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Things You Should Know before Renting a Bulldozer

Bulldozer is very important heavy equipment commonly used in construction industry. They are powerful machines, which can effectively remove the stumps and boulders, help in demolitions, aid in excavations and can raze brush. They are often used in clearing of large acres of forest land to be converted into a productive area. It is often observed that construction industries prefer buying it on rent or on lease. While first time buyer may not be aware of such options. Many a times, after purchasing a brand new bulldozer, the user is not satisfied by its working or finds it limited in its functions. Purchasing a new bulldozer is a very expensive, hence it may be wise to take it on rent especially in case of first time users


The following are some of the tips for the buyer before renting a bulldozer:

  1.  Purchase of equipment which is in good health:

Although it is used equipment, buyer must take care that the equipment must be in good health. Very old equipment if taken on rent may operate sub-optimally during the rented period. This may lead to unnecessary expenditure due to repairs. Hence the used equipment not more than 5 years and in working conditions must be selected. The buyer should inspect the machine thoroughly for extent of wear and tear. Check the engine, leakage problems if any, welded parts (sprockets, tracks and arms), working of gear and brakes, rollers, and perform oil analysis.



2.  Nature and length of work :

Buyer should know the exact nature and volume of work. This will enable selection of an appropriate model of bulldozer. It is essential that buyer should know the exact period of requirement of rented bulldozer, since it needs to be mentioned in the agreement.

3.  Product specifications:

Among the different types of equipment models present, buyer should determine the size and shape of bulldozer. Choosing the right type which is best suited for the nature of work is necessary.

4.  Requirements and limitations of a used bulldozer:

Bulldozer has to be filled with fuel at least 3-4 times in a day and its parts needs to be greased at regular intervals. This machine has to be checked daily for maintenance issues. Bulldozer has a limitation that it cannot work throughout the day. Hence, the buyer should determine the extent to which a used bulldozer can work effectively. Further, it is necessary to know if the site conditions are suitable for the bulldozer to work, since it cannot work on any terrain. The tracks of bulldozer need to be often cleared.

5.  Safety requirements:

Bulldozers are huge equipments and one needs to follow instructions before operating them. They are dangerous equipments and should not be used without following instructions. Since mistakes committed while operating these machines can lead to accidents. The buyer should become familiar with its parts and the way it operates before using it. If the buyer is not familiar or comfortable operating bulldozer, then should hire an experienced bulldozer operator. Further, buyer should ensure safety by wearing safety belts, ear plugs and dust masks to prevent health problems.

6.  Expenses incurred:

Before taking bulldozer on rent the user must be sure to bear the expenses in form of rental cost, hired operator cost, maintenance costs, fuel and greasing costs, and cost of safety aids. Rental expenses vary since it depends on the length of the rental contract and age of the machine. To know the appropriate rental cost, buyer should compare prices by referring to websites. During the rental period, it is responsibility of the buyer to to maintain the machine well before handing it over to the service provider.

Overall, renting of bulldozer is beneficial since is cost-effective for construction companies and in cases where the bulldozer is required for short duration of time or for seasonal work (thereafter it is of no use). It allows the buyer to discover if the selected model has application for the intended work.

Following these tips can guide buyers in purchasing appropriate bulldozer on rental basis and get the job done well.

Tips for Choosing and Renting a Water Truck

Water trucks (WTs) are an essential tool on any construction site. These trucks usually consist of a series of spray nozzles equipped with the mechanics to pump and spray water to remove dust from the air. The construction industry uses water trucks for compaction, dust control, fire-prevention and protection. Many construction industries, start ups and first time users prefer buying heavy equipment including WTs on rental basis (used) to decrease their expenses. However, one has to careful and observant while buying rented machines.

The following are some of the tips which may be useful for the buyer while choosing and renting water trucks:

  1. Purchase equipment which is in good working condition:

Although it is second hand vehicle, buyer must take care that water truck (WT) must be in good working condition. WT which is less old and is a solid sound vehicle in good mechanical shape is an ideal option to purchase.

2.  Perform a thorough physical and mechanical inspection of the equipment:

Buyer should perform physical inspection of the WT by investing sufficient time in it and taking it around in it.

  • WT’s body should be inspected during daylight.
  • The extent of wear and tear of the vehicle can be understood by inspecting its; tires, if any cracks are present on its body, from functioning of the engine and pump, and if any leakage problem exists.
  • Serial number should be checked to know the year of manufacturing.
  • The machine’s logs and maintenance records should be checked to know the service history.

