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Sell your old heavy equipment before it becomes unsellable

It is hard to sell an asset that has been with us for many years. We get attached to it and when we think about selling it, it does pain a bit. While we use the equipment, we may not recognize the importance of it and the attachment that is getting developed with every passing day but we think about it the most on the day it is to go to the next buyer. Keeping aside your emotions, it nevertheless important to get rid of it. You can’t go along with a dead piece for long as it will after a certain point of time affect your activity. The same logic is applied in case of heavy equipment. If you have heavy equipment that is way too old and you are not able to function with it any longer, it makes no sense to drag it any further. You have to at some day or the other do away with it. But you should not take long to sell the old machine as you will not find any buyer if it gets completely redundant. You may then have to sell it as scrap and therefore might not even get a good value.

You have numerous options to sell your old heavy equipment. You can speak with people in your business circle and check if there is anybody who is looking for second hand heavy equipment. You will have a lot of buyers for second hand heavy equipment as long as it is in good condition. Nobody would like to buy a machine with defects and therefore you need to ensure that before you speak to people about selling your heavy equipment get it repaired and painted. You can then ask for a good price. Other than that, the person who is referring your machine to the next person also has certain degree of faith on you. You should keep up to his/her trust and give him/her the machine in working order.

Keeping the machine can make it unsellable:-

There are construction companies who after finding the heavy equipment outdated leave it to rot. They must be really busy with work to not get the time to sell it but if you do not sell it on time, there is a chance that it will then become an unsellable liability. You will no longer find any buyer for the machine and this is when you perhaps have to sell it as scrap. This will pinch you as you at least have not wanted that to happen. If you are neck deep busy with work, you can allot a person and give him the responsibility to get it sold. You can just appear on the final day to sign on the sale agreement and take the money.

No one works on outdated heavy equipment:-

As long as your machine is up to date, you will find buyers for it but as soon as it becomes completely outdated, getting buyers will be a challenge. You need to get rid of it before it gets too late.

Selling used heavy equipment is a thriving business in US

In the construction sector, you are always in need of heavy equipment. When the construction is at full swing you just can’t afford to go short of machines. You have to be prepared with heavy equipment that are needed for the project and can’t go to buy one at the eleventh hour. It is not that you will not get the machine you want at the eleventh hour but it is just that it will be too expensive for you to afford and you have no option left other than to buy it. It is crucial that you keep on analyzing the ground situation and ask your men to prepare report on regular basis. On the basis of the report and the analysis that you have made yourself, you should come up with a decision to buy machines. This fact particularly shows that there are enormous buyers for heavy equipment. It is just that they are all waiting for a good deal to come their way and once they get a deal that they consider being worthy they simply go for it.

It gives ample of opportunity for sellers who want to get rid of their used heavy equipment. They may want to sell their machines for various reasons. One could be that they have bought a new one and do not see any need to keep the second one sitting idle. The second reason is that they do not want to continue to be a part of this industry which is why they want to do away with their machines. So for sellers of heavy equipment, they can hear a very clear message going to them and that is there is a big customer base who wants to buy second hand heavy equipment. It is just that they should know how to reach them.

Leave an ad on your blog:-

If you are a person who has his blog and is quite active on it, you will certainly have a lot of fan following. You will have readers who read your blog and know you by that. So if you want to sell your used machine, you can write about that on your blog and ask those who are interested to buy it to call you on your number. This is perhaps one of the most efficient and affordable methods to sell your second hand heavy equipment. People who read your blogs and articles will also try to spread the word to other people who are connected to the construction industry. In this way you will never be short of prospective buyers.

Reach out to people on your own:-

You may know a lot of people belonging to the construction industry. Your friends, business partners etc can become potential buyers. Your part of job is to reach out to them and spell out your intention to sell your old machine. If they see a need to buy it, it will revert to you. You generally get someone from your business circle who becomes ready to buy the machine.

