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Want to rent/buy heavy equipment. Avoid involving middlemen

Heavy equipment are highly expensive items and people who deal with buying, selling or renting heavy equipment usually earns good commission out of it. However, the person who has to pay commission may not find himself in a comfortable environment to pay money just to procure machines. The buyer in this case pays to two parties. First it is the seller and the next is the agent. So eventually, he ends up paying more for the same item and therefore he may not be so happy with the transaction. On the other hand, the seller also needs to pay his part of commission to the agent. This means that the agent gets a good deal of money from both the parties. His part of work was to understand the needs of the buyer and then search for a seller who is selling exactly what the buyer is looking for and ultimately introduce both the parties to each other. He needs to push the buyer a bit to buy the machine and if he gets convinced, the sale is done and he gets the commission.

The seller does not have much to lose here as he gets rid of the machine and does not mind paying someone who has helped him to get it sold. The problem is with the buyer who has to pay for the heavy equipment and also to the agent. Now by any way if he can manage to get the agent out and deal directly with the seller he does not have to pay any cut to anybody. So just pay the price of the machine and it belongs to you. The difficult part would be to locate the seller who will have exactly the stuff he needs.

Well there is a solution to this. We have many online portals that deal with buying, selling and renting of heavy equipment. So all you need to do is become a member of one such website and search for the heavy equipment that you require for your business. You will find almost everything under the sun. Right from scrapers to loaders and from CAT to Volvo, you will find a seller for all kinds of heavy equipment. The important part for you would be to join the portal that does not charge any fee from the buyer. The seller usually does not mind paying a small amount as fees to the online portal.

There are also some agents who work in the same manner as the online portals do. There is no harm in using the service of the agents as long as they do not bill you for earning commission. So you got to be pretty sure that they are not charging anything from the buyer and if they do, make it clear to them that you do not want their service as you do not want to pay commission to them. Try to avoid the involvement of middlemen ad it can save lot of your hard earned money.

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Top 5 motor graders on rent

Construction industry requires different types of heavy equipment. A motor grader is commonly used in construction industry and is referred to as road grader or a maintainer. It is a machine with a long blade used to create a flat surface during the grading process. It moves earth from one location to another and levels the soil by spreading it evenly. It is easy to operate in almost any terrain or weather condition. It can produce inclined surfaces for roads. Graders are the workhorses of construction industry, hence they are always needed on the worksite. Today they are highly in demand due to increase in construction activities. It is often observed that regular users buy them on rent or on lease, which is a cost-effective approach. Similarly, the first time users of this equipment try the rental option instead of purchasing new equipment.

Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Case, and Volvo, are the world’s topmost brands which manufacture different types of heavy equipment including motor graders. These brands are very popular and are trusted in construction industry. Thus, they are highly preferred for heavy construction activities due to the quality, durability and reliability. They sell or rent or lease their equipments. They provide new and used equipment on rental basis either directly or through their authorized dealerships.

The following are the reasons why topmost brands offer their equipment on rent.

  • Due to the increase in construction activities, there is huge demand for motor graders. Heavy equipment including graders are very expensive and it’s difficult for construction companies to purchase a new grader for multiple jobs on their work site. Further, there is an economic downfall, where a customer may not afford to buy brand new grader.
  • In case of short term projects, buying a new grader leads to waste of money since the grader is used for a particular duration after which it is not used.
  • When the current grader at a construction site is damaged and it needs to be repaired.
  • Due to the increased quantity of work on site, more number of graders are required.
  • The user wants to try a new model which is advanced technologically. However before purchasing a brand new one to be used for a long time and the option of buying on rent is helpful. The user also gets an idea of how the equipment performs and if it is suitable for his work.
  • Most buyers prefer for used graders which are rugged, reliable, easy to operate and maintain by local, low skilled crew, ready availability of spare parts and have high resale value. They do not want to work with grader equipped with highly sophisticated technologies and electronics in particular, since they lack operators with the required skill sets to operate and maintain the machine. Used equipment of Caterpillar and Komatsu are in demand.


Buying on rental basis becomes a feasible option, where one has to pay monthly rents the cost of which is affordable. In addition it has been observed that these both used and brand new equipment are maintained very well by the Rental service provider.

