheme? It costs you nothing.