Veteran salesperson should be a guiding force in selling heavy equipment

Experience comes only with time and the number of cases you have done in those time. The more you work the more experience you can garner and the more responsible and knowledgeable you become. Salesmen who are experienced are valued a lot in whatever industry they are from. They just need to be good salesperson. Someone that has experience in selling lot of products of the company and also who has been the guiding force behind the young newbie are respected the most in any organization. They must have lived their life n selling things but when they grow old, it is time for them to teach others the skill. They should not just keep it to themselves but it makes sense to impart the knowledge that they have learnt in the last many years to people who consider them as their mentors.

Though selling is not considered to be everybody’s cup of tea but a veteran salesperson can make it a bit easy for guys who are having a hard time selling stuff. We definitely need a veteran salesperson when it comes to selling heavy equipment. The newbie who do not have much exposure in heavy earth moving machines will find themselves to be lost when they are given the task of selling these machines. No doubt that they have to study things in order to learn more about heavy equipment but this subject being so vast and complex, the help of a veteran salesperson is very much required.

Heavy equipment companies have seen the impact that a good mentor can have on the new guys and therefore before recruiting an experienced salesperson, they grill them a lot by asking various questions that displays their attitude as well as their persona. The companies will not want to just hire someone who knows how to sell but does not know how to teach others to sell. Being in the heavy equipment industry for years, one will know most of the attributes to sell machines but what use are those attributes if they can’t be imparted to hone someone else’s skills and therefore the heavy equipment companies invest their resources in hiring guys who can in turn become good mentors.

The veteran salesperson should be optimistic with the most pessimist sales guy working in the company. If he believes that he can transform him into an able and competent employee that makes him a valuable asset for the company. More importantly, he needs to sit along with the young guns and explain them the tricks of the trade. Give them situations and ask them to work things and then finally give tips when you see them doing something wrong. Some sort of salesman client interaction role play is needed to assess what the guys are lacking. This will help the veteran to understand what they are doing wrong and how that can be rectified. This is how he will act as a guiding force to the young salesman who sees discomfort in selling heavy equipment.

Dealer selling heavy equipment is a good career

If you think that you are good in convincing people and also a good communicator then selling is perhaps the domain that you should be looking at. Now you can sell anything under the sun but there are few things which give you more commission than the rest. Apparently, it is also difficult to sell such things. For instance, not everybody can afford to buy a Porsche. Therefore the sales volume will not be as high as any ordinary car. But just a sale in a month can earn you real good commission.

So the bottom line is if you are good in sales then why not sell something that can give you good returns. There are few products that offer good cuts to the sellers. However, the pre-requisite is that you got to know in and out of the business and the product that you are selling. As long as you are thorough about the product, it is advisable that you should not get into the dealership business.

Construction business is at its peak and time and again customers have requirements of different types of heavy equipments. It makes perfect sense to try your skill selling heavy equipments and if you are good at it then you can definitely own a dealership of possibly all kinds of heavy equipments. So before you go to won a dealership, it is essential that you have sound experience of construction machines and should know possibly everything about it. You may not have the technical knowledge which a mechanic has but you still need to know the intrinsic features of the machine which will help you a ton in pitching the product.

Good commission:-

Once you own a dealership of heavy equipments, you need to ensure that you get the rights to sell heavy equipments of all the brands and their accessories. Just selling one brand will take you nowhere. If you have the right to sell all kind of heavy equipment, you will not restrict yourself in selling just one brand. You can then do a better study of the client wants and his budget and then after analyzing his situation can suggest the best possible option for him. Heavy equipment companies offer fabulous commission if you sell their machines. They also give you gifts at the end of every month (if you are able to sell good number of heavy equipments). So it is a win-win situation for you and you should not just let it go.

The demand is simply growing:-

With the ever increasing demand of heavy equipments and its accessories, you can develop a good market in your zone. Selling heavy equipment accessories can also make you rich as you will always get buyers for that. So you need not have to only depend on selling heavy equipments all the time. Sometimes it is the accessory that does the trick for you. You can sell attachments, machine parts and so on and so forth. If you are a person who understands the technicalities of heavy equipments and also understand project requirements then becoming a heavy equipment dealer can always prove to be a great career for you.