Heavy equipment should be checked well before taking it on rent

We normally have the tendency to check the in and out of the stuff before buying it. We do this to ensure that we buy a worthy stuff and not a waste. Now when we are buying something for our business we need to be double sure that it is of good quality and will last for years. But do we have to check the quality of a product that we will be taking on rent. There should be no question that whatever we take related to our business should be of ultimate quality irrespective of us buying it or taking it on rent.

In the construction industry, companies often take heavy equipment on rent. Taking machines on rent is not a practice that is followed by the small construction companies or small time contractors but even big companies on many occasions have rented different types of equipment. They do it for a very simple reason. Construction companies deal with different types of projects for which they require different types of heavy equipment and it does not make any sense to any matured construction company to spend their money in buying heavy equipment when they have the option to get them on rent.

One of the fundamentals that one should follow before taking construction machines on rent is to check the machine well. If only the machine is in good standing that the company should be going ahead with the deal.

Locate the heavy equipment:-

Primarily you have to locate the heavy equipment that you need for your business. You can check with people in your business circle if they know anybody who is renting heavy construction machines. You can also try to get a review of the person so that you know the quality of machines he gives on rent. You can then call up the person and check if he/she has the machine that you need and if he/she has what you have been looking for then ask him to give you a time to inspect the machine. Do not give any commitment before you have seen or examined the machinery.

Check the working condition of the machine:-

The heavy equipment the person is showing you may look good from outside but you do not know its worth as long as you have not worked on it. Therefore, if you are a person who know to work on heavy machines should take a trial and check if it is working smoothly. Just in case, you do not have the technical know-how of heavy equipment it is advisable that you go along with a mechanic and an operator who will examine the machine and will give you precise suggestions. You should also check with the owner of the machine if they have recently changed any of its parts and has there been any issue with the machine that has been fixed by any mechanic. It should not happen that after you have taken it on rent and some problems resurface and you got to face the music.

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Hire, Purchase or Lease – Which One is better for Your Next Heavy Equipment Investment?

Presently, construction industry is blooming but in a slow speed. In this situation, is it better for a construction company owner to lease, procure or rent a bulky paraphernalia? According to Peter D. Gregory, the senior vice president of the reputed construction group of Atlanta commented that right now the condition of the market is tentative that’s why the construction company owners are hesitating to procure heavy equipment or go for leasing deals. Yet, the construction concerns still require bulky paraphernalia to accomplish their task on the site.

In large organisation, the construction business possessors hire equipment managers and chief financial officers to give suggestion on the issue of renting, leasing or purchasing the heavy equipment. On the other hand, in the budding construction firms, the owners alone take the decision. The presidents of some of the well-renowned construction companies stated that the decision entirely counts on the financial condition of the organisations. To determine, which one is the most suitable one needs some logical prediction and forethought. Here in the following piece, the readers will come to know the difference between the buying, renting and leasing a heavy construction equipment.

Renting, Purchase and Leasing Options for Construction Site Contractors

Rent option helps the contractors to save their capital. Often, they choose the option of renting when they require a specific item for a particular task. Some of the well established construction merchants stated that renting is more costly than lease and purchase options because it provides flexibility to the clients.

When the contractors procure heavy construction apparatus, the dealers not only proffers instant ownership but also subtracts the depreciation cost of the equipment. The interest the possessors get form the deduction helps the construction firms to conserve their tax amount. Majority of the construction organisations prefer to buy heavy equipment parts as it adds as a valuable asset in the in the balance sheet. But, the majority of the budding construction owners prefer to go with the lease option because of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

Lease is yet another option that is facilitated to the construction company owners by the dealers. It is the best choice for those organisations which are not efficient enough to utilise the depreciation. Other than ownership, this option also provides usage pact with typical no money upfront quality.

Comparison Between Lease, Rent and Buy of Heavy Construction Equipment

For long term use, the charge of the lease is much lower than the renting cost. Therefore, it is sensible for the contractors to avail the benefits of leasing heavy equipment for long term basis. If the construction company owners desire to attain the equipment, then the outright purchase technique is more economical to other alternatives.

