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Tips for Choosing and Renting a Water Truck

Water trucks (WTs) are an essential tool on any construction site. These trucks usually consist of a series of spray nozzles equipped with the mechanics to pump and spray water to remove dust from the air. The construction industry uses water trucks for compaction, dust control, fire-prevention and protection. Many construction industries, start ups and first time users prefer buying heavy equipment including WTs on rental basis (used) to decrease their expenses. However, one has to careful and observant while buying rented machines.

The following are some of the tips which may be useful for the buyer while choosing and renting water trucks:

  1. Purchase equipment which is in good working condition:

Although it is second hand vehicle, buyer must take care that water truck (WT) must be in good working condition. WT which is less old and is a solid sound vehicle in good mechanical shape is an ideal option to purchase.

2.  Perform a thorough physical and mechanical inspection of the equipment:

Buyer should perform physical inspection of the WT by investing sufficient time in it and taking it around in it.

  • WT’s body should be inspected during daylight.
  • The extent of wear and tear of the vehicle can be understood by inspecting its; tires, if any cracks are present on its body, from functioning of the engine and pump, and if any leakage problem exists.
  • Serial number should be checked to know the year of manufacturing.
  • The machine’s logs and maintenance records should be checked to know the service history.

3.  Know your needs of work:

Buyer should learn about application of WT. They should know the amount of water which is to be required for their type/s of work and if it can be supplied by the purchased WT. Further, it is essential that the buyer should know the required duration of its use since it is to be mentioned in the agreement.

4.  Product specifications:

Buyer should gain knowledge of different models of WT, since each model has its own specification which determine its strength and capability. Generally WT come in variety of configurations, from 1,000 gallons to 4000 gallons with different valve and spray nozzle numbers and spray bar configurations. By referring to product manuals and to company websites, the user can learn about different types of models and choose the right type of WT model. Further, it is important to learn if the chosen model of WT is supported by the manufacturer. Since old models are unsupported and it is difficult to get spare parts.


5.  Cost:

Buyer should know the expenses incurred due to rents (both of machine and its additional parts), maintenance, fuel used and greasing of the parts and expenses due to hired operator.

6.  Making of an agreement:

If the buyer is satisfied then will go ahead with buying of rental WT by making a legal agreement with the rental service provider.


Overall, renting a water truck is helpful since is cost-effective for construction companies. Following these tips can guide buyers in purchasing appropriate water truck on rental basis and increase job’s productivity.

Online platforms have made renting heavy equipment easier

Many newbie after starting their business in the construction domain has experienced the problem of shortage of heavy equipment. It is because of this issue they lose many important projects that can be a life changer. This is when they feel dejected and some are even forced to shut down their offices. Well, as a matter of fact, things are not that bad as it may seem to be for guys who really want to make a career in this profession. Unquestionably, heavy equipment is very expensive but that does not mean that one can’t operate his business just because he can’t afford to buy them. Well, if you can’t afford to buy them you can definitely afford to take them on rent and that is the most viable option you can take to carry on with the business.

The question is how one can trace people who are renting their heavy machinery. This was a difficult job few decades ago but after the inception of internet that has taken over the entire globe this is no longer a challenge. There are numerous online platforms that are helping people to meet their business needs. It was not that the taker was experiencing the problem of not finding someone who is ready to let his machine but the owner equally experienced the same issue. However, with the advent of internet a lot of these problems have come to rest.

All you have to do is register yourself with an online platform that deals with buying, selling and renting heavy equipments. There are also other online portals that deal with almost everything. So you got to first ensure that you have reached the right platform. It is advisable that you register yourself with a website that exclusively deals with heavy equipment. Such online portals can be very useful as you will get to see heavy machinery of different brands and of different types. You will not be restricted to just one type of machine. You can just search for the thing you are looking you will get all under one roof. This was not possible before internet could make its presence felt to the people from the construction industry.

Though internet has been helpful to many people from all walks of life, but if we limit our focus to guys from the construction and heavy equipment domain, this technology has been nothing less than prolific. There are few instances where some buyers were cheated by fraudulent sellers but the online portal owners are looking into these cases and making their laws stringent so that rights of both the buyers as well as sellers remain protected. Frauds can happen in any industry and in any kind of environment. The rise of internet should not be blamed for any fraudulent activity. On the contrary, norms should be made so that renting heavy equipment online can happen risk-free and more people can reap benefit from this technology.