3.  Know your needs of work:

Buyer should learn about application of WT. They should know the amount of water which is to be required for their type/s of work and if it can be supplied by the purchased WT. Further, it is essential that the buyer should know the required duration of its use since it is to be mentioned in the agreement.

4.  Product specifications:

Buyer should gain knowledge of different models of WT, since each model has its own specification which determine its strength and capability. Generally WT come in variety of configurations, from 1,000 gallons to 4000 gallons with different valve and spray nozzle numbers and spray bar configurations. By referring to product manuals and to company websites, the user can learn about different types of models and choose the right type of WT model. Further, it is important to learn if the chosen model of WT is supported by the manufacturer. Since old models are unsupported and it is difficult to get spare parts.


5.  Cost:

Buyer should know the expenses incurred due to rents (both of machine and its additional parts), maintenance, fuel used and greasing of the parts and expenses due to hired operator.

6.  Making of an agreement:

If the buyer is satisfied then will go ahead with buying of rental WT by making a legal agreement with the rental service provider.


Overall, renting a water truck is helpful since is cost-effective for construction companies. Following these tips can guide buyers in purchasing appropriate water truck on rental basis and increase job’s productivity.

Things You Should Know before Renting Articulated Trucks

Trucks are used by construction industry to carry huge pile of debris from the jobsite to the dump yard. Articulated trucks (ATs) are specialized trucks are used for hauling of heavy equipment from their source to destination. Hence, many construction industries, prefer buying ATs on rental basis to reduce their expenses. However, one has to be diligent while buying rented machines since it is expensive.

The following are some of the tips which may be useful for the buyer:

  1. Purchase equipment which is in good working condition:

Although it is used, buyer must take care that ATs must be in good working condition. Instead of buying on rent very old AT, one should purchase AT which is less than five years old.


2.  Perform a thorough physical and mechanical inspection of the equipment:

  • Being one of the most difficult machines, evaluating AT is a difficult task. A physical inspection of AT is needed by investing enough time and taking it around during daylight.
  • Establish its serial number and the number of hours it has been operated. The serial number indicates the year of manufacture. While if it has run for less than 10,000 hours the machine is in better condition.
  • Different locks and articulation hinge joints should be checked for their movement. There are two parts to it. Oscillating part and articulation part. If there are problems with the former part then its repairs are very expenses as compared to the articulation part.
  • Engine, hinge pins, brakes, tires, battery, cab, mirrors, air filters, oil filters, suspension system in front should be thoroughly examined.
  • Buyer should make sure that brakes get applied to all wheels. Use of wet brakes reduce cost and requires less maintenance.
  • AT should be checked for its uphill movement and the amount of fuel used or the smoke released.
  • Truck’s comfort should be assessed in terms of cab’s safety and great visibility and comfort.
  • Machine’s maintenance records should be checked to know the service history. Knowing the past history of what it was used for hauling gives an idea of the wear and tear the machine must have gone through.

3.  Buyer should evaluate their work requirements.

Buyer should learn about application of ATs and should know if it useful for their type of work. They should check various details including the type of material, travel distance, cycle times and the equipment to be carried in AT. Since it is to be mentioned in the agreement, it is necessary that buyer should know the required duration of ATs at the work place.

4.  Product specifications:

There are different models of ATs. Buyer should know which type is required for their purpose since each model has different characteristics. The user should refer to product manuals and distributor/manufacturer’s websites, to learn about each model’s application. This will enable buyer to choose the right type of model for AT. It is important to know if the current model of ATs is supported by the manufacturer, which makes it easy to find parts of repair. In addition, buyer should also seek to know about factors such as high production per man hour and check the payload capacity both of which are important for increasing productivity.

5.  Consider the speed and gas gauge:

The travel speeds of ATs play an important role in productivity. The buyer should look at top-end speeds for long run and the pulling power for shorter distance. Check for the unit’s abundance of horsepower and torque which will allow operators to move fast and haul more in one cycle.

The buyer should also consider fuel efficiency based on material per gallon, which can be increased by proper planning of truck’s activities and by maintaining AT.

6.  Cost:

Buyer should know the expenses incurred due to rents (both of machine and its additional parts), maintenance, repairs of the oscillating part, fuel used and greasing of the parts and expenses due to hired operator.

