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Veterans should focus on new entrants and guide them throughout

In every industry the role of veterans in nurturing the business cannot be ruled out. They play a pivotal role in shaping up the future of the company and also the career of many individuals who learn from them. At the same time they also earn a special place in the company and if ever the company goes through a rough patch, it is the veterans in the company that secures their place in the company. They are probably the last one to be kicked out. The experienced ones however have to make this place for themselves by giving their time and paying attention on the new guys. It is the experienced lot who can train the new guns about the systems in place and the process of work along with the culture that is followed in the company. In a nutshell they have a big role to play irrespective of what industry they belong to.

Veterans have a stronger role to play when it comes to the construction sector. This sector being quite vast in nature, it takes years for a person to learn things and to master them. People commit lot of mistakes when they are new to work and with every mistake they take a step forward in learning something new. Veterans can make things a bit simple for them by providing them with proper guidance and showing them the correct way to get the assigned work done. Construction business is not only a vast one but also quite complex and the newcomers will for sure find it difficult to comprehend things in the beginning. They need someone who can walk them through the initial phases and be with them whenever they need their advice.

Try to become their mentor:-

The newbie who get into the construction sector look for people who can turn out to be their mentors. They may come across many people who will help them. The new guys will try to pick a mentor out of the many people whom they feel is able to guide them in the most appropriate manner. The work of a mentor is undoubtedly a difficult one as he will be bothered with all sorts of questions. It will be a real test of his patience and he needs to prove his credibility by being calm and answer their queries as and when it shows up. After spending anytime between 8-10 years in an industry one becomes a veteran but you need special qualities to become a mentor and not everybody can become one. It is only those who have sound knowledge about his work and can calmly impart it to their juniors and subordinates can ultimately possess the quality of becoming a mentor.

Be a problem solver:-

Day in and out the new guys will come across new things and that will indeed riddle them and compel them to ask questions. Now if they turn up to you, they come to you with believe that you have the potential to answer them. This is when you also need to do your best and try to solve the problem they are in. Try to be a problem solver. This will mean a lot to them.

Determination is the key when it comes to construction industry

In almost every industry, in order to attain the highest level, a person needs to be highly determined to reach till there. Skill also plays a pivotal role in his success but it seems that determination to succeed is the key when it comes to the construction industry. Construction sector is a highly competitive sector and one may have to experience a lot of ups and downs when they are a part of this industry. Many a times they are subjugated by their competitors and at times have to work at their whims and fancies so that they can simply survive in this sector. The big players hold a major share of the market and in order to just stay in and survive, small time companies often have to comply with the orders of the big companies. Other than that, there are different kinds of lobbies that one has to get associated with, without which it will be really difficult for them to carry on in this sector.

In this midst of all these hassles, there is one thing that keeps most of them going and that is the zeal, the determination to make it big in this sector. There are few things that one must do to keep that flare on.

Always think about your goal and move in that direction:-

This is pretty tough to do. However, it really pays you off handsomely. The only think that should be there in your mind is your business. This will help you to keep getting different kind of ideas, plans in your mind that you can make use to expand your business. You will undoubtedly be experiencing many other issues that will be other than your business. However, that should not affect your business plans and your intention to grow. Having said this, you should not mix your business life and your personal life together. This is real tough to do but you got to learn this with time. People may give you some advices. You may check if any of them actually works for you and in case if any of their advice works for you, then you can follow that whenever a crisis of that sort appears. The key is to just keep your focus intact and move in the same direction. Some problems or the other will always keep on surfacing. It will be ultimately your talent how you handle them and continue to move in the path you have chosen.

Always follow the guidance of a mentor:-

The construction industry is a highly complex industry and time and again you will come across issues that you may find new and may not know how to deal with it. This is when you require a mentor, a person who will guide you all the way through, a person whom you can trust and you know that he will never give you any wrong advices. While working in such a multifaceted industry, having a mentor who will help you to be focused is very essential.



Selling heavy equipment – Must to have a mentor

We all want to excel in our career and lead a prosperous life and for that we try and do everything under the sun to make that happen. One such profession where you need not be ultra-qualified is being a salesman. However, that does not imply that anybody can become a good salesman. It requires lot of hard work and determination without which it will be futile to dream of a prosperous life. Now when we are talking about sales, we are dealing with a difficult chapter. When you are into selling something, you are winning someone’s trust first and then selling him the product. This also means that if in any case the product goes faulty, the person will lose his trust from you for eternity.

Therefore it is important that you sell the right stuff to the right person. But when you are a beginner you do not know how to deal with situations and how to crack a deal. This is where the need of a mentor surfaces. Ideally, you be a part of any industry, the need of a mentor is always required there but it is probably more needed in the profession of sale because you are not only dealing with the reputation of the company but also with the trust of people and you just can’t allow that to go for a toss.

For people who are selling heavy equipment, the need of a mentor increases in their case. One can just imagine the situation of a newbie who after graduating gets into selling heavy equipment about which he knows nothing. He must be having nightmares to come to office every day and may even think of moving to some other job or some other industry. Well for people like these, there must a guy who will guide them with the things he is supposed to do and the things he should stay out of. Since he will be completely new to this environment, he should first meet his mentor before his starts working for the day. No wonder his mentor will fill him up with positivity and will try to clear any hurdles that he must have experienced during the sale.

Selling heavy equipment may not be as simple as selling some financial product but it is also not a very difficult job. It just depends on how well you take it and the kind of support you get from your mentor. You should be sharing possibly everything pertaining to the job with him. Right from meeting the client to the kind of questions that were asked to you by the client and also the answers you gave should be said to the mentor. By that he will judge the areas where you are lacking and will give necessary advices to work on. You should take them positively and hone your skills further. It takes time to become a good heavy equipment salesman but with the help of your mentor, you can do it without much effort.