Renting heavy equipment is far better than leaving it idle

A person belonging to the construction industry has to go through different phases. Some are good, some bad and some even ugly. It is very evident that all construction companies make good money during the good times but the problem arises when the tide turns for bad and they do not have work in hand. This is when most of the companies take difficult decisions like sacking employees or disposing their resources, which heavy equipment are also a part of. It is certainly not wise to give away those expensive pieces of metal at a dirt cheap price and therefore if one has an option that can avoid them to sell the machines, they should pick that up.

Renting heavy equipment is considered to be the most viable option one can consider if they do not want to really get rid of their machines. If they pick this option, they will be able to make money on a monthly basis and can also retain the stuff once the tenure ends. This means that they never lose their title from the construction equipment and has every right to claim the machine once the period mentioned in the agreement is over.

Few things one must consider before they think of renting their heavy equipment.

Finding a taker who will take good care of the machine:-

It is very important that you get someone who will treat your machine with the same care that they would have taken for their own machine. It has been witnessed that people who rent heavy equipment use them very roughly and not care much of its maintenance. Thus, it deteriorates the quality of the machine and you may find it giving a lot of issues. In order to avoid this kind of problems, you should mention in the agreement that you can make visits to check how they are treating the machine and the visits can be in an interval of 3 months. In this way, you can ensure that your machine is in order and when you get it back, it will be working fine.

Rental contract should be in order and should protect your rights:-

When you make the rental contract with the taker, you should make sure that you pen down all the important points that will protect your rights as the giver. Please remember that you are not selling the machine that you will have no liability on it later on. You are just renting it and it should not happen that once the period is over, you get back a completely worn out machine. Also state the date by when you should get the rental money in your bank account. In case you want, you can give them some breathing space just in case they need some extension to pay the money, but that should not happen regularly. If they ask for an extension once in a blue moon, you can consider it, but if they take you for granted, it is definitely not a good sign.

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Is Renting Wheel Loaders a Good Business

The construction activities have increased due to increase in population. Many big and start up construction companies cannot afford to a buy and maintain all new equipment for their work, especially in case of short term projects. Hence, they prefer to buy equipment and machines on rental basis at an affordable price and return it after use. Thus, rental business is profitable and is booming. It is observed that many equipment rentals only rent specific equipments and do not keep all types of equipments. It is because they have studied market and functional aspects of the equipment. Since most of the heavy equipment are multifunctional, being in rental business of specific equipment can be a good idea as it saves the cost of buying and maintaining different equipment.

Wheel loader (front end loader or bucket loader), is one of the widely used machines in construction. It is primarily used in construction applications such as material handling, digging, load and carry and road building and some even are used for waste handling. They are versatile and have good payload capacity to perform multiple functions at low cost. They are very much required in any construction project, however they are expensive.

Tier 4-compliant models, the cost of a new machine is more than it has been in the past. The cost of these A survey reported that overall the heavy machinery rentals have jumped by 75% in 2013 to 2014 alone, with wheel loader rentals soaring up 273%. Thus, renting of the wheel loaders (WLs) is a profitable business due to the following reasons:

  1. It has been observed that as a result of the engine refinements made to machines, their cost now ranges from between $86,000 and $245,000. Due the enormous cost factor, most individual contractors, small and big construction business purchase either single or an entire fleet of wheel loaders on rental basis. This becomes more cost effective.
  2. There is overall a downfall in economy and purchasing such expensive machines is not affordable to many construction industries. Hence they prefer rental WLs.
  3. Buyers are also interested in new models of WLs since they are easy to operate, have advanced technology and increased speed. The new models include features such as
  • Electric loaders as compared to the diesel or gasoline engines
  • Range of attachments such as grapples, forks, buckets of varying sizes.
  • Reduction in fuel transmission
  • Good cab/cabins for the operators to get greater range of visibility on all sides.
  • These factors increase productivity at a work place. If the rental service providers (RSP) can add such advanced WLs to their fleet and provide on rental basis then it will increase their business.


4.  RSP should have good business plan and strategy, advertise in newspapers and on websites, know about their own expenses (owning a store, ability to purchase these high end equipment, maintenance and repairs of machines, water and electricity bills.)

5.  Buying used equipment on rental basis is common for the short duration projects, hence they are in demand. Thus, RSP can also look for option of renting ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ WLs too, since purchasing such equipments is cost affordable. However, they should be careful while choosing such machines that have undergone less wear and tear and their parts are available.

