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Renting a water truck can prove to be a lot helpful

A construction or mining project however big or small it is, it spread a lot of dust all around which causes tremendous problems for the people working on the jobsite. The only solution to this is spray water on the dust and settles it down. Now you can’t have your water storage move across the jobsite. It is virtually not possible as it is a non-portable structure and will not simply move. So the best available option with you is to make use of a water truck and spray it all over the jobsite by driving the truck to each of its corner. This may sound to be an added investment though but will be really worth for the smooth functioning of the project and also it protects your employees for any airborne disease. But buying a truck only for the purpose to spray water may prove to be very expensive and one may not buy it to take care of one specific cause. Therefore, the simplest way out will be to take it on rent.

There are many heavy equipment companies who manufacture water trucks and based on the goodwill and brand value of the company, the rental value of the truck is determined. However, there will not be a drastic difference in the rental value of the truck. So one can go for a water truck manufactured by the best heavy equipment manufacturing company without worrying much about the recurring rental amount and speed up the completion work of the project.

Now there are many ways through which you can take the truck on rent but there are 2 specific ways that are used by most of the mining and construction companies. The first is contacting the heavy equipment rental companies who will get them any sort of heavy equipment under the sun by charging a nominal fee and the second is by checking water trucks on website that deals with sales and lease of heavy equipment. The first option can prove to be a little healthier one.

The heavy equipment rental companies cater heavy equipment to the construction and mining companies. They are associated with almost every contractor or construction companies in the town and they provide all kinds of machines that are needed in the mining and construction industry. So reaching out to these men will help as they will be able to locate if anybody wants to rent their water truck. They may charge a small percentage of commission or fees from you and will get you exactly what you need.

In the second option, you have to take your call as you will not have anybody to take immediate advice from. You can visit any online portal that deals in renting heavy equipment and search for water trucks. You will get to see people who want to rent their trucks. Check out the description mentioned on the listing and if everything suits your requirement, you can call the party and finalize the deal. In this case you do not have to pay anything to the site as the site will be charging listing fees from the giver.

Tips for Choosing and Renting a Water Truck

Water trucks (WTs) are an essential tool on any construction site. These trucks usually consist of a series of spray nozzles equipped with the mechanics to pump and spray water to remove dust from the air. The construction industry uses water trucks for compaction, dust control, fire-prevention and protection. Many construction industries, start ups and first time users prefer buying heavy equipment including WTs on rental basis (used) to decrease their expenses. However, one has to careful and observant while buying rented machines.

The following are some of the tips which may be useful for the buyer while choosing and renting water trucks:

  1. Purchase equipment which is in good working condition:

Although it is second hand vehicle, buyer must take care that water truck (WT) must be in good working condition. WT which is less old and is a solid sound vehicle in good mechanical shape is an ideal option to purchase.

2.  Perform a thorough physical and mechanical inspection of the equipment:

Buyer should perform physical inspection of the WT by investing sufficient time in it and taking it around in it.

  • WT’s body should be inspected during daylight.
  • The extent of wear and tear of the vehicle can be understood by inspecting its; tires, if any cracks are present on its body, from functioning of the engine and pump, and if any leakage problem exists.
  • Serial number should be checked to know the year of manufacturing.
  • The machine’s logs and maintenance records should be checked to know the service history.

3.  Know your needs of work:

Buyer should learn about application of WT. They should know the amount of water which is to be required for their type/s of work and if it can be supplied by the purchased WT. Further, it is essential that the buyer should know the required duration of its use since it is to be mentioned in the agreement.

4.  Product specifications:

Buyer should gain knowledge of different models of WT, since each model has its own specification which determine its strength and capability. Generally WT come in variety of configurations, from 1,000 gallons to 4000 gallons with different valve and spray nozzle numbers and spray bar configurations. By referring to product manuals and to company websites, the user can learn about different types of models and choose the right type of WT model. Further, it is important to learn if the chosen model of WT is supported by the manufacturer. Since old models are unsupported and it is difficult to get spare parts.


5.  Cost:

Buyer should know the expenses incurred due to rents (both of machine and its additional parts), maintenance, fuel used and greasing of the parts and expenses due to hired operator.

6.  Making of an agreement:

If the buyer is satisfied then will go ahead with buying of rental WT by making a legal agreement with the rental service provider.


Overall, renting a water truck is helpful since is cost-effective for construction companies. Following these tips can guide buyers in purchasing appropriate water truck on rental basis and increase job’s productivity.