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The highs and lows of heavy equipment salesperson

A salesman in general goes through a number of highs and lows in his career but what keeps him going is his sheer will to change the tide and resurface as a winner. Heavy equipment salesman also experience similar type of difficulties but certainly of different magnitude. Since he is dealing with high priced products selling them quite often is not a simple task. He may encounter many challenges that a salesperson of a low priced commodity does not have to face. His challenges may come in different forms and shapes and in order to tackle them all he requires motivation from people doing similar job or from people who are his peers. Other than that, the current market condition also plays a major role in the sale of heavy equipment commodities. For instance, if the entire construction industry is not doing well, it also becomes difficult for the salesperson to make any sale. People are not getting much benefit from the industry and most of them are waiting for things to change.

This is perhaps one such occasion when heavy equipment salesperson is really vulnerable and they are forced to take up selling other things. Some get into selling vehicles and stuff and for some they find it convenient to simply change the line of business. The cream of the period is when the construction and mining industry is doing well or is at its peak. This gives a lot of opportunity for the salesperson to show their skills and make the most from the moment. There are few who are of the belief that irrespective how the industry reacts there is always a scope for selling machines or its accessories. You can’t always sell those big machines to construction companies or contractors. At times you have to depend of selling accessories too and it can still earn you good commission. People do not want to purchase a new machine if something goes wrong with its part. They would want to replace the faulty part with a new one.

Heavy equipment salesperson should equally focus on selling accessories. It can keep them going for a long time and will also not demoralize them if they are unable to sell any heavy equipment. Grow your network and try to reach out to as many people as you can. There is always a scope of finding a person who is looking for what you are selling but it is just that you do not know him. Try to meet as many people as you can. Not all meetings will turn out into a sale. You can definitely meet them for a small talk and check if they need anything. Moreover, you can try to know if they know someone who is looking for a specific stuff related to heavy equipment and if you can be of any help.

The thumb rule is work hard when the overall industry is doing well so that you make the most of it and during the sluggish periods which will not last for long try to stick to what you does the best.

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The Giants of the Construction and Mining Industry

The heavy equipment which are ruling the construction and mining site serve multi-purpose functions as they are designed thus. The list of such giants is very big including ultra hauler, excavators, bulldozers, loaders and the like.

List of the Major Giants and Their Applications

  • Excavator: – The spinning platform of the excavator contains stick, cab, boom and bucket. It is used for a variety of purposes like digging holes, trenches, forestry work, demolition, mining, driving piles and many more. Its notable manufacturers are Hitachi Construction Machinery, Bobcat Company, Case CE and CNH Global.
  • Crawler: – This machine is used to transport heavy objects and also to dig. Its major components are rotor support, chassis, turntables, central swivel joints, air conditioners, cab and the panel. Huta Stalowa, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Liebherr Holding GmbH, Terex Schaeff GmbH, Zoom Lion and the like are famous for the manufacturing of superior quality crawler.
  • Dump Truck: – It is used in the construction site to carry light materials like gravel, sand or dirt. It has hydraulic pistons and open box bed. It was constructed in the late 19th century in the US. All of them make use of hydraulics and use wide range of configurations. Each of the truck is designed to carry out a particular job. The leading manufacturers of the equipment are Asia Motorworks, Komatsu, John Deere, Terex Corporation, Volvo Trucks and Euclid Trucks.
  • Skid Steer Loader: – The equipment is a four-wheeled vehicle which is a substitute of excavators. It at first, dig a ramp, and then uses the ramp to drag the material out of it. It is mainly used where large excavators cannot work. A few models of skid steer loader consist of an automatic mechanism of attachment changer. Bobcat   Company, Wuhan Chancay Machinery, Fuzhou Julitaihe International, Qingdao Hengda Tyres, Dongguan Shangjha Model Products Company Limited and many more.
  • Bulldozer: – It is fitted with large metal blades which are used to push aside sand, rubble and soil at the time of conversion task. The term ‘bulldozer’ itself indicates heavy equipment but practically the term stands for tracked tractor having a dozer blade. The machine is also used in mining, road constructing, land clearing, forestry and the development of infrastructure. The basic tools of bulldozer are ripper and blade. Wuhan Kudat Industry and Trade Co. Ltd, Zeb Power Solution Co. Ltd and Fuzhou Julitaihe International are some of the renowned companies of bulldozer manufacturing.
  • Crane: – Crane is used to lift the loads up and down and shift them in a horizontal direction. It utilises more than one simple device to perform its work smoothly. It exists in a variety of configurations; each is designed differently from the other to arry on with a specific job type. Eurocrane China Co. Ltd, Wuhan Kudat Industry And Company Ltd, Dongguan Taiguan Lifting Machinery Company Ltd, Shenzhen Welmetal Heavy Industry Company Ltd, are some of the companies which have gained their fame in manufacturing cranes.


Undoubtedly, after going through this article, you have gained an insight into the various giants that became the masters of the mining and construction industry. So, purchase them from a renowned company today.