Hard work can make you the best heavy equipment salesman

We may have heard the proverb “There is no substitute for hard work” a million times but when it comes to working hard in literal terms, we will not find many who indeed does that. We all want to do it smartly taking minimum effort but we expect the maximum outcome. Well, it may work in some case but not every time. Your luck may favor you at times but if it will also ditch you when you are not prepared. For a salesman it is all about hard work. The luck factor plays a small role in his career. As long as he is not good in his work he will just not be able to excel. He will never be able to achieve growth no matter how long he stays a part of the industry. There is one more thing that plays a vital role to become the best salesman and that is positivity. Some also call it as being motivated but motivation comes when you have positivity flowing inside you.

Learn selling techniques:-

Having good communication skill is not enough to sustain in the selling industry especially when you are selling heavy equipment. If you are a good communicator you can speak well but it should also make sense to the listener. This means that you got to the point and can’t deviate from the subject. This means that you need to learn some selling techniques. Heavy equipment is in itself a largely complex subject and it certainly takes time for a person to learn it well. If you are a salesman, you should be prepared to answer questions that are technical and may require in-depth knowledge of the subject. Here is where your selling technique may come to your rescue just in case if you do not know the answer. You can probably use the technique and seek an exit from the question. This does not mean that you will evade the question all together but will hold it for a day or for some time so that you can check that from your mentor or from a veteran.

Watch training videos:-

Training videos can be very helpful for new entrants. They can learn some selling skills watching the videos and can also expand their knowledge about heavy equipment and its ancillaries. While selling heavy equipment it is very important to know when you should stop selling the machine and begin selling its ancillaries. Not every buyer will be ready to buy the machine. They may be looking for certain parts of the machine or some kind of attachments. The training videos will help you realize your mistakes that you normally do while on a sales call or during a meeting. Remember that these videos help you to strengthen the foundation on which you will set your career.

Talk more about machine with your mentors and people from the construction industry who deal with machines. Catching up with an operator will always help you to learn more about heavy equipment and how it works. You can get to know the problems that an operator usually experience and on that you can pitch your sales line whenever you go for a sales call.

Selling a backhoe loader

We live in a world where we have to multitask to keep things in place and also expect the same from others. Multitasking has now become the order of the day. We even need home appliances that can multitask. In an environment like this, it has become very important that we also deal with machines required in our work to perform multitasking activity. In the construction business, we have few heavy equipment that fit perfectly in the role of a multitask machine. Heavy equipment like excavator and backhoe loader are absolute multitasking machines as you can get to do more than one work at a time and also multiple kind of work in phases. This is perhaps the reason why a person never has problems to sell a backhoe loader. If he is trying to sell a second hand loader, then he needs to ensure that the machine is doing well and the dents in the body of the machine are well removed and also painted before it changes hands.

A backhoe loader is heavy equipment that has the ability to work in any treacherous work or weather condition. They normally do not give up easily and is worth every penny the owner puts into it. Other form of heavy equipment if put in tough working condition will soon generate complication and the need to call a mechanic to fix the machine arises. Having said that, one also needs to check the brand from where he is buying the equipment. If the machine is of a good brand then the chances of having a mechanic working on the machine diminishes. But as far as a backhoe loader is concerned, it normally does not give much complication and especially when it comes from a renowned brand, the frequency of it breaking down becomes all the more lesser.

A contractor can use a loader for 5 years and can still expect a good price for it. He only needs to know the various platforms where he can sell his machine. Other than that, people are always ready to pay the price of a worthy item.

Selling it through a dealer can be a safer way to sell the backhoe loader. Here the dealer will take the onus to take the machine from your place and ship it to the new owner. It also becomes his responsibility to find a buyer for you. It is just that you have to pay a cut to the dealer for the successful sale. The dealer on the other hand will also give you advices on what you can do to get a better price. For instance, he may ask you to paint the machine in case if it is looking a bit old or to change the faulty parts if any. So you will get some good help and also an opportunity to fix the machine before you sell it to the next person. Before you contact the dealer for the sale, it is crucial that you check his fees. It should not be exorbitantly high that you find to be cheated later.