6.  RSP should be careful while renting the expensive and used WLs to the buyer. They should understand the nature of work requirements of the customer and should guide them properly. They should help the customer to choose appropriate model of WL with proper loading and bucket capacity. Further, they should make sure that the buyer has the capability to pay the rental amount and would take care of the equipment and will return the equipment in good condition. After all the terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties, a rental agreement has to made between RSP and prospective buyer.

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Renting an excavator

The most used heavy equipment in the construction and mining sector is an excavator. Right from forming a foundation for the building to clearing dirt, it is probably the only machine that is used for various purposes. So you visit a construction site and you will always get to see an operator working on an excavator. Since it is such an important heavy equipment, heavy equipment manufacturing companies are in a mode of producing technologically sound excavators and which is why they come in varying prices.

Other than that, different brands have different prices so if a person who works only on CAT or Komatsu may have to pay slightly more than excavators produced by other brands. But there is a better option for people who work on seasonal basis or may need the machine on a temporary basis. It makes no sense for them to buy an excavator to meet their requirements. On the contrary, they should be borrowing the machine for few months and once the work is done, give it back to the owner.

Such people can go for taking the excavator on rent. Here they have to pay monthly rent to the owner for using the machine and one their work is done they have to give it back to the owner. However, they have to maintain one important thing and that is the machine should be in order. They have to return it the way they got it from the owner. So just in case if there has been any minor dents or some part of the machine has gone faulty, they need to fix it before they hand it over to its owner.

Finding an excavator on rent is no big problem. There are plenty of companies who deal with renting heavy equipment. These agents have tie ups with owners of heavy equipment who do not use their machines and wishes to let it out. All you got to do is get in touch with such companies and check if they can arrange for an excavator. You name the model number and the attachments you need in the machine and they might get that for you. Well attachments are never an issue. You can always modify your excavator as per your needs. You can add a bucket to put the dirt in on simply increase the neck of the machine. What you need to know is if you can add any attachments on the excavator.

So let the renting company work for you and once they give you some options, check which one suits you. No doubt the excavator should be a good one but the owner should not overprice it and make it look expensive for you. So you should make it ample clear to the agency about your budget and the duration that you may need the equipment. Remember that the company will charge you an amount as their fee so you should get the best and your requirements should not be compromised.

To Buy or Not Buy Construction Equipment

It is very important that you have the right kind of equipment to make sure that your construction business is going well. It is not always the availability of capital that would determine if you should rent an equipment of buy one. It is one of the most challenging decisions that have to be taken in this business. There are a few factors that play quite an important role when it comes to the decision of either buying or renting the construction equipment. These factors are discussed as follows.

One of the factors that are to be considered is the capital. The current situation of the capital of the company is a condition that may affect the decision. If conserving the capital is felt important by the company, it should probably go for renting. There are many companies that go out of business because they fail to make payments. Therefore, if a company is going through a cash crunch it is probably a good idea to go for renting the equipment instead of making a permanent purchase and digging a hole in the company capital. Therefore, it can be said that, although, the capital is not the sole reason but is quite an important factor that may influence the decision.

The regulations imposed by the government also play a very important role when it comes to making these decisions. The rules and regulation keep changing regarding the possession of heavy equipment. Some states make the regulations much more liberal. Therefore, it depends on how the conditions are in your state that will influence the decision whether to buy or rent heavy construction equipment.

Another important factor that plays a very important role in this regard is the management of fleet. Some companies may have a high level of competency when it comes to fleet management. If the company has excellent skills when it comes to logistics, transportation, service of equipment and maintenance it is a good idea to have hundred percent ownership of the fleet. However, if the company lacks the desired amount of expertise in fleet managing, it is probably not a good idea to buy your own fleet.

Buying or renting equipment will depend a lot on the amount of risk that you are willing to take. You may not want to take risk or you may be a risk taker. However, it is always the prerogative of the businessman to take calculated risks. There are many factors that are to be considered when it comes to taking risks. If you think that the current year is going to be a good one as far as fiscal matters are in concern, you can go ahead and take risk of buying equipment. However, for those who want to check their grounds safely and take no unnecessary steps, renting the equipment is always a good idea. The production value will depend on the quality of the equipment and not on whether you have the ownership of the equipment. Therefore, when you acquire the machine make sure that you are paying money for a worthy machine no matter you buy or rent.