On the other hand, for short term purpose, the option of renting heavy construction apparatus is the best. If any construction concern owner wants to go with the buy option, he/she should asses some factors like time duration of the application of the equipment and its maintenance cost.

To sum up, it can be said that all the above mentioned options of availing the benefits of heavy equipment are beneficial to the construction owners unless and until they have the skill to attain it in proper way.


Looking To Rent Your Equipments In Texas – It’s A Must To Read This

There are times when we all go through a sluggish period and do not have much work in hand. At this juncture, we not only have to manage the recurring costs to keep the company going but also have to ensure that the heavy equipments that are lying idle are well maintained. We can’t just let them rust for doing nothing. Therefore, the maintenance adds up to the cost making things all the more difficult. Under this situation, it is wise to simply rent the equipments to someone who is in need of them and can also afford to pay the rent that you want.


Renting heavy equipment may sound complex but in reality it is pretty simple to do so. You only need to find the right guy for your machine. We may be a bit apprehensive with the thought that the person using it may not care for it and that might lead to the machine getting wear off in less time than it should have. Well, these are just apprehensions and things can always be worked to set them in the right place. For instance, you can rent the machine to someone you know or if at all you’re giving it to a stranger, you can make an agreement where you can state that you may do an inspection of the equipment after every quarter and if you find that they are misusing the machine, you have every right to cancel the agreement and take your machine back.

One of the simplest forms of renting the heavy equipment is by posting it on internet. For the ones living in Texas, there are several sites which can connect them with the prospects. These websites work as an intermediary between the giver and the taker. In order to post your stuff on their websites, you have to first register with them. There may be an annual subscription fees that they may charge you for your services or may bill you for only listing the item on their website. The fees may differ depending upon the price of the equipment. Higher the price of the item more would be their fees. You have to update your credit card information on their website and then are post the equipment. It also gives you the privilege to monitor the number of prospects who have visited your item and if needed you can also communicate the prospect or vice-versa.


If you find a party who is interested in your equipment, ask them to pay a visit at your place and if they want, they can check the equipment to ensure that it’s working. Once they are content with the stuff, you can draft an agreement and can ask them to credit the money in your bank account.

You can also opt to advertise in a local newspaper that is widely circulated all over Texas. You may find some success in that as well. However in this modern age, it is recommended to post things on website as that may give you more and better responses.


Not Having Much Projects In Hand – Rent Out Few Of Your Machines

Business comes with ups and downs. When it is on the upward scale, you may have nothing to worry about, other than meeting the turnaround time to complete the projects and improving the quality of work. However, when the business takes a fall and you do not have ample of projects in hand, it becomes all the more difficult to carry on with the operational expenses like running the office, paying salary to the employees, spending good amount of money in maintaining the equipments so on and so forth.

This is perhaps when you have to take the call of cost cutting and doing away with things that are not useful to you for the time being. You need to check on factors that cost more to the business so that things like that can be curtailed and you can eventually save some money for the business. In addition to this, it also makes much sense to do away with some heavy equipment which you feel you may not need for the next few months. Well, you do not have to sell them off to keep on with your business; all you got to do is rent it to someone who needs them and is also ready to pay its price.

You may find many new guys having joined the camp who have small projects in hand and for that purpose they need heavy equipment. Since they are new to this business, they in no way intend to buy brand new heavy equipment. Knowing the cost of it, it may not permit them to buy a new one. Therefore, they would be always in the hunt of people willing to rent heavy equipments to them. You only need to identify their needs and if you’re able to fulfil them with the stock you have, that is it.

Before you rent any heavy equipment, it is important for you to identify the equipment you won’t need for the next few months. Because once you let it out, you will not be in a position to get it back before the term expires. Therefore, you need to make sure that the stuff you would be letting out will not have any need to your business for the next few months. You also have to check the number of equipment you can let out on the basis of the existing projects in hand. In no way, it should hamper the progress of your current projects. It would make more sense to take help of some professionals who can guide you well on this issue.

You may also ask the professional to help you making an agreement where he will enter the entire clause that will protect the rights of both the giver and the taker. Clauses like the tenure of the agreement, rent to be taken and actions to be taken if there happens to be a breach of the contract must be mentioned clearly in the agreement. This should be mutually agreed by both the parties and only then you should let out the machine.