7.  Making of an agreement:

When the buyer is satisfied with the rental machine and the costs associated, then will go ahead with an agreement with the rental service provider.


Following these tips can guide buyers in purchasing appropriate articulated truck on rental basis and get the job done well.

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Renting construction equipment will turn out to be prolific in the long run

Construction business has been continuously doing well for the last many years. Though it is haunted by certain ups and downs that can be said to be a part of any business, it has been a fruitful business for many who have managed to strive through the downs of the market. Similarly, there are many people who are becoming a part of this industry and are in constant hunt of quality heavy equipment. Since heavy equipment are high priced items, most contractors find it difficult to purchase it and therefore they depend heavily on companies that give them on rent. Now this particular need of heavy equipment has given rise to another business and that is renting construction equipment. So people who know about construction machines can also see a career in this business. As a matter of fact, many operators and mechanics have come together and have started this business through partnerships. They see huge potential in it and many of them are also doing well.

People who know about heavy equipment should get into it:-

Renting construction equipment business may not be for everybody. It is perhaps only for them who has sound knowledge about heavy equipment and has worked in the respective industry for quite a long time. People who have studied and worked on construction equipment will also understand the requirements of their client and in turn will be able to get the right stuff for them or give them the correct advice.

It may be risky for guys who have just completed their studies in heavy machineries and wanting to give it a shot. They may lack experience and this industry requires a lot of experience or there is a wider chance of losing clients. There are many people who are readying to take your clients and serve them. Also it is definitely not for folks who do not have absolutely any knowledge about heavy equipment. They may end up losing all their money that they have invested in the business.

Do not expect profits in the first few years:-

It will not be a wise thing to expect profits in the first few years of your business. Though there is every chance for you to incur profits but setting up expectation may not be the right way to take this further. Profits will happen once you gain momentum in your business and momentum comes only when you stick to your business for long. People start recognizing you for your work and more and more people will turn up to you to take construction machines on rent. You got to give them the time to know you. If there are other players, you have to prove that you are better than them and you can’t achieve that in a fortnight.

Be smart to beat competition:-

You will have a hard time beating your competitors. You got to be smarter than them. Outsmarting them is perhaps the only way out for you to make your mark in this industry. Come up with offers that sounds fresh and which might pull crowd to your shop.

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Types of renting heavy equipment

Most of the equipment manufacturers have an affiliated renting company. It permits them to assist their customer’s monetary transactions quite easily.

There are three main types of renting- finance renting, operating renting and contract hire.

Types of renting

  • Finance leasing: – It is also known as full payout lease. This kind of leasing or renting helps you to get all the financial advantages and risks without any legal title. This renting rate is calculated to get the total value of the asset including finance costs during the contract time period. The asset is handover to a third party at the end of the renting period. Here, you can get a lion’s share in the proceeding sales. This can happen only if the renting period is not extended. You cannot become the owner of the equipment at anytime, unless you go for a private arrangement with the third party. As you can extend your renting contract period and already have paid almost the full amount during the initial phase, so you have to pay very little during the later extended period of the contract. It is sometimes referred to as “papercorn rental”.
  • Operating lease: – Unlike financial leasing, operating renting is like a regular rental. It comes with a smaller time period. The renter here tries either to sell the equipment in a second-hand market or to rent it again to avoid the need to regain the total asset price by the regular lease payments. There may be a choice for elongating the renting span at the end of the initial rental phase. Just like the financial renting, you cannot become the owner of the equipment at any point of the time. But, contrary to financial leases, you will not get a single penny in the sales procedure.
  • Contract Hire: – It is another kind of operating lease which involves a lot of services such as management, maintenance or replacement if the equipment needs to be repaired.
  • Hire purchase:- In this kind of leasing agreement, you will get an option to purchase the equipment. They will confer the legal title to you when you have cleared al the payments. The term of a hire purchase should be notably shorter than the working life of the equipment. As you have bought the machine outright, you can easily claim capital allowances from the renting company to make as much profit from it as you can. Hire purchase agreements are written especially for domestic users only. Business owners can avail this type of renting.


It is very important for you to count on your future needs. Every kind of renting option has its own merits and demerits. It will have an everlasting effect on your monthly payments. The renting payment heavily depends upon the total value of the equipment, rate of interest and duration of the renting.

