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Why to hire a power scraper

Heavy equipment is more in demand in both construction and mining industries. Among these equipment, scrapers are always required on the construction site. Power Scraper (PS) is a unique machine used for digging and long distance hauling of plough able materials and used for levelling of ground. It is finest machinery which can carry huge volumes of dirt at a time and move it from one place to another. One advantage over other earth moving machines is the capability to remove wet soil from the surface. It performs on heavier and other tough type of soils. It is a dominant tool in construction of highways. Many construction industries, start-ups and first time users prefer hiring heavy equipment including scrapers.

The following are the reasons why to hire a power scraper:

  • There is huge demand for scrapers, due to the increase in construction activities. Power scrapers (PS) are very expensive, which makes it difficult for construction companies to purchase a new scraper for doing multiple jobs at their work site. Further, due to economic downfall, most customers cannot afford to buy a brand new scraper and prefer hiring one for short period.
  • For short duration construction projects, buying a new scraper means waste of money since it the grader is used for a particular duration after which it is not used.
  • When PS at a construction site is not functional or damaged and it needs to be repaired.
  • Due to the increased workload on the construction site, more number of scrapers are required.
  • The user wants to try a new model which is technologically advanced. However, before purchasing a brand new one to be used for a long time and the option of buying on rent is helpful. This gives user an idea of application and if it is suitable for his work.
  • Most buyers prefer for used scrapers which are reliable, easy to operate, ready availability of spare parts and have high resale value.


While hiring of a used PS one needs to be careful and observant of the machine. One should inspect it very well, the machine should not be damaged, and should be less than 5 years to age. The buyer should refer to product specifications and hire a model according to its application at the work place. The user should also know the overall costs in terms of the repairs, fuel costs, and operator costs.


PS is a versatile and flexible machine. Thus hiring a power scraper is beneficial since is cost-effective for construction companies



Working With A Scraper- How To Go On About It?

If you are into the mining industry, then you must be well aware of the important position that heavy equipment holds in the smooth operation of the entire business. If you are involved in the mining arena and are not aware of what a particular equipment is used for or how does it work, then you are not exactly on the route to success. The wheel tractor scraper is one of the most commonplace heavy equipment to be put to use in the arena of mining and highway construction.

Wheel Tractor Scraper- What Is It?

Shifting earth from one place and dumping it to another is one of the most significant aspect of the mining industry, as it is on this that the rest of the work depends. The wheel tractor scraper or the scraper is among the many earth moving equipment that rules the mining and highway construction industry. Consisting of a wagon with provision of a bladed bottom, the scraper is primarily used for scraping away the earth into the hydraulically run hopper. Once the hopper is filled with earth and cannot be loaded anymore, the gate is closed and carried away for dumping. The scraper is generally used for scraping the earth over smaller distances, usually about two miles.

Running A Scraper- How Is It Done?

Operating a scraper is not that difficult a deal, provided one deals with the entire affair a bit skilfully. However, having a basic idea of how the equipment operates wouldn’t hurt. So, let us take a look at the basic tenets of operating a scraper.

  • The ripper shanks of the scraper have to be elevated to the maximum position before driving the scraper forward. Before the scraper is again lowered to the ground level, operators should ensure that there is nothing there that could be damaged or cause damage.
  • It is better not to drive the scrapper too fast, or else the purpose of the equipment will not be served. As the operator proceeds with the scraper, the part of the earth that is scraped gets accumulated inside the box like structure. In case of greater contact with the earth, it is wise to let down the shanks one at a time, taking care to not to let the entire thing fall too low as that would bring the entire scraper to a halt.
  • While emptying the scraper of the accumulated dirt, make sure that you raise the shanks slowly and gradually. This will allow all the dirt to fall off. In the event of the scraper filling up too fast, you might consider elevating the shank further.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that wheel tractor scraper forms an important part of the mining and highway construction industry. It is, therefore, quite obvious that one faulty step on your part in the operation of this heavy equipment might lead to untoward consequences. It is, therefore, best if only the skilled hands of the industry are hired for the job. Having information on the basic aspects of the entire functioning of the scraper is also a good thing.

