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The highs and lows of heavy equipment salesperson

A salesman in general goes through a number of highs and lows in his career but what keeps him going is his sheer will to change the tide and resurface as a winner. Heavy equipment salesman also experience similar type of difficulties but certainly of different magnitude. Since he is dealing with high priced products selling them quite often is not a simple task. He may encounter many challenges that a salesperson of a low priced commodity does not have to face. His challenges may come in different forms and shapes and in order to tackle them all he requires motivation from people doing similar job or from people who are his peers. Other than that, the current market condition also plays a major role in the sale of heavy equipment commodities. For instance, if the entire construction industry is not doing well, it also becomes difficult for the salesperson to make any sale. People are not getting much benefit from the industry and most of them are waiting for things to change.

This is perhaps one such occasion when heavy equipment salesperson is really vulnerable and they are forced to take up selling other things. Some get into selling vehicles and stuff and for some they find it convenient to simply change the line of business. The cream of the period is when the construction and mining industry is doing well or is at its peak. This gives a lot of opportunity for the salesperson to show their skills and make the most from the moment. There are few who are of the belief that irrespective how the industry reacts there is always a scope for selling machines or its accessories. You can’t always sell those big machines to construction companies or contractors. At times you have to depend of selling accessories too and it can still earn you good commission. People do not want to purchase a new machine if something goes wrong with its part. They would want to replace the faulty part with a new one.

Heavy equipment salesperson should equally focus on selling accessories. It can keep them going for a long time and will also not demoralize them if they are unable to sell any heavy equipment. Grow your network and try to reach out to as many people as you can. There is always a scope of finding a person who is looking for what you are selling but it is just that you do not know him. Try to meet as many people as you can. Not all meetings will turn out into a sale. You can definitely meet them for a small talk and check if they need anything. Moreover, you can try to know if they know someone who is looking for a specific stuff related to heavy equipment and if you can be of any help.

The thumb rule is work hard when the overall industry is doing well so that you make the most of it and during the sluggish periods which will not last for long try to stick to what you does the best.

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Heavy equipment salesman should not run after commission

Sales jobs are one of the most lucrative jobs that is always available and in demand in almost every field or industry. If you are good in sales and can achieve huge sales targets easily, you will surely flourish in your career. What makes most of the sales jobs so much popular is huge amount of commission that you are offered for every sale that you make.

This is exceptionally popular for selling the expensive goods such as the heavy construction equipment. The heavy construction equipment or vehicles are one of those things that can fetch a good deal of profit from a single sell, due to the high price of the vehicles. Hence, the sellers almost always can afford to provide commissions for the sale of these vehicles or equipment.

Why should you not run after commissions?

Often, commissions are considered to be a motivating factor behind increasing sales. However, the fact in reality is that these commissions do not motivate the salesmen at all. With every single commission promise, comes a high target of sales that the salesmen have to achieve. If they do not achieve the sales, they are not given the commission. Hence, they do not feel “motivated” with this commission; rather they feel burdened with this huge target that they have to achieve.

But, heavy construction equipment or vehicles are something that is not something easy to sell. These are quite expensive and unless it is a large construction business, there is very little chance that the equipment will be sold frequently. Moreover, the longevity of the heavy construction equipment is extremely high and they do not get damaged easily. Due to this reason, the scope of sales of the heavy construction equipment such as a hydraulic crane, a mixing machine, scissor lifts, pavers, excavators, loaders etc. is limited.

What should be the alternative?

As already mentioned, with sales commissions, comes the target or burden of high sales results, this actually disturbs the mood for good business. Hence, those, who are looking for a job as a salesman in a heavy equipment selling company, should not run after a commission. The aim should not be to gain maximum income from commissions; rather it should be on how to become a better salesman.

For that you need to focus more on the knowledge of increasing sales in your field. With more interest in the vehicle or equipment that you sell and with more focus on how the customers would be benefited by the heavy construction equipment, the sales would be increased. The sellers or the businesses should also concentrate more on hiring the skilled heavy equipment salesmen and not hire anyone, who is looking for a commission, without having the skills for selling the equipment. Businesses will gain more profit from good or skilled sellers; rather than by setting targets for new salesmen and promising to give them commissions for the number of sales that they make in every month or in a given period of time.


