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Dozer tips

Operating a dozer is considered to be far simpler than perhaps operating any other form of heavy equipment. It is said that the number of applications you have inside the cabin are lesser comparatively other machines and this is why it is never a problem to learn to operate a dozer. On the contrary, first times users are recommended to first experience operating a dozer first than any other form of heavy equipment. Once you are able to achieve control over the different functions in the machine, life becomes simpler for you. Thereafter you can try out other form of heavy equipment and learn to operate them as well. There is specifically no ground rule to learn to operate a dozer. So if you ask for any sort of tips from a veteran who has been running a dozer for ages will not be able to say anything in particular. All he might say is that you got to concentrate on your work and understand the various functions of the machine.

To start with providing any tips that can be given on operating a dozer, one must begin with;

Knowing the various functions of the machine:-

You got to know your system well in order to work on it. As long as you are unaware of all the devices in there it will be rather difficult for you to manage the movement of the dozer. Once you are inside the cabin the movement of the dozer is your responsibility and you should understand that you are dealing with something very serious hence if anything goes wrong or a minor blunder form your end can cost the company in tons. Therefore it is crucial that you take your stuffs seriously and learn about the functions you have in the dozer, understanding the various utility of the functions and thereby work on it to access better control over it.

Proper maintenance in the key:-

Dozers are meant for rough working conditions but this does not mean that you can keep that going all along without giving proper break and not servicing it. The machine also needs rest like we do and timely maintenance is of utter importance. Failing which can lead to severe complications in the machine. Maintaining the machine also comes under the chapter of how to keep the dozer safe. This simply means that by changing the oil and properly greasing the machine you are lengthening its life and also ensuring that the machine performs safely without any hiccups at all times. If not done then there are high chances that its parts may start becoming rogue and you have to ultimately face the music of your boss?

 Best way to learn to operate a dozer:-

There could be no other better way to learn to operate a dozer other than watching a veteran does it and you sit along with him and see him working. You got to make a note of his activities and understand how he is working with the machine. This will prove to be a useful tip for you going forward in your career.

How to operate a grader

Landscape in the construction sector has gained prominence over the years. This means the construction equipment required to do landscaping work is in much demand and also the people who know to operator it. When we talk about landscapes or leveling land, the heavy equipment that comes in our mind in the first stance is a grader. Grader plays immense role when it comes to leveling the land and making a path for the workers to move. We can imagine how crooked the paths are on a jobsite and therefore how difficult it must be for the workers to move on it. If not leveled at the right time, the soil gets hardened and then it becomes a problem to get it removed. Same is the case with creating landscapes. We have to get the work done at the right time or else the effort that we have to put to get the work done just multiplies.

To know all the functions of a grader is crucial:-

One can become an efficient operator only when he/she is aware of the various functions that are available in a grader. Jumping in inside the cabin and driving/operating the machine can be part of the basic function but if you find yourself in a difficult situation and you do not know all the functions then you are at a greater risk. The operator is expected to know all the functions in a grader and if you fail to do so then you will be jeopardizing the prospect of the project and also to a larger extent your career in the industry. If you are a trainee, it is important that you sit along with your mentor and check how he/she is operating the machine. Learn from him the functions that he uses and ask to show stuffs that are important for you to know.

Learn the signals properly:-

A grader throws lot of signals to the operator and every signal has a different meaning attached to it. If the clutches are not functioning properly then it may throw a certain type of signal or for that matter if there is some issue with the engine or parts related to the engine it will indicate through means of a signal. Now it is for you to comprehend and understand them so that you do not overlook the signal and continue your work as usual. Unable to comprehend signals can have catastrophic effect on the machine and also at times to the life of the people on the jobsite.

Do some basic checks on your own:-

Conducting certain basic checks like ensuring the brakes are in order and when applied it stops the machine from moving, the clutches, gears, levers are all in place and are working absolutely fine is very crucial. You should not have problem to stop the machine from moving when you are working on a steep land or to your amazement you find out the machine is not moving as it should as there are issues with its clutches. These should be examined well in advance.

How to operate a loader

Loaders are one of the most essential and important heavy construction equipment that the construction workers simply cannot do without, in the current construction scenario. However, operating the loader, or in fact any other heavy construction equipment, is not an easy task. You need to make sure that you know the steps properly, so that the loader doesn’t tip over or change directions all of a sudden.

Start with choosing the right size and power of the loader. There are different kinds of the loaders. You can choose a skid loader or a wheel loader or the other kinds of loaders, as per your requirement. Once you have done so, you need to follow these steps.

  • Read the user manual:


The first step is to read the user manual of the loader carefully. There you will be guided about the different switches, levers and other tools. Take your seat and carefully identify the switches. Before you start, you must fasten your seat belt properly, so that you do not fall from the loader.

