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Know all about heavy construction equipment – types available and how you should choose the right one!

Heavy construction equipment is one of the most important elements in today’s world, where there is a continuous growth of the construction industry and new constructions are taking place every day. That is the reason, why the heavy construction equipment supplying job has become such a popular one in the industry. If you too are thinking of starting such a business, it is important that you know all about this.

Types of heavy construction equipment:

Many people do not know much about the different types of heavy construction equipment that are available in the market. These are used for various purposes. Some are used to assist in the construction and some are used indirectly in carrying, loading and unloading raw materials.

Some of the common heavy construction equipment that you will often get to see at a construction site, on the roads etc. includes –

  • Cranes
  • Backhoe
  • Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Forklifts
  • Bulldozers
  • Concrete mixers.

These are just a few of the many that you will frequently get to watch. However, there are many others that are not used as widely, but are meant for job-specific tasks. These are usually used during earthquake damage, storm damage and such other damage cleaning.

How can you access one?

The heavy construction equipment is not very cheap. There is no denying the fact that you will have to spend a lump sum amount of money, if you want to own one. Hence, it is always a better idea that you hire them, instead of owning them. This way, you will be able to access the ones that you would require for a particular task and you will not even have to spend a huge amount of money to own them and take care of them.

But of course, the heavy construction equipment is something that not everyone and anyone would require. It is mostly required by the construction industry companies and services. So, if you own such a company, it is always advised that you choose one that you can own, rather than hire it. This is because, hiring it every time will only cause you to pay more.

Choosing the right heavy equipment:

Once you have decided, whether you want to buy one or hire one, you need to check out a number of factors. These would include –

  • Brand: The right brand is very important. With a branded company, you will be able to have the peace of mind regarding its function and life.
  • Condition: In case you are buying used heavy equipment, make sure it is in a good condition.
  • Papers: The papers of the used heavy equipment must be proper, otherwise you will not get a permit and insurance, if you wish to have one.

If you take these factors into consideration, it will be easier for you to make a choice. In case you are still confused, always consult a skilled professional, who has years of experience in this field or a dealer of heavy equipment. They will be able to guide you properly.


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Renting a backhoe loader

If you have an asset which you are not using and that can be rented should be let-out without giving much thought. The reason is if you just keep the asset with you and do not use it, with the passage of time it will wear out. This means that you do not gain anything from it and you are slowly losing out on an asset. This makes absolutely no sense. In the construction business there are many small construction companies as well as contractors who are in hunt of heavy equipment and are ready to give a good rental price if they get something worthy. So for instance, if you own a machine and you do not see any use of it in your business for the next many years then it just does not make any sense to keep it with you. You end up paying a good price to maintain the machine which you will not use for many years.

Backhoe loader is one such heavy equipment that is known for its sheer quality and high class performance. Therefore renting a backhoe loader can always assure you good returns. All that you need to ensure is that you keep the loader in good state. Keep the machine well maintained till the time it is there with you and you have put it to some use. Also before you list the machine for rent, make sure that it is up and running. Try to take some help of a mechanic. He can fix the loader if at all it has any issues. Moreover, you should paint the machine and make it look new. We all want to acquire new things in our lives. So what if the next guy will own it for few months, it will still prefer to take it once it is painted and it looks new.

Use online platforms:-

Listing the backhoe loader on an online platform is perhaps one of the best options you can use. There are number of websites that deals with selling and renting machinery online. Right from an air condition to a car, you can find everything online. You have to first become a member of one such website. Take some pictures of the loader and post it on the website. Give a brief description of the machine like since how long you hold the machine, if it has gone through any minor or major accidents or have you recently changed any of its parts and things thereon. This information will be handy for the viewer and will help them to decide if they should go for your stuff.

Do not quote a high price for an old loader:-

You should be very careful while you quote the price of the backhoe loader. If at all the machine is old and has been repaired several times, you should quote a lesser price for the item. The taker should not feel cheated or else it can lead to further complications. It will be a waste of time to get into such unwanted situations.

Clearing debris using heavy equipment

The entire construction industry is largely dependent on the use of different kinds of heavy equipment. It can be used for many purposes like road construction, digging deep inside the ground, rolling down an existing structure or simply removing debris out of the site. Well, removing the debris can be a painful task for the workers if they exclude the involvement of heavy machineries. It may take weeks if not months for the workers to just remove the debris out of the site if they had to do this manually and without the participation of heavy equipment. In a nutshell, it is just not possible. You can’t take a hit on your finance and delay your project just because your employees are busy clearing the debris. That sounds completely insane from the perspective of a construction business owner.

So in a situation where you got to take care of the debris, it is advisable that you have your heavy equipment in place that are especially used for such work and get the work done in few days. The entire purpose of using heavy equipment to get the work done is to save your time as well as the time and energy of your workers and also to speed up the work a bit. The heavy equipment that are ideally used to clear debris are excavators, backhoe loaders, front loaders and any machine that can have an attachment either in the front or at the rear and can attach a bucket out there are fit to do this work.

Many construction companies or for that matter demolition companies use a dozer to demolish structures and then use the same machine with a different attachment and clear the debris. All they do is fit in a bucket in the front and the operator makes sure he gets the job done in a day’s time. So a bulldozer is a favorite for many demolition companies. Though there are some who prefer a backhoe loader for the same job but many find dozers to be more compatible than any other form of heavy equipment.

