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Rent an excavator

For guys who has lot of heavy equipment that are lying idle for the time being and they are unsure as to when they might need them again they can rent it out to people who will make some use of it and keep the machine in working order. If you keep heavy equipment idle for a long time and then all of a sudden start using it, it will generate issues. It may just not start or might give problems for which you need the help of a mechanic to get that sorted. This is why it is always better that you rent the machine out to someone who can use the machine and also pay you the rental.

There are some companies who solely deal with renting heavy machines to contractors and other small and big sized construction companies. As a matter of fact most of the big construction companies to a certain extent depend upon rented heavy equipment. The big sized companies hire contractors for the job who in turn largely depend on rented heavy equipment. This means that as long as you have a thriving construction industry, the parallel business of renting heavy equipment will never run dry. One of the most common heavy equipment that is used in almost every construction jobsite is an excavator. So you will normally find the demand for excavators on an increasing trend and if you have them in plenty then you can for sure make good sum of money by not doing anything.

All you got to do is simply rent them out to contractors or construction companies and ensure that they do not misuse it or overload it with work. Normally people have the tendency to get more work done on heavy equipment that are rented. They know that they do not have to keep the machine with them forever and therefore do not have to bother about the maintenance and service costs. Since it belongs to you, you are supposed to make sure that the excavator is not overloaded with work and is also serviced at regular intervals.

You can rent your excavator by listing the machine on an online portal. Portals that are meant for renting heavy equipment should be used for this purpose. Register on one such website and take few pictures of the excavator to post it on the listing. Please mention the model number of the excavator on the title of the listing and be a little descriptive about the machine. You may want to add things like the age of the machine and few of its features that will attract the attention of the prospect. The pictures that you add should be clear for the prospect to make out if at all the machine is worthy to be taken on rent.

Leave your number on the listing for interested people to contact you and if they want to inspect the machine you should not have any problem with that. The website will charge you some fees to list the item but that will be too nominal and should not be an issue.

Looking To Rent an Excavator – You May Find These Tips Useful

You may have received talks where people have advised you to open up a construction business but to be precise to a person who is novice in the construction domain, it’s no joke to open up one and then don’t know what to do with it. There are many who had to windup their offices as they failed to bag enough projects to keep their business floating. In order to not meet the same fate, it’s important to have a good understanding about this industry and then step into it.
Another challenge which you may experience would be investing your money in buying heavy equipment. As a matter of fact, the heavy equipments are quite expensive and one needs to shell out a lot of money to possess them. So just imagine a situation where you have a big project in your hand, for which you buy some heavy equipment and successfully manage to complete the project but after having done so had to wait to get another one. Till then your machines are idle and you generate no money from them. At the same time, if you have bought them via taking a loan, and you need to make sure you’ve sufficient funds in your bank account to pay the monthly instalments of your machines.
In such a situation, it’s recommended to rent your machine to someone who can make good use of it and shall also pay you rent for it. Here, we would be discussing how one can rent an excavator and the modes he can take to put it on rent.
Take help of local newspaper:- You may want to approach a newspaper which has wide circulation throughout your city. Invest some money to purchase some space in the paper. Mention clearly what you’re looking for and if you’re ready for any negotiation. Also mention your contact details so that people interested to take the excavator on rent can reach you and can get the deal sealed. Classified in newspapers are still considered to play a significant role in connecting people to meet their business purposes.
List the excavator online:- With the advent of internet, people have started using it as a platform to buy and sell things. There are many online selling sites which are in business that allows sellers to list their items so that buyers can bid on it or simply buy it at the mentioned price. You can make use of this technology and list the excavator on the site. Give some pictures of the excavator and make use of HTML’s or other software codes to decorate the listing.
In a nutshell, your listing should look attractive and should pull the attention of the buyers to your listing. Now, you also need to mention that you’re looking to rent the excavator and state out of the points which you want the person who is taking it on rent to imply to lengthen the life of the machine. Stating down the specification and features of the excavator is a must and also put down the rental price of the machine.
Last but not the least, do mention about the contract thing. It’s perhaps the contract that would protect the rights of both the giver and the taker.

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Heavy Equipment for rent and sale

Heavy Equipment for rent and sale