  • Understand the controls:


There are two steering handles in almost all the loaders. They are located on the sides of the arm rest of both sides of the loader. There is also a diagram for the buttons that clearly state how the loader runs and before you start the machine, you need to look at the loader carefully.

  • Start the loader:


To start the loader, usually you are given a key that is almost similar to that of a car. Some loaders are also started by a clearly visible start button. Nowadays, the newer loaders come with a keypad, where you will have to enter the starting code and the machine will start.

  • Unlock the controls:


Usually the control system is locked and hence, as you start the machine or loader, you need to unlock the control system. A toggle switch does the job and when it is turned off, a red lamp is ignited and when it is switched on, it turns green.

  • Moving the bucket:


Usually the bucket is controlled by the left steering handle. It must be made assured that the joystick is moved only to the right or left side or to the front and back. Diagonal movement may cause the machine to act differently; rather than moving the bucket. Many loaders use pedals to run the machine and control the buckets. While moving the vehicle, you must always lift the bucket high enough to see the front clearly.

  • Controlling the right handle:


The right handle controls how the bucket is operated to load and unload the debris. Moving the right handle to the left will raise the bucket and moving it to the right will unload or dump the material in the bucket.

Now that you have understood how the loaders can be operated, it is a must that you stop the loader right in front of the pile of material that you want to load or unload. Once you are done, park the machine properly, so that it doesn’t obstruct the area. Always move the vehicle in slow speed.

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Important points of operating a motor grader

Different types of heavy equipment are highly required in the construction industry. When you want to use this equipment then you have to know all the critical ways of handling it properly. It is really difficult to know the proper ways of controlling or handling a heavy equipment of construction site. The motor grader is very useful equipment that helps the operator to make roads. Motor grades especially use for making roads. If you use this machine then you will be able to maintain the job properly as well as the site.
Follow some instructions:
• You should check some important things before operate this motor grader because without knowing it properly you will not be able to operate this system. This process of safety checking include some actions like you have to make sure that all the parts of the equipment are able to perform all the task and can function well. Essential safety equipment like fire extinguisher is available in the system. You should check the grader properly and inspect it that whether this machine can serve you its best or not.

• After checking all its parts you should start the machine and check its clutch, brakes, transmission and controls. Make sure that you have used the proper gear during the working time. You need to very conscious over the speed of the grader. You should not move it very fast. Remember that if you can maintain or control the motor grader in the working time then you will be able to perform your job more smoothly.

• You have to know the entire process of controlling your machine. Here are two middle levels in the machine that control the rotation of blade as well as the circle shift. It actually helps to operate the machine. Through this blade rotation you will be able to make a right angle for your blade and thereby it will be able to move properly. The circle shift is also an important part of the equipment as it helps you to move the blade. There are several levers that help to lift the blade. It actually makes things easier for you.

• You have to know the basic functions of the machine so that you can properly operate the motor grader. If you know all the little details of your machine then you will be able to use the blade smoothly. This information will help you a lot.

• You also have to know the process of pulling a ditch because in all your operations you will need to use these tricks. You have to perform this task very safely so that the blades cannot harm the tires.

These are the basic tips that will help you to operate a machine. But you have to be very careful. Motor grader is a very helpful machine but if you do not use it properly and not apply the proper maintenance then it will stop working. Therefore it is highly necessary to maintain the machine at a regular basis.

Few Important Things One Must Know Before They Start Operating A Wheel Loader

A Wheel Loader is considered to be one of the most important heavy equipment in the construction sector and the operators working on them are paid real well for their services. But this does not imply that operating a wheel loader is a difficult thing to understand and one has to go for enormous training before they master their work. It may not be a cake walk for a newbie to understand everything about the operation part of the equipment but once he starts working on it, he will certainly understand that it is not as difficult as he had perceived it to be. Moreover, there are many institutes that give you formal training on working as an operator. They mold you so well that by the time you are out of the institute, you have learned most of the things about the machine. Rest depends on how hard you work on field and how much effort you give to know the functions aligned with various models of wheel loader.

We would be having a brief discussion on what are the different things one need to know to operate a wheel loader.

Get through a good institution:-  You learn well if you have good teachers to teach you. That is why it is important that you get yourself enrolled to a good institution where you are given both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of different machines. Once you clean the initial stages, you can go for specialization where you can select wheel loader as your prime subject. You’d then be given intensive training on that particular equipment and will have every chance to excel in your career. So take a start by joining the best institution in your city.

Knowing the kind of project:-  Wheel loaders come in different weights and sizes. It is interrelated to the sort of project you would be using the machine. For small work, you can make use of equipments which are compact and less heavy. However, if you are given to work on big projects, then you have a good opportunity to try your hands on the wheel loaders we generally see around various construction sites. You just can’t use a compact wheel loader in a huge site as it may not be of much use to you.