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Selling heavy equipment can be tedious. Be wise enough and rent it

We all like to work with heavy equipment that have the latest technology installed in it. It evidently makes the work simpler for the operator who otherwise has to go through a lot of stress to get the job done. But as time passes by and with the ever changing dynamic of the construction industry more technologically advanced heavy equipment take over the market thus making the old ones redundant. So the question is what do one does with the machines that they feel has become redundant.

Sell it as scrap may be one options but not the best one and the other would be to give it on rent as there are always takers ready to take old construction equipment just to get their job done. You might also get a good price if you sell the machine but that can be way too tedious and make take a toll on you. Moreover, when people are investing on heavy equipment, why would they buy something that they know is technologically deprived and not as per the standard that the current machines are built. They would rather take a loan from some financial institution and try to buy the advanced technology machines. However, they won’t mind to take it on rent if you give them a good deal. You only have to reduce the rental amount and you will see people wanting it take it on rent.

If you are sure that you will not be putting the old construction equipment to any use in your company, then you can list it on some heavy equipment rental websites. Try to list it in a site that is known to people so that your machine is viewed often and the chances are higher for someone picking it up at the earliest. All you have to do is register yourself on their website and become their member. Once you are a member, you can buy as well as sell/rent on their website. It is quite likely that you have to pay some money in order to list the item. However, that will not be exponentially high and it should fairly fit in your budget.

On the listing you can mention the rental amount you want on every month and the tenure for which you would like to rent the machine. Try to put all your terms very clearly on the site. Also try to describe the equipment to the fullest. The one who takes the machine has every right to know about the stuff they are going to deal with. It is recommended that you do not hide any information and if you know anything vital then you should definitely disclose that on the listing.

Regarding the payment, you can state your wish of receiving payments. The ideal way is getting the money automatically credited on a given date of every month. However, if you want to receive money through some other means, you can state that there.

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Selling heavy equipment – Must to have a mentor

We all want to excel in our career and lead a prosperous life and for that we try and do everything under the sun to make that happen. One such profession where you need not be ultra-qualified is being a salesman. However, that does not imply that anybody can become a good salesman. It requires lot of hard work and determination without which it will be futile to dream of a prosperous life. Now when we are talking about sales, we are dealing with a difficult chapter. When you are into selling something, you are winning someone’s trust first and then selling him the product. This also means that if in any case the product goes faulty, the person will lose his trust from you for eternity.

Therefore it is important that you sell the right stuff to the right person. But when you are a beginner you do not know how to deal with situations and how to crack a deal. This is where the need of a mentor surfaces. Ideally, you be a part of any industry, the need of a mentor is always required there but it is probably more needed in the profession of sale because you are not only dealing with the reputation of the company but also with the trust of people and you just can’t allow that to go for a toss.

For people who are selling heavy equipment, the need of a mentor increases in their case. One can just imagine the situation of a newbie who after graduating gets into selling heavy equipment about which he knows nothing. He must be having nightmares to come to office every day and may even think of moving to some other job or some other industry. Well for people like these, there must a guy who will guide them with the things he is supposed to do and the things he should stay out of. Since he will be completely new to this environment, he should first meet his mentor before his starts working for the day. No wonder his mentor will fill him up with positivity and will try to clear any hurdles that he must have experienced during the sale.

Selling heavy equipment may not be as simple as selling some financial product but it is also not a very difficult job. It just depends on how well you take it and the kind of support you get from your mentor. You should be sharing possibly everything pertaining to the job with him. Right from meeting the client to the kind of questions that were asked to you by the client and also the answers you gave should be said to the mentor. By that he will judge the areas where you are lacking and will give necessary advices to work on. You should take them positively and hone your skills further. It takes time to become a good heavy equipment salesman but with the help of your mentor, you can do it without much effort.