Renting heavy equipment in 2015

Setting up a construction company has never been an easy task especially for people who do not have anybody from their family into this industry. Knowing the tricks of the trade can be a very difficult job and on top of it procuring heavy equipment can take you on a royal ride. Buying heavy equipment will eat away most of your investments and you will be left with hardly anything to take care of your business expenses. This is the problem which many newbie are experiencing and when they realize that things are going out of their hands, they wind up their business. This brings an end to their dream of establishing a construction company.

Now for people who have heavy equipment that are mainly lying idle as they are out of business for few months, they are not sure what they can do with those machines. It hurts to see them doing nothing and getting rusted remaining out in the sun. Here we have 2 set of people with 2 different requirements but both associated with each other. In other way, both of them can help each other by the later one giving the machine on rent and the former paying a said sum of money on each and every month for a defined period of time.

The year 2015 will give a lot of opportunities to people falling under these 2 spheres. What we have noticed in the last few years is people do not want to spend more on buying heavy equipment. They are more comfortable in hiring them from the guys who possess them and once they complete the work, they give it back to them with some minor wear and tear.

Go online to search for guys willing to rent heavy equipment:-

It may not be easy to hunt for guys who rent their machines to others. Either you should know people who are in the business of renting their machines or you need to hook up with an some one that deals with renting heavy equipment. The next best option is to go online and check sites that deal with renting heavy equipment. These sites may not charge you anything as they ideally bill the guy who gives the machine on rent. So you do not have to bother about the expense part. Just check the equipment they have put online and the rent they are demanding. If possible, try to contact the party and see if they are willing to negotiate and bring the rental down.

Inspect the equipment before taking it on rent:-

Once you have identified the equipment, the next thing you can do is inspect the machine before you sign on the dotted line. Take a mechanic along with you if you are not the person who understand much about the machine and do a thorough inspection. Only if the mechanic is content with the equipment, you should go ahead with the deal.

Acquire the Service of Ready-mix Concrete by Several Renting Ways

Construction companies are facing the problem of loan rejection by most of the banks and for that reason the budding construction organisations are in stress. To curb out the tension of the industry’s owners, the rental companies are proffering the service of heavy equipment on rental basis. Most of the contractors and the possessors of the construction firms opt for these rental companies because these firms did not ask for any financial documents. But it is essential for the trade owners to go through the leasing agreement carefully before confirming the deal. Ready-mix concrete is the most important heavy equipment in the construction industry. It can be rented from many of the authentic leasing concerns.

Application of Ready-mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is contrived in an industrial unit or in a concrete plant. It is a composite material that is created according to the requirements of the respective construction companies. Thereafter it is transported to the work site with the help of in-transit mixer. Some of its benefits in construction sites are as follows:

  • Ready mix concrete is often used in lieu of on-site concrete mixer because of the precision of mixture.
  • It can serve broad vicinity and can be normally placed in industrial zones.
  • In this ready-mix concrete, an enhanced quality of concrete is formed.
  • This concrete is used in attractive-stamped, uncovered and tinted aggregate.
  • It is also utilised in highway footpath for roads and flyovers.
  • This concrete is used in building tunnels, bridges and subways.
  • It helps in maintaining the decorative and architectural quality of the walls.
  • Sometimes these concretes are used in sheathing the optical fibre lines of electric, gas, water, TV cables etc.
  • Some of the concretes are available in lightweight that are especially used for ceiling and flooring purposes.

Types of Leasing Companies for Renting Ready-mix Concrete

  • Vendor leasing concerns provide heavy equipment in rental ground only by the vendor proprietors. Most of the time, the heavy equipment are outsourced by the vendor lessors. These companies charge a major amount for nonconformity returns and the returns are processed individually.
  • Independent leasing companies purchase heavy equipment from the reputed manufacturers by taking a loan from the bank and then provide the equipment in lease to the construction industry. The possession of the equipment is mostly attained by the independent leasing companies and banks are not responsible for bearing any storage or maintenance cost. These renting companies also proffer low-value equipment to the construction industries. Therefore sometimes, the contracts of these leasing companies are considered as of high risk to the clients.
  • There are many banks that provide construction heavy equipment on rental basis. Though banks charge a high interest rate but the capital cost claimed by the banks is comparatively low from other leasing companies.

It’s true that selection of correct renting company from the crowd is a frantic task but the apt selection of renting concern satisfies the construction companies by accomplishing their project successfully.