Excavators can also be used to remove debris. The claws of the excavator can be used to draw the debris in it and then it moves at the back of the machine and dumps the stuff inside the bucket which is then moved and eventually dumped in the truck. Excavators are the ideal heavy machines for the ones who got to dig deep inside the ground and then carry the dirt and dump it in the truck. So the construction and mining companies who are into building huge apartments or who goes deep inside the ground in search of minerals find an excavator as a perfect machine for their job.

Backhoe loader is such heavy equipment which is primarily used to remove debris. It has a bucket at the rear of the machine and the dirt is filled inside the bucket with the help of the boom that’s attached on its front. It is also used for excavating work; therefore has similar features of an excavator.

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Hire Skid-steer Loader for Appending Labor-saving Gears

Trade owners, general outworkers and project executives in the construction industry are well aware of the pricey heavy equipment. Therefore they always prefer to employ the heavy equipment on rental basis. Heavy equipment rental companies show all the important documents related to lease to the business possessors so that the deal should be agreed in proper legal manner. Skid-steer loader is engine-powered heavy equipment that is available with elevate arms. This apparatus is used to fasten the labour-saving tools. Some of the renowned manufacturers of this machine are Bobcat, Terex, and Caterpillar etc. It is sensible for the contractors to hire skid steer equipment of these branded companies.
Pertinence of Skid-steer Loader
Skid-steer loader is also recognised as skid loader or skid steer that is generally attainable in four-wheel vehicle. The wheels are automatically locked and have no independent routing device. The loader can move in different motions like slewing, dragging with the help of the paired wheels. Sometimes the loaders are equipped with tracks instead of wheels and at that time the vehicles are known as compact track loader. This loader has the capacity of performing like a backhoe, pallet fork, hydraulic breakers, and auger and so on. Some of its applications are as ensues:
• The skid-steer loaders can dig the hole from the inside the earth just like an excavator.
• It initially burrows the ramp leading to the circumference of the required quarry.
• Then the loader utilises the ramp to take out the material out from the crater.
• It also assists in remodelling the ramp to keep it powerful and longer as the mining process gets deeper.
• Skid loader is used for setting up the parks.
• It is also employed in cleaning stalls in a store.
Benefits of Renting Skid-steer Loader
• Heavy equipment rental firms proffer low-hour and trustworthy skid loaders to the construction companies that are sustained in authoritarian yardsticks. It’s a fact that the rental companies are providing the second-hand heavy equipment to the business owners but these are obtainable in good conditions.
• The heavy apparatus leasing firms cater to the modern technology equipment to the business owners. The construction contractors want to hire the upgraded version of skid-steer loader therefore these rental companies are successful in satisfying them.
• For renting the skid-steer loader, the business owners should go through the standards of Emissions Compliance (EPA). EPA granted machines can be used without any stress.
• Construction equipment rental companies help the contractors to accomplish their project proficiently. Upgraded skid loaders provided by the reputed rental companies assist the contractors to attach the toil-cutback tools flawlessly.
• The construction companies are not required to take the headache of maintenance cost when they hire skid-steer loader from the leasing firms. It is the duty of the hiring service providers to examine the condition of the machine periodically.
Some of the renowned rental companies that offer skid-steer loader are Caterpillar, Ahern Rentals, Power Equipment Company. Several types of skid steers are propounded with additional facilities to grab the attention of a large number of construction industry owners.

Different types heavy equipment in landfills

There are different types of heavy equipment which are used at landfills but which particular type of heavy equipment will be useful for you, depend on the landfill’s operational needs. Its needs normally based on the conditions of the soil, landfill’s size and also the amount or the type of the waste material. Actually all the operational tasks need the use of heavy equipment. If you want to complete your task then you have to take help from the heavy equipment as an example every landfill requires such equipment in order to take waste material from one place to another place.  There are different kinds of heavy equipment which serve some of the important works in landfills. Check it out.


Different kind of trucks like Dump trucks or the truck loaders help to transport all the waste materials into the landfill compound or to the landfill. These trucks are specially used for transportation of the materials so it consists of a huge bay at the back in order to carry such materials. In the fixed ‘dump’ place of the landfill, the trucks gather all the waste materials. Cover materials are also transported by such trucks to such places and those things are used in the waste covering process.

For movement:

Bulldozers are also very useful for such works; they also help to move the waste material to the right place. Big, huge amount of materials can be transported through such vehicles which are designed with heavy attachments and provide such facilities.

For compaction:

In order to decrease the total area, compaction helps to crush the material. Compactors and bulldozers can perform such works due to their heavy weight. They make a track and move around the track in order to break up their heavy weight on the waste material. In order to compressed the waste in the dump area one has to drive such heavy vehicles over it.

For covering:

Bulldozers, loaders, trucks, backhoes, scrapers and compactors everything helps to cover the material. Soil and other such materials work as the covering material and help to cover the waste material. Backhoes help to uncover the covering material and the heavy trucks take it to the right site. The bulldozers move the covering material and the compactors compact the material over the waste.

Different types of equipments:


Excavator: The other name of the excavator is a track hoe. It basically is a large type of machine which has a ‘pivoting base with a cab on top’. There is an articulated arm which actually helps to operate the bucket and the bucket is used to gather huge amounts of rock, soil or waste. Generally people used this excavator for different types of works such as river dredging, hole digging and mining.

Backhoes loaders: It has been used in many kinds of purposes like landscaping, hole digging and demolition.
Such heavy equipments are used in many kinds of operational tasks that require the transportation of heavy material like gravel or dirt.