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Pitch heavy equipment that go by customer’s needs

People who are into selling often complain of targets that they find to be unachievable. Many find it hard to even go close to the target assigned to them and there are hardly few who are able to make it for the month. In the race to achieve given targets, salesman often commits the mistake of miss-selling items to the buyer. They just not bothered about the needs of the client. What they are more interested is to achieve the targets and get good commission out of it. In this process they are losing one big thing and it is the old customers and probably the chance of getting new ones too. Customers are smart enough to understand that you have not sold them the right product. They may not realize it at the point when you are selling it to them but will definitely get to know after some days. This is when you lose him.

In the construction industry, customer’s needs are very specific. You can’t try to fiddle with them because if you try to do so, you can get caught the next moment. Remember the guys to whom you have approached are there in the industry for the last many years and they have been dealing with different kinds of heavy equipment which you must have never heard about. So there is absolutely no point in talking something that does not make any sense to them or giving them with fake assurances. You got to be quite clear with your approach. If you have the item you say yes or else pitch some kind of an alternative that will go well with the equipment they require. But do not try to pitch a product that does not have any relevance to the requirement of the client. This will just not go well with him.

Do some research on the client’s business:-

Your client will appreciate your effort if you take some time out and try to understand his business. Every construction business is different from the other and so are their requirements. You got to first realize what they are dealing with and for that what kind of heavy equipment shall they need. Now this take some time and you do not get any money to do this research but remember that this very research will get you rich dividends as you may get all the orders of heavy equipment. The client will know you for the time you have given to understand the business and also have the confidence that you will not try to miss sell any heavy equipment.

Pitch the product that the client is looking for:-

Many a times, construction companies are not sure what heavy equipment should be used for a specific kind of work. They may have a number of options in their mind but could not figure out the correct one. This is where your expertise comes into play. After knowing his business needs, pitch a product that is very close to what he needs. That will generate the trust in the mind of the person and you can then expect to get many more orders from him.

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Selling a backhoe loader

We live in a world where we have to multitask to keep things in place and also expect the same from others. Multitasking has now become the order of the day. We even need home appliances that can multitask. In an environment like this, it has become very important that we also deal with machines required in our work to perform multitasking activity. In the construction business, we have few heavy equipment that fit perfectly in the role of a multitask machine. Heavy equipment like excavator and backhoe loader are absolute multitasking machines as you can get to do more than one work at a time and also multiple kind of work in phases. This is perhaps the reason why a person never has problems to sell a backhoe loader. If he is trying to sell a second hand loader, then he needs to ensure that the machine is doing well and the dents in the body of the machine are well removed and also painted before it changes hands.

A backhoe loader is heavy equipment that has the ability to work in any treacherous work or weather condition. They normally do not give up easily and is worth every penny the owner puts into it. Other form of heavy equipment if put in tough working condition will soon generate complication and the need to call a mechanic to fix the machine arises. Having said that, one also needs to check the brand from where he is buying the equipment. If the machine is of a good brand then the chances of having a mechanic working on the machine diminishes. But as far as a backhoe loader is concerned, it normally does not give much complication and especially when it comes from a renowned brand, the frequency of it breaking down becomes all the more lesser.

A contractor can use a loader for 5 years and can still expect a good price for it. He only needs to know the various platforms where he can sell his machine. Other than that, people are always ready to pay the price of a worthy item.

Selling it through a dealer can be a safer way to sell the backhoe loader. Here the dealer will take the onus to take the machine from your place and ship it to the new owner. It also becomes his responsibility to find a buyer for you. It is just that you have to pay a cut to the dealer for the successful sale. The dealer on the other hand will also give you advices on what you can do to get a better price. For instance, he may ask you to paint the machine in case if it is looking a bit old or to change the faulty parts if any. So you will get some good help and also an opportunity to fix the machine before you sell it to the next person. Before you contact the dealer for the sale, it is crucial that you check his fees. It should not be exorbitantly high that you find to be cheated later.