How well do you know your machine?  Getting through from a good institution does not necessarily make you a good operator. What makes you a good operator is how well you know your machine. An operator is considered to be the heart and brain of the machine. There should be a connection between you and your machine and it should be so intense that a single glitch somewhere down in the equipment should give you signals that something is wrong with it and you need to get that fixed. You may come around many operators who have been working with a loader for years, has the capability to understand there’s a glitch before anybody else can vaguely figure it out.

Operating A Dozer Is As Simple As Driving Your Own Car

If you think that in order to operate a dozer, you need to take some very special training then you probably have to change your thoughts. It may require you to take some level of training but it is definitely not as rigid or complex as taking a space shuttle and flying away in the space. It may sound to be little complicated but the process is quite simple and easy to understand. At the end, you may find it as simple as driving your car. Few things that are important is to understand the intricacies of the equipment and once you know the in and outs of operating the dozer, it would be nothing more than a cake walk for you.
Things that one should consider learning in order to operate a dozer
Knowing more about the machine:- If you want to be a good operator, it is of due importance to know well about the machine. You should know the utilities of various switches inside the cabin. They may be for various reasons and as long as you do not know them all, you may not be able to make optimum utilization of those switches. It may also extend the period of a work assigned to you which will ultimately affect your productivity and may also incur loss to the company. Other than this, not knowing the various functions of the dozer may also lead to accidents and unwanted casualties. No company would ever want these things to happen and therefore, one should learn everything possible about the dozer they are working on.
Get some basic training:- Due to technological changes happening every other day, new model are coming up in the market. These models more or less have the same functions. However, the manufacturing companies try to add few more features to make it look more user-friendly and therefore also attach a higher price value to it. It is because of this reason that the operator should get some basic training in understanding those extra functions and that he can incorporate them in his day to day activities.
Buddy-up under an expert:- You learn well if you learn it from an expert. Operators who have been in this industry for years may have worked with all sorts of machines and therefore are quite competent enough to train young guns. They may teach you many things as to how you can operate a dozer and may also share few of their experiences which may help you under a given situation. The knowledge they have gained all over the years will help the trainees fetch more benefit than any other book can ever provide.
Check the web:- You can also take help from internet to know how you can operate the machine. You can go to youtube and check live demonstration. This will give you a better picture of how you can operate the same stuff all by yourself. Though this is useful, you still will get to learn more from physically working on the dozer.

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Operating a Compaction Roller- Knowing the Basics

Thinking of joining the construction arena? Or are you already a part of it? Then, you must be aware of the fact that the use of heavy equipment in the construction industry is an integral part of the whole affair. And among the many kinds of heavy equipment that are put to use in the construction site, the compaction roller definitely holds a significant importance.


What Is A Compaction Roller?


The first and the foremost thing that needs to be mentioned in this regard is that the compaction roller, specifically, is part of the road construction industry. You must have noticed those big machines with large wheels riding to and from on a particular stretch of road in an attempt to level and make the soil ready to build a road on it. Yes, you got it right. That is the compaction roller. The compaction roller is of great significance in the arena of road construction as the quality of the compaction of soil will ultimately decide the quality of the road that is being built. Hence, there can be no doubt about the fact that the compaction roller forms an important part of the entire business of road construction.


Compaction Roller- How Does It Work?


Now that we know what a compaction roller is, it would also do good to know about the basic mode of its operation. Let us look at things from the very beginning. The initial process of compaction involves the use of “pad foot drum rollers”. The pads, in this case, ensure that a smaller amount of surface area of the substrate is covered by the roller, thereby, making the compaction attain a greater density. “Pad foot drum rollers” look after the flat portion of the soil for you. But what about the parts that has bumps and hurdles? How are they dealt with? Enter “single smooth drum compactors” which are perfectly suited to cater to the needs of those stretches that have bumps on them, compressing and flattening them to provide a smooth finish to the compaction process. The entire thing is done in association with a motor grader so as to ensure the complete leveling of the surface. It is often seen that a pneumatic tire roller is also employed so as to knead the surface of the road and attain a better finishing touch.


The final stage in the entire compaction affair is the compaction of the road base, which is finished off with the help of a “smooth single drum roller” or the “smooth tandem roller” coupled together with a motor grader. The last but not the least is the putting the layers of asphalt on the compacted stretch to build a durable road. And this is a feat that is achieved by the help of pavers. The asphalt, after the entire procedure, is then compacted further with the help of a “tandem smooth drum” or a /’pneumatic tire roller”. And lo! A road becomes ready for the use of pedestrians and vehicles.

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