If you have any query regarding the procedure of renting and its terms and conditions, then you should immediately seek the help of your advisor for further assessment.

What are the Operational advantages of renting heavy equipment?

Manufacturers of construction equipments have noticed the fact that the big economic environment is changing its gear to the renting of heavy equipment. As most of the construction companies are now busy with their work, that’s why they don’t want to spend much time and money in buying the equipment. Renting has many advantages which are discussed below:

Operational advantages

    • Extra-capacity:- To the companies who have already made up their mind of buying heavy equipment, renting the equipment plays the key role. This role mainly includes putting extra-capacity on an as-needed basis. It is very common for particular projects to put demands on the resources which go beyond the routine operations. That’s why, the company which has multiple units of that equipment also thinks to ramp up their abilities with additional equipments to get the job done in an efficient manner. Equipment rental equip the company with some additional means to get their jobs done in a better way as compared to other general units.
    • Fair play: – The quality of resources is the biggest factor which makes the big companies stands out from the small ones. A big construction business can afford the high-end equipment models with the trendy whistles and bells. But, a smaller company is compelled to manage with the more sluggish equipment for a long time. Renting generates a fair play giving opportunity to the smaller companies to get the top-level equipment. This helps the smaller companies to complete their work within the deadline and that too in an absolute manner.
  • Renting before owing: – Before going to purchase equipment, you should use it by renting it. This renting of heavy machine will enable you and your employee to get familiar with it. It is very important because ultimately when you buy that machine you can easily handle it at that time.
  • Service: – The main advantage of renting over buying is the outstanding support and assistance servicegiven to the company. The equipment rental staffs know how to manage the equipment. They also provide you with the tutorial classes on how to handle the equipment safely and effectively. They can easily solve all the problems related with the equipment.


Nowadays, large rental companies offer web-based programmes that allow the customers to rent and call off the constructional equipment, track rental fleet inventory and invoices of the review. This financial management online tool gives an additional budgeting tool which enables the contractors to have better control on costs of rental machines.

If you decide to rent equipment, you should look for the long-term impact of buying the equipment on your company’s balance sheet and operations to determine whether the utilization price is enough to justify the ownership. If the utilization price and ownership costs are not considerably less expensive, then the best thing for you is to rent the heavy equipment.

But don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions of the renting company before signing in any contract paper.

How to reduce risk by renting heavy equipment?

Owners of construction industries are aware of the impact of economic decline on their businesses. Many of them have evolved a new appraisal for gripping money in their hands. They have started to explore strategies of risk management with a fresh vigour. In this competitive world, it is very important to rent equipment as one of the important strategy of risk management. It has both money and risk management advantages.

The construction industries have intensely fixed ownership culture regarding heavy constructional equipment. However, there are some advantages of leasing the machines which is almost same to all spheres of construction industry, irrespective of the type of equipment.

Renting mitigates asset risks

Renting minimises asset risks such as high maintenance cost. Bulldozing equipment requires maintenance. As the time passes, it faces much wear and tear. This increases the maintenance cost and repairing time of the equipment. This increased time and cost results in delaying of the project fulfilment. This delaying is a very big problem for the industries who are trying to maximize their crew. Renting assures that equipment stays first hand. Therefore, the money and time spent on its maintenance can be minimised significantly.

Apart from the maintenance of the equipment, businesses which buy the equipment straight away are responsible enough for ensuring that the purchasing is in compliance with appropriate regulations. The regular upgrading of the new equipment helps to keep up with the latest regulations.

Reselling of the construction machines is another important factor that constantly bothers the owners when they own such a machine. Sometimes, the owner should consider selling the older machine and decide what to do with it can be intimidating. There are very few companies who have right price to sell it in the market. Renting permits business owners to turn the machine in at the edge of the lease-period and move-on smoothly.

Use of Equipment management

As most of the entrepreneurs know that the monthly cost of renting the heavy equipment is really very expensive. If you want to go for purchasing new equipment for a particular project which will lasts for 2-3 years and which you are not going to use after that initial period, then it is not worth buying it. In fact, renting allows an owner to match the particular equipment’s usage with the deadline of the project. After that only, he should add that expense into its tender.

Your construction business relies on a variety of equipment to operate. Renting heavy equipment is a smart choice because the entire lease payment can be claimed as a tax deduction. If you want to rent the machine from an online company, then you only have to fill an online application form and submit it. After that they will give you a call for the further processing of your request. Or, you can directly give them a call so that you can visit the company physically. So, make your business bigger by renting heavy equipment.