It’s Pointless to Rot the Idle Heavy Equipment – Better to Rent It

A person has to strive a lot to establish his business. Right from gathering the right men for the job to acquiring the right set of heavy equipment, you put a lot in your business. After having done so much, the last thing you would want is to see the old equipments rot on a site which could have otherwise been used to do something productive. You’d definitely see no point in keeping the machine idle and watch it die its death. Therefore, it’s ideal for you to look up for options that will keep the machine active and will also earn a fixed amount on each and every month. You would simply rent it out to someone who is ready to pay its price.

While we speak about renting the equipment, the thought of “Why don’t we sell it” is quite evident to hit our mind. Well selling the machine may give you the price it is worth of. However, that will be the end of the story. You can further reinvest the money and buy new equipment after adding few more bucks to it. But the point is you have to add some extra cash from your savings. On the contrary, if you rent the equipment and contemplate to buy a new machine, the rental earnings can be used to pay the monthly installment to the bank. At the end of the payment term, you end up having 2 machines with you.

It’s not always so easy to find a party who agrees to take the equipment on rent at your quoted price. Especially if it is a used one, the taker tries hard to negotiate and bring down the rental price. Therefore, it takes a good deal of time to rent it off to someone. You can follow the below gives methods to rent the machine.

Talk with people you know:- It’s prudent that you talk with people about the thought of renting the heavy equipment. The word of mouth might spread and might reach to the person who is in need of the equipment. You both have to meet and agree with each and other’s conditions. If this works for you, you make a deal without losing a penny on advertisements.

Use of social media:- Social media is used by good chunk of people for many business purposes. They out their stuff on the advertisement section and in this way reach out to the larger section of the society. However for this, you need to have a website of your own so that people after clicking on the link would directly enter on your site and get a taste of things you have for them.

Put it on classifieds:-  You can advertise about renting your heavy equipment on newspapers as well as on internet. While selecting a newspaper, ensure that you put the ad with the newspaper which has a wider circulation in the city. This will allow your advertisement to reach a lot of people and thus increases the chances of renting the stuff at your price. You can also put the ad on classified websites which also fulfils your purpose.

Following the above stated methods can certainly work for you as far as renting the construction equipment is concerned.

Want To Take A Wheel Loader On Rent – Read This One

When you have just started a construction company, nothing can please more than getting big projects where you see the margin of profit to be much higher. Getting human resources may not be a big issue however; the challenge that you may experience is in getting heavy equipment. Especially for a beginner who manages to set up his own company with limited amount of funds may not be in a position to buy heavy equipment to fulfil his business requirements. In such a scenario, the best available alternative for him would be to take them on rent and once the project is over, give it back to the owner. In this way, he can complete the project without having to invest a fortune and still manages to successfully complete the job.

Before one approaches the lessor to take the machine on rent, it is quite imperative to understand the time you need it on rent. The longer the machine is with you, the less money would be taken as rent. However, this is not a thumb rule with most of the people. Lessors lease their machines on their own whims and fancies and negotiating its price plays a pivotal role in bringing down the rent amount.

Well, we would be discussing about how a person can begin his search to take a wheel loader on rent.

Make use of internet:-  Internet has plays an instrumental role in getting people closer to each other which has also resulted in many online businesses. In this same fashion, people have started with online purchase and selling of goods. Right from apparels to heavy equipments, you can find all here in this virtual world. Now as far as taking a wheel loader on rent is concerned, one needs to search for people willing to rent a wheel loader in their city. Then they need to check the equipments people have. A wheel loader is pretty expensive equipment so you can’t expect the rent to be low. Moreover, if they are leasing new equipment, the rent would be high as well. However, you get the option to search for both new as well as old equipments and according to your budget can locate a loader which would suffice to play its role in the project in hand.

You should check the specification, features and utilities of the loader and check if you can use it for multi-purpose activities. The loader is retractable and can be fitted with any other stuff to make it multi-purpose equipment. However, not all loaders can be removed and this is what you need to check from its owner.

Check out the classifieds:-  Taking a good look in the classified section of a local newspaper can help you get a better deal. They are often loaded with advertisements from people who want their stuff to be put on rent. You can get in touch with them and see if the loader they have is something you want for your business. If you’re convinced, you go for the deal.


Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

Can One Take Caterpillar Equipment on Rent? – Know It from Us

Heavy equipment are pretty expensive and for one who has just set up a construction business may not find it affordable to buy a series of machines for his work. Beginners who are short of finance often experience this sort of problem and thus many even decide to wrap up their business after seeing that this business belongs to people who have good money to support their endeavours. However, this is purely a myth which has been created by people who found failures in their journey towards becoming a successful businessman.

There are few pre-requisites which one should be aware of before they decide to step-in in this form of a business. They need to know that they would require good heavy equipment operator, skilled labour, safety equipments, raw materials needed for construction and most importantly good machines. And to possess all these, they require good sum of money. They can’t compromise on any of the factors and need them at their best. Given this situation, they have one alternative left with them.

Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

As far as the finance part is concerned, they can manage it by taking a loan from a financial institution by showing them their growth plan. If they are convinced, the loan would be granted. Now as far as the heavy equipment is concerned, they can’t get a better deal than renting them. There are few companies that they can vouch for and amongst them, there is a brand named Caterpillar. Caterpillar is known for its sheer performance throughout the year giving very less trouble on maintenance and delivering high level of deliverance.

Undoubtedly, CAT machines are quite expensive not because they are now a big brand but because they deal with quality products which are produced after years of research and market study. Though CAT machines are expensive they are still gettable and within your range. How? Well, all you have to do is rent it from people who have them in plenty and may not see any use of them in the near future.

Browsing the net:-  There are plenty of machines rotting in the field just because for the time, they are of no use to the owners. But that doesn’t mean that they are worthless. They are still in working condition and can serve you for many more years to come. The owners on the other hand don’t want to see them rot for nothing. Hence, they list them on internet and keep looking for people who are interested to take them on rent for a year and then return it to them. You should be targeting such people and can ask for an appointment so that you can go and check the machine.

Do your Homework:-  You may want to know the stuff well before you go for a visit. Browse the net and check the specification of the machine you’re planning to take on rent. Try to know the features well so that once you go there you know in advance what you should be checking first.

Cat machines are quality built machines and promises to work in rough terrain or in snowy conditions. You can always vouch your clients considering the machine you have with you.

Need a Dozer for Your New Construction Project – Better Take It On Rent It

It has never been so simple to start up a new construction business. There you need able manpower who knows how to work things out, you need good competent operators who can operate the machines and also get the work done without any error and you need skills to operate and administer your business. But most importantly, you need good machines because unless you have good heavy equipment, it will be very hard to see growth happening in your company. One major obstacle which many beginners come across is of finance. They enter this business with limited finance and have to establish their business by money coming from various projects. However, they fail to understand that in order to complete a project they need machines which are pretty expensive and might make a big hole in their pocket. Well, as every problem has a solution, this one too has a solution and that would be to take the stuff on rent.

Here we would be talking about how one can take a dozer on rent and what are the things one needs to understand before he goes for the deal.

Search online:-  This could be perhaps one of the better option to search a dozer. With the help of the internet you can look for people willing to rent a dozer in your city or in your area. If you’re lucky, you may find someone in your area and that will help you fulfil your cause. It also helps you to know more about the history of the machine. For instance, for how many years this machine was in use and if there were any accidents that happened on this machine. You may also get to know the frequency after which you need to service the dozer. Overall, you get to know almost everything about the dozer if you try to search it online.

Moreover, it also gives you the option to see more lessor who want their stuff to go on rent. They may quote different rent and you can pick the one you find convenient to pay. Once you have selected the dozer you would be going for, it’s time to contact the lessor and get the deal settled. There you might request him for a trial and check if you should need to know anything more about the item.

Check classifieds on news paper:-  You can grab a local newspaper which has wide circulation throughout your city and check the classified section. There you might come across many such advertisements where people would want to give their dozers on rent. Unlike searching it online, here you may not find plenty of options, but it should suffice your cause. You may then want to contact the lessor and fix an appointment. Go to his place and check the dozer. If possible, take an expert with you who understands the intricacies of the machine and can guide you if you should take the stuff or leave it.


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Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

Heavy Equipment for rent and sale