Applying solid techniques can make selling of heavy equipment an easier job

Many people have found selling to be the most difficult work and they usually give it up in just few days from taking a job that involves them to sell the products. They somehow do not find it convenient and remain unhappy with their job. It is only during the time when they are able to make a sale that they get a bit charged up but most of the time they are haunted with the thought of quitting the job and taking something else in its place. Truly, selling is not everybody’s cup of tea. Though it is a requirement that all should be comfortable doing with but the fact is that only a handful of men and women are good in sales and the rest takes up some other job.

Well, life becomes more difficult when one is linked to selling heavy equipment. Selling heavy equipment not only requires good skill but one should adopt some solid techniques to ensure that he converts the possibility of a sale into a definite one. So just mastering the skill to sell might not be enough when it comes to selling heavy equipment but one has to move an extra mile and also learn the “solid techniques”.

Let’s talk in brief about the techniques one can use while selling heavy equipment.

Keep your presentations simple and use more pictures and diagrams:-

If you feel that you have a great job by preparing a presentation that includes jargons which is understood by people from the construction industry then you will be surprised to know that your work has higher chances of backfiring. Please understand everybody likes to understand things in a simpler way. If you make it look complex you have simply lost it. Try and show your work with the help of diagrams and pictures which will relate easily with what you want to explain. Speak only to the point. You need not explain every detail as they may not be interested to know every small thing. So focus on what the users want and it will be transformed into a closed deal.

Make use of social media to reach out to a good chunk of people:-

This is an important technique and a must use when you are into selling of heavy equipment. People should know about you. You can’t knock the door of every construction company checking if they are in need of any heavy equipment. What best you can do is create a business profile in a popular social networking website and add people who are connected to this industry. This will work big time for you and you will see people talking you whenever they see a need to buy a machine.

Keep posting pictures of any new arrivals on your company’s website:-

People are usually attracted to know if there are any new arrivals in the market. You can update pictures of machines that have been just launched by the company and also state on your website the offers/discounts that you can offer. This will let others come to you to buy the machines.



Get the tips of selling heavy equipment on eBay

It is really important to know the exact process of selling on eBay. The method of selling on this site is almost same like selling in different markets. But it has many advantages like you don’t have to pay any entry fee in this process. Where in the market places you will get the chance to deal with more or less thousands buyers only but eBay will give you the chance to face 181 million good buyers. If a person has experience of selling on eBay via the swap meets, yard sales or garage, he is quite accustomed with its way of selling. Therefore, before sell out your asset in a common way think twice, be aware of the profits and then come to the final decision. Whatever may you like to sell, it can be heavy equipment as well, you can try eBay for more profits. Yet before performing this task you have to check out the guidelines as it will surely help you to get success in your path.

Everyone is running after the best things in the world, hence in case of selling, people are always desired to sell the latest popular products. There is a truth behind the story and that is the big, reputed online companies make their exclusive deals with eBay where the other sellers do not get the same priorities. If you are planning to sell heavy equipment you have to be aware of profit.

Auctions of heavy equipment are really an appealing job on eBay. Heavy equipment means such machines that has used for industrial, the food industry, manufacturing etc. EBay sells two different kinds of equipment one is new and another is used and sellers are able to sell both types heavy equipment on eBay.

Firstly, some sellers are well experienced in this field and they just take the advantages of eBay by using it as the ‘extra channel’ to sell their equipment. But the sellers who are new, in fact the ‘smaller sellers’ organize auctions for the second-hand heavy equipment on the basis of consignment.


How do you sell the equipment on eBay?


  • At first you have to make your account on eBay if you don’t have and create the account properly.
  • Most importantly you should have a broad idea about the item that you are going to sell. As the selling process will perform via online you have to appeal the buyers in a way that they become bound to buy the product as soon as possible. Now a day when every buyer becomes very conscious, professional as well as knowledgeable, thereby they understand their requirement very well. Hence, you have to highlight all the advantages of your equipment to impress the buyers.
  • Make contacts with a professional and trustable heavy equipment supplier
  • It is really important to sell strong or powerful equipment that can carry huge loads as the consumers always want to buy such equipment.



Selling Heavy Construction Equipment over the Net- Get Benefitted

In the modern tech savvy age, every little thing that a person can possibly seek is just present just a click away. Like many other fields that have relocated their market on the World Wide Web, the construction industry, too, has started gaining a foothold in the online marketing strategy. In today’s world of economic collapse, every enterprise looks for alternatives that can effectively cut costs and increase the profit. In order to get this going, the construction enterprises have now hooked on to online marketing and have consequently managed to take a stand against recession.