Applying solid techniques can make selling of heavy equipment an easier job

Many people have found selling to be the most difficult work and they usually give it up in just few days from taking a job that involves them to sell the products. They somehow do not find it convenient and remain unhappy with their job. It is only during the time when they are able to make a sale that they get a bit charged up but most of the time they are haunted with the thought of quitting the job and taking something else in its place. Truly, selling is not everybody’s cup of tea. Though it is a requirement that all should be comfortable doing with but the fact is that only a handful of men and women are good in sales and the rest takes up some other job.

Well, life becomes more difficult when one is linked to selling heavy equipment. Selling heavy equipment not only requires good skill but one should adopt some solid techniques to ensure that he converts the possibility of a sale into a definite one. So just mastering the skill to sell might not be enough when it comes to selling heavy equipment but one has to move an extra mile and also learn the “solid techniques”.

Let’s talk in brief about the techniques one can use while selling heavy equipment.

Keep your presentations simple and use more pictures and diagrams:-

If you feel that you have a great job by preparing a presentation that includes jargons which is understood by people from the construction industry then you will be surprised to know that your work has higher chances of backfiring. Please understand everybody likes to understand things in a simpler way. If you make it look complex you have simply lost it. Try and show your work with the help of diagrams and pictures which will relate easily with what you want to explain. Speak only to the point. You need not explain every detail as they may not be interested to know every small thing. So focus on what the users want and it will be transformed into a closed deal.

Make use of social media to reach out to a good chunk of people:-

This is an important technique and a must use when you are into selling of heavy equipment. People should know about you. You can’t knock the door of every construction company checking if they are in need of any heavy equipment. What best you can do is create a business profile in a popular social networking website and add people who are connected to this industry. This will work big time for you and you will see people talking you whenever they see a need to buy a machine.

Keep posting pictures of any new arrivals on your company’s website:-

People are usually attracted to know if there are any new arrivals in the market. You can update pictures of machines that have been just launched by the company and also state on your website the offers/discounts that you can offer. This will let others come to you to buy the machines.



Selling heavy equipment is driven by passion

In order to do any kind of work, it has to be driven by passion. If there is no passion in a work, the end result will not be a fabulous one. You will not put that effort in your work if you do not have the passion for it and therefore you should do things that interests you and not out of coercion. Working as a salesman requires a lot of that component in you. If you do not have passion to sell things, you will perhaps have to find something else that suits you and when you are selling heavy equipment you need to be more passionate towards the stuff you are doing. You can achieve good results only if you like the job. For many the subject of heavy equipment does not comes with any interest. They find this topic to be very boring and when you start talking about earth moving machines, there is a tendency that it may drive away the interest of people. Such men are just not suitable for selling heavy equipment even if they can sell anything in this planet.

As a matter of fact, the subject of heavy equipment is indeed a boring one but guys who find it to be interesting, they can see their place in selling heavy equipment. Though it offers good money to the salesmen who are able to crack the deal, but this does not mean that the guy who feels bored by hearing about earth moving machines can find his place there. He can’t be a part of this profession just because it offers good money on a successful deal. He simply will not be able to survive in it for long. He will face a lot of hardships down his way which will make him realize that this industry is just not for him. However, for people who love to talk about heavy equipment and have the urge to learn more about it, they can see themselves as a part of this industry.

Selling heavy equipment requires lot of passion to do this work. Guys who love machines often experience tough time to sell machines. They feel that this is just not their cup of tea. However, there are also examples of people who have excelled like anything. They feel that they can’t do anything better than selling heavy equipment. Now this is the passion that is required to sell machines.

Selling is often considered as an art but it is believed that people who have mastered this art have at times found hard to sell machines. Selling cars is certainly different from selling heavy equipment as there may be more takers for cars but it will be only some industry specific guys who want to deal with heavy equipment. You can’t sell machines to anybody but to only those who need it and it is perhaps the passion that you have for this profession that will lead you to those kinds of men.