Articulated Dump Truck or Scrapers- Which Is the Best Deal for You?

If you take a good look at the construction forum, then you will find that the entire industry virtually depends on the efficient use of heavy equipment. It is the heavy equipment that plays a key role in deciding the fate of a particular construction project. Hence, choosing heavy equipment with care is quite an important job for those responsible for the construction site. And things might get difficult for you when it comes to choosing between equipment of the same kind.

The Articulated Dump Truck Vs Scrapers

Earthmoving forms an important part of any construction project. Shifting mounds of earth to clear off a portion of the land is quite an important job. Therefore, one has to be very careful when opting for earthmoving machinery. However, this is where the dilemma of the entire deal lies in. which earthmoving equipment should one go for- the scraper or the articulated dump truck? Well, if one cares to take a look at the features, one would find that both have commendable features of their own. A scraper comes equipped with a sharp hopper fixed horizontally which can be operated vertically with the help of hydraulic power. The articulated truck, on the other hand, has an uncomplicated pivotal system that makes it easy for the truck and the cab to detach, thereby enhancing control of the equipment.

Which Should Be Your Choice- The Articulated Truck Or Scraper?

Now arises the crucial topic as to which should be your choice- the scraper or the articulated truck? Well, it all depends on the purpose for which you will put the equipment to use. Is it is mining and the suburb that forms your area of concern, then scrapers should be your choice. The sharp hopper of the scraper cuts through the soil and clay and there are attachments in the equipment that allow it to be raised and dump the earth exactly where it should be dumped. The scraper can be optimally used by construction workers when they need to cut through the soil and fill an area that is close by. The articulated dump trucks on the other hand form the best option when it comes to rocky and muddy stretches of land. The pivotal system that makes it easy to operate the equipment by separating the cab and the truck offers a huge advantage to operators. Steered and controlled by hydraulic rams, this equipment is the best choice when it comes to moving heavy load from one place to another. Making a choice between articulated trucks and scrapers can be quite difficult as both have their own set of utilities. In such a situation, the purpose for which your equipment is being put to use should form your basic concern.

    Operate A Scraper With Ease – A Bit Of Practical Training Can Help You Master It

    When you are in the construction business, you may have to deal with all sorts of heavy equipment and in order to operate them, you need the best operator who can get the job done with ease and without causing any causality to co-employees or anyone on the site. Ideally, construction companies do have a set of operators who are skilled in operating a particular type of machine but that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of handling other set of heavy equipment. They are also given to try a hand on equipment which they have not worked much. This keeps them abreast with other operators and becomes very handy especially when for any unforeseen reason; you don’t have the primary operator at work. In this situation, you can make use of the other person who has worked on that machine earlier.
    In this article, we will discuss how one can learn to operate a scraper. Operating a scraper is no rocket science and can be learned with ease if only the learner is determined to learn it the proper way and also if he works on the machine, thus with the help of the practical knowledge can make him a better operator.
    Learning the intricacies of the equipment closely:- The first step that one needs to learn before he starts operating a scraper is to learn the intricacies of the scraper closely and should be able to understand what to do when under any given situation. The small cabin given to the operator is actually the brain of the machine and the operator needs to know all the different buttons and their functions. He just can’t afford to press the wrong switch, which if he does will only make the situation worse. Therefore, it becomes very important to understand the different features of the scraper and which switch is meant to do what kind of work.
    Keep updating your knowledge through internet:- Day in and out, there are lot of changes happening in the technology. Various models are being manufactured by different heavy equipment companies. It’s prudent to keep yourself updated with the recent changes so that if the business is required to buy a new scraper, you should not find yourself in a position of not being able to understand anything in it. You may take help of internet to understand the technological changes in the new model and can keep yourself updated.
    Take help from people veteran to you:- Developing a healthy relationship with your veteran can yield positive results in many occasions. Once such occasion is when you want to learn how to operate a scraper of which you have not ever read about. The people who are in senior level position and have been operating different models of scraper may be in a position to give some help to you using which you can try your hand on the new model.

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