With increased accessibility to the virtual world, every enterprise can now easily advertise, buy, sell and go on with other activities via the web portal itself. The arrival of “online auction”, has resulted in a greater exposure to the market than ever before. No longer do companies have to worry about letting the market know about the arrival of some new construction equipment or the like; neither do they have to spend precious time and money over it. All they need to do is to update the entire thing on the company website and the information is sure to reach relevant users. Also this cuts cost effectively as the owner of the construction firm only needs to pay the money required to register themselves on the web portal that is organizing the whole affair.

One of the major benefits of selling heavy construction equipment online is that potential customers are able to find out and collect relevant information regarding the equipment, which increases the chances of the item being sold manifold. Specifications related to particular equipment can be easily gathered from websites or the concerned enterprises can upload them.

In order to sell heavy construction equipment over the internet successfully, choosing the best possible auctioneer site holds paramount importance. The more reputable a particular auctioning site is, more will be the number of relevant customers. The construction dealers are also given a hand in representing their construction equipment with more precision. Thanks to its numerous advantages, buying and selling of heavy construction equipment, has become the norm of the day. It works out in a pretty positive note for entities at both ends. Buying and selling heavy construction equipments over the World Wide Web, has many other pros, one of them being that the equipment does not leave the hands of the dealer until the deal is sealed with money.

The question that now arises is that what about the shipping and delivery of the equipment once the entire process of trading is over? In majority of the cases, the terms and conditions are fixed beforehand and the expenses of transportation are minimum. The trading of heavy equipments online is a growing thing due to the fact that customers can get access to what they want more rapidly with a wide range of alternatives available before them. Also the use of the World Wide Web for this end proves to much more cost cutting and thus the profit involved is much greater.

Hence, there can be no doubt about the fact that online buying and selling of heavy construction equipment is a growing thing and proves to be economically more fruitful than the manual mode of trade. With its cost efficiency and extensive exposure to the market, this is growing to be the norm of the day.

Want To Buy a Brand New Heavy Equipment By Selling The Old One – Follow These Steps

If your old equipment is giving problems, it is probably the time you should think of selling it off and buy a brand new machine in its place. No wonder, a new heavy equipment would be way expensive than the old one but it will still be worth than going through the trouble of repairing the old stuff every now and then. Moreover, if the equipment stops working, it does cost you big time and in order to avoid this problem, it is better to replace the stuff with a new one.

Few things you must consider doing before you post the machine on a classified or for that matter on a website meant to list heavy equipment.

Get it repaired by a good mechanic:-  No would like to buy a machine which does not work. You may get buyers who are looking for used stuff but they also expect the thing to work. Or else, it may not serve their purpose. Therefore, it is important that you first call a good mechanic who has fixed machine like yours before and can do it this time. Check with him what needs to be done to improve the quality of the machine as you intend to sell it off. The mechanic would understand the reason of the repair and would either advise you to replace the old parts with new one or will fix it his own way.

Get the machine painted:- Imagine if you ever want to buy an used equipment, in what condition you want the stuff to be. Remember, it’s first the look of the machine that can entice the minds of the buyer. No one would like to go for an item that is worn out and looks unfit. Therefore, you also have to spend a bit on changing the look of the equipment. For doing this, you may not need any professional as you can do it all by yourself. Al you got to do is paint the machine which will give it a new face and if possible put some stickers which will give it a modern outlook. This will certainly lure the buyer and 50% of the sale is through.

Put it in classified:-  Once you are through with the above things, the next big task for you would be to advertise the equipment and reach out to prospective buyers. For that, you need to find out the newspaper which has a wide circulation in your city. This will help you to reach out to as many people as possible and guys who have the need to buy a used stuff would get in touch with you. You may not write in length about the equipment. Just keep it short and simple and invite prospects to come and have a look at it.

It is never too difficult to sell of your old equipment if you take the right approach. You will get buyers to sell anything you have in this world. All you need is the right way to put it through to them.

