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Rent a compaction roller (Sheep Foot or Smooth)

Rent heavy equipment and make good money out of it rather than keeping it idle should be the intention of a person who has a construction machine and does not make any use of it. By renting heavy equipment people they not only make money by literally doing nothing but also ensure the machine does not go dead. If a construction machine has not been working for days there are higher chances that it will not even take a start on the day you need it. Therefore it is a must for one to make sure that the machine does not catch rust by sitting idle. So the best alternative is to let-it out in case you will not need it for the next few months. If you have a compaction roller it will not at all be a problem to rent it because there are whole lot of people who wants compaction rollers (Sheep Foot or Smooth) for road building work.

Compaction rollers play a pivotal role in road construction and for leveling the ground. The Sheep Foot or Smooth rollers are used on the basis of the soil that they have to work on. So if you ever find a person who is looking for a compaction roller, do let them know the type of soil your machine can work on.

Take help of a Rental Salesman:-

You will find a lot of small companies and rental yard that deals into renting heavy equipment. You can approach one of them and check the rental price that you may get. You need to tell them the model number and what type of soil does the equipment compacts. The agent will be a big help to you to understand the price that you may expect and also if they know anybody who is looking for a compaction roller then they can pitch in your item. They will charge some percentage of the rental price as their commission but the entire affair will be an easy one for you. You will not be bothered with calls from prospects as they all will be calling the rental salesman to inquire about the roller.

Listing the roller online:-

If you are a tech savvy person and know how to list items on websites then you can register yourself on an online portal and list the compaction rollers out there. Try to be as descriptive as you can and also post some good pictures of the rollers. The prospects have no other way to understand the real worth of the machine other than going through the description. If the machine has any issues try to get that sorted before you have listed the item and also do mention about it in the description. Also if you have changed any parts of the machine, please describe that as well out there. The prospects if they like the rollers will get in touch with you and may want to inspect the machine before going ahead to take it on rent.

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Operating a Compaction Roller- Knowing the Basics

Thinking of joining the construction arena? Or are you already a part of it? Then, you must be aware of the fact that the use of heavy equipment in the construction industry is an integral part of the whole affair. And among the many kinds of heavy equipment that are put to use in the construction site, the compaction roller definitely holds a significant importance.


What Is A Compaction Roller?


The first and the foremost thing that needs to be mentioned in this regard is that the compaction roller, specifically, is part of the road construction industry. You must have noticed those big machines with large wheels riding to and from on a particular stretch of road in an attempt to level and make the soil ready to build a road on it. Yes, you got it right. That is the compaction roller. The compaction roller is of great significance in the arena of road construction as the quality of the compaction of soil will ultimately decide the quality of the road that is being built. Hence, there can be no doubt about the fact that the compaction roller forms an important part of the entire business of road construction.


Compaction Roller- How Does It Work?


Now that we know what a compaction roller is, it would also do good to know about the basic mode of its operation. Let us look at things from the very beginning. The initial process of compaction involves the use of “pad foot drum rollers”. The pads, in this case, ensure that a smaller amount of surface area of the substrate is covered by the roller, thereby, making the compaction attain a greater density. “Pad foot drum rollers” look after the flat portion of the soil for you. But what about the parts that has bumps and hurdles? How are they dealt with? Enter “single smooth drum compactors” which are perfectly suited to cater to the needs of those stretches that have bumps on them, compressing and flattening them to provide a smooth finish to the compaction process. The entire thing is done in association with a motor grader so as to ensure the complete leveling of the surface. It is often seen that a pneumatic tire roller is also employed so as to knead the surface of the road and attain a better finishing touch.


The final stage in the entire compaction affair is the compaction of the road base, which is finished off with the help of a “smooth single drum roller” or the “smooth tandem roller” coupled together with a motor grader. The last but not the least is the putting the layers of asphalt on the compacted stretch to build a durable road. And this is a feat that is achieved by the help of pavers. The asphalt, after the entire procedure, is then compacted further with the help of a “tandem smooth drum” or a /’pneumatic tire roller”. And lo! A road becomes ready for the use of pedestrians and vehicles.

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