Advantages and Tips of Leasing Heavy Equipment for Construction and Mining Projects

These days leasing of heavy equipment is considered to be a money saving option without compromising on the quality of the equipment. Both for short term and long-term purposes leasing can be the best option for the contractors and project managers in the construction or mining site. It has numerous benefits and advantages. Some of the outstanding benefits of leasing are as follows:

Leasing is cheap: If you don’t have adequate capital for spending then leasing is an excellent option. It will help you to get the heavy equipment you want. In case you need to upgrade your existing heavy equipment for an upcoming construction project you may need to spend hundred and thousand of dollars from the bank. If you consider leasing the equipment it can be cheap and less expensive.

 Saves capital for future:  It is not a shrewd idea to invest massive capital in purchasing new equipment. You need to save your precious money for unforeseen emergencies, economic downturn or in case of recession in the construction sector. Leasing is the best method of preserving money for future use and put together your capital for other activities. You need to make monthly payments for leasing a heavy machine or equipment for construction. You can avail small business credit from banks for financial assistance. So it is hassle free and helps you in preventing exhaustion of your cash.

Equipment leasing is also beneficial in cutting down operational expenses of the heavy equipments and finishing all the construction projects in stipulated time.

Helps in saving taxes: Under section 179 leasing gives you reduction up to $50,000.You need to discuss this matter with your tax consultant to avail this benefit. Your construction equipment you have taken for lease must come under this section so that you can avail tax benefit.

Tips of Leasing Heavy Equipment for Construction and Mining Projects


Research on which equipment you need: Compare the various kinds, brands, dimensions and models online to land with the best equipment. Research is important, as it will give you information on the various leasing or rental companies that provide tractors, scrapers, excavators, loaders, bulldozers etc.

Figure out how much time is needed to hire the equipment. The time period of renting heavy equipment spans from day by day, weekly, and monthly basis. So get to know in how much time you will get the equipments for hiring.

Use websites like RentItToday or Equiprent to find the least possible prices of renting equipments: They present leasing quotes free of costs for the heavy equipment you require. Apart from these websites you can get information from the Yellow Pages or use Google for searching.

Give back the equipment in time and in good state to avoid extra fees: Make sure you return the equipment in top condition without slightest damage.

To sum up leasing and renting a heavy equipment can be a daunting task but hiring it is beneficial for both small and big contractors in many ways.

Advantages of renting heavy equipment

The constructional and industrial companies should decide very carefully whether to buy or rent heavy equipment. Sometimes, renting the equipment can be more beneficial to buying the equipment. If you too planning for getting equipment, first consider for what purpose you are going to use it. This consideration will help you to decide whether you should buy or lease the equipment. Undoubtedly renting the equipment has some major advantages. Some of those advantages are given below.

Advantages of renting heavy equipment

The growing sectors of industries are becoming busy with heavy constructional works. They don’t want to spend much money on getting the equipment while at the same time not ready to compromise with the quality. Here comes the idea of renting the equipment.

  • If you are leasing a heavy equipment, you will not be burdened with the job of maintaining it regularly. Though there are some heavy equipment which require a bit maintenance through routine testing. But, in case of renting, it is the renting company which is going to do this task for you. This will enable you to schedule your work properly without investing any time and money in maintenance of the equipment.
  • One important aspect of the machine ownership which most of the companies don’t consider before purchasing is the storage facility. They left the equipment in open spaces which ultimately lead to the damage of the equipment. When the person is opting for renting the equipment, he doesn’t need have to spend much money in creating a storage building or renting it. It is the duty of the renting company to manage a space for storing the equipment properly.
  • Another great advantage of leasing the equipment is the transportation facility. Suppose, your working place is far away from your equipment storing room, then transporting the equipment to the worksite can be time consuming, expensive and tiresome. In such a case, most of the people hire a third –party company to transport the equipment. Too much complicated, right? If you opt for renting, the company will provide you with transportation of the equipment without any extra charges to the worksite.
  • The most common thread which unites all the operational advantages to leasing is the reduction in labour costs and time. The hidden costs of purchasing the equipment often make it very difficult. If you are deciding to rent the equipment, go on because it is economic too. No additional costs are required to upkeep the machine in case of leasing it. Sometimes, the companies have to set up complete divisions only for proper handling of the logistics and support their equipment.

If you have low budget and cannot afford to buy the equipment, you should kick on for leasing it. Look for the company which will offer you a well-stocked and maintained fleet of heavy constructional equipment. The company should also provide you with top-notch quality service. So, go ahead and get your equipment type on leasing and start the construction business.