Renting Heavy Equipment Is No Longer a Lucrative Option- Taking a Look at the Probable Reasons

Heavy equipment have always been an integral part of the construction industry. It is impossible to be in the construction arena and not get involved with the heavy equipment. And if that is so, then you must be aware of the rising debate between renting of heavy equipment and buying brand new ones.

Renting Vs Buying Heavy Equipment

It is often seen that people involved in construction face a dilemmatic situation wherein, they are unable to decide if renting heavy construction equipment would be a more lucrative option or investing in a brand new one would be better. To look at it, both the deals have their own set of pros and cons that needs to be considered. While renting heavy equipment for a short period of time is quite a good option, buying brand new equipment is better if you are looking for long term utility. Finances are also another factor involved in the whole thing. While renting heavy equipment may seem to be a cheaper alternative in the long run, there is no denying the fact that the overall experience is quite high.

Why Renting Heavy Equipment Is No More A Lucrative Option?

Start up construction companies and even established construction companies have always considered renting heavy equipment a more lucrative option over investing in brand new ones. Things have, however, undergone a change- renting is no longer that lucrative an alternative as it used to be. Let us peek at the reasons as to why this is so?

  • The first aspect in the renting of heavy equipment that one needs to consider is the economic aspect of the entire affair. Renting heavy equipment over purchasing a brand new one may seem to be economically lucrative initially, but with the passage of time, it tends to get more expensive. You have to constantly pay for using the machine and as a result the overall expense goes up by a considerable amount.
  • If you invest in brand new heavy equipment, then you will have the liberty of using it as and when you wish to. However, if you opt for rental equipment, you have to depend on the rental house renting out the heavy equipment.
  • Maintenance becomes another key issue in the entire renting procedure. If the heavy equipment suffer any kind of damage during its rental period, then you will have to pay for the damage done and therefore, comes about an unwanted hike in the expenses.
  • There is also the fact that the rented heavy equipment has been operated by multiple operators and as a result, there is always a question mark with regard to the working condition of the equipment. (Not at B&R Equipment)

Along with all of the above factors, there is also the fact that in times of need, construction companies are left with no alternative other than to rent heavy equipment, even if it comes at a price far exceeding its limits. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that the business of renting out heavy equipment is slowly becoming an option less opted for.  (Buy Heavy Equipment from B&R Equi

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Things One Must Consider Before Renting Their Heavy Equipment

As the construction companies are increasing rapidly, the demand of heavy equipment is also rising high. Conduct a construction site and perform several types of works you need to take help from heavy equipment. It helps to accomplish the works faster and smoother. However, the cost of such machines is too high for common people; therefore, sometimes they need to take help from the renting services. People can rent different heavy equipment to complete their job. Whether you want to start a new small project that needs few machines or you are going to organize a big project with hundreds of workers renting heavy equipment can be really helpful.

But, before you are getting ready to take renting services, there are a number of things that you should consider. Whether you want to rent a crane or excavator, you need to know the proper ways of handling the machines. There are always some risks that can harm your work as well as the machine. Thereby, it is advisable to follow the proper guidelines before applying for the renting services. In this article, you will find out some basic points that help you to hire or rent heavy machineries. Take a look –

  • One of the most important things that you need to check before renting equipment is whether the owner of the machine follow the essential health and safety guidelines or not.  As you are going to rent this machine for your work, thereby, it is highly essential to check whether it is in the right condition or not. Heavy equipment is very useful in construction sectors. Thereby, you need to follow the safety and standard regulations. You should give main priority to the quality of the machine and not over price. If there is any problem in the equipment then you should check it first because it can cause many problems later.


  • You also need to check the liability insurance and take care of it. If there is any problem with the machine then you will be responsible for it. So, if you have any insurance then you at least can cover the damages. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to maintain the machine because it will take huge money. When you are going to rent a machine you should get insurance first.



  • Each machine comes with different parts that help the workers to handle different types of works. Thereby, when you are going to rent an excavator then you should know how to operate it. There are many specialized workers who are well trained and can help you in your works. In this way you will be able to know the right way of working with a machine. You should also try to get good information on the company before taking rent from them.

These are the few things that you need to consider before renting heavy equipment. This will definitely help you in many ways.