Selling Construction Equipment Better Option than Keeping It Lying Idle

It’s human psychology to go for new things, to let go the old belongings when we get something better than that. The case remains the same with heavy construction equipments. The moment we come across equipment that technologically surpasses the old machine we have, we start planning to buy it. Of course we all want superior stuffs especially when it is concerned with our business. However, that leaves us with the thought of what we should be doing with the old piece of iron. Letting it sit idle and rot makes no sense. In such a situation, selling it off may sound to be the most appropriate alternative.

In a way, it also helps you to go for the advanced model. The money you get by selling the old equipment, you can add some more money and buy the new stuff. This takes off the pressure from you and you may also not have to approach a bank for a loan. Nevertheless, before you start giving ads, it’s imperative to polish the machine and make it look saleable. At the same time, get some work done on the machine. Catch hold of some good mechanics and ask them to change any faulty part in the machine. Paint it well and check if you need to be doing anything more to it to make it look better. Once you’re convinced that it’s ready to sell, you can begin the process.

We’ll be talking about the options available through which you can post the Ad.

Word of mouth:-  People would know that you’re selling the old equipment if only you spread the news to them. Speak out to people in your business circle if anyone they know would be interested in buying used construction equipment. Who knows, they might know someone who could be your potential customer. Therefore, keep all the doors open as the prospect may enter from any of them.

Use help of newspaper classifieds:-  This is another medium through which you can reach to many people at the same time. All you need to do is to know the newspaper that’s widely circulated in your city. Post your ad in that newspaper quoting the price of the item. If ever you’re ready to negotiate the price, do mention that in the ad.

You may not have to write the technical stuffs about the equipment. If anybody shows any interest by calling you, you can email the specifications on his email address. Also, if they have any questions about the machine, those could be addressed. Allow the prospect the freedom to visit you and if they want test the machine. That will only add up to his confidence that he is going for a good deal.

Sell it online:-  By using this option, you may reach out to maximum people. Here you can add some pictures of the machine and give a brief description. If you intend to keep the description long, you have the liberty to do so. Prospects can simply click on option which suggests they want to buy it. Once they do that, they pay you online and the deal is done. You can then ship the item and the necessary documents along with it.

Using the above means will help you a long way in selling off your used heavy construction equipment.


Buying or Selling Second-hand Construction Equipments

Buying or Selling Second-hand Construction Equipments

We are often compelled to ponder on what we get can rid of the second hand construction equipments that is perhaps no longer needed for the business. We really can’t afford to sell it off as scrap as we’re pretty sure it’s only going to fetch peanuts if it goes to the scrap. So are we left with any other options? As a seller, we are left with few alternatives that will definitely work our way. We can either get it out on rent and can earn some money on a monthly/weekly basis or can simply sell it off with a great price.

Rent it to buyers:  You may come across a good number of prospective buyers who would like to take the stuff on rent. Buying brand new construction equipment is not a joke and one has to invest hefty sum of dollars to get one. Other than that, they also have to spend a fortune to keep the machine well maintained. Taking all these into due consideration, buyers are keen to take the equipments on rent rather than buying it at one go. They end up paying a small sum of money at the end of each month and can return the equipment once the project gets completed. Thus, there are fewer hassles involved as compared to buy a new machine and subsequently they also end up saving few dollars of their company.

Buying second-hand construction equipment:  This is another option which should be utilized only if the buyer has enough funds to buy the used piece of steel and also can run the project without any financial deficiencies.  The buyer also has the chance to inspect the machine and check if everything is in order before striking the deal with the seller.  Thus, as long as the buyer is sitting on limited cash to fund his project, he should be wise enough to understand what works better for him.

Since we have covered both the perspective of a buyer as well as the seller, we now need to understand where the seller can sell the used equipments. Both the seller and the buyer need a common platform where they can initiate the trade and finally execute it by paying for the item and the seller subsequently shipping the item to the buyer’s address. There are many online auction sites or trader sites which has given both the parties the much needed platform to transact. Things are pretty transparent in an auction site and hence the chances of fraud happening is very rare. Either of the party that has indulged in any sort of fraudulent activity can get a negative feedback which is visible to all other buyers/sellers. This will deter others from transacting with a person not adhering to the policies of the online auction site.

From the viewpoint of the seller, it should not be a difficult task to sell their used construction equipment to prospective buyers especially when they have such innovative tools at their disposal.