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Renting a bulldozer can pay you off handsomely

We buy heavy equipment on the basis of our needs and it has been often seen that after upgrading the heavy equipment, we are ultimately left with 2 machines of the same stature. So what we eventually think is to do away with the old one since we do not see any need of it. Well, we are wrong if we think about selling it off unless the machine is too old for anybody to use it and you sell it as scrap. However, when you have the option to rent the equipment why go for selling it. Bulldozer is often the first equipment possessed by a contractor. He may need it for his demolition business but then after a point in time he will think of upgrading his arsenal and might buy another one which is far more technologically advanced. In a situation like this, he can end up renting the previous machine and continue to make recurring income.

There is always a market for renting bulldozer:-

Bulldozers will never find themselves out of market. As long as the construction industry is in existence, dozers will have their place in this segment. Therefore, the dozer you have and you may not need it will always find someone who will want to use it. You can let it out to them by making a contract for a week or month or year or more than that and also fix an amount that you will get as a compensation for letting the other person use your machine. There are many contractors who are in constant hunt for dozers as they can’t afford to buy a new one. They are pretty happy to pay the rental money in lieu of the dozer.

Dozers are eye candy for demolition business owners:-

People who are into the business of demolition do not intend to make big investments. As a matter of fact, this is probably one of the few businesses where you do not need a lot of capital to invest to kick start your business. All you need in the form of heavy equipment is a dozer and few accessories that you need on the dozer. They certainly do not want to buy a dozer which can prove to be very expensive to them. The best alternative for them is to get it on rent. Since the rentals of dozers are comparatively cheaper than other heavy equipment, it certainly fits into their pocket. Simultaneously, getting a demolition job is simpler; they can easily afford to pay the rents without any defaults.

Can demand higher rent if machine is in good condition:-

The instrumental factor that determines the rental price of a dozer is the condition of the machine. If the machine is in good health then the price can be a bit higher but if it is not then you can’t expect a good rental value from it. This means that you got to take good care of your machine whether it is in use or not so that if ever you have to let it out, you can get a good price for it.

Rent an excavator

For guys who has lot of heavy equipment that are lying idle for the time being and they are unsure as to when they might need them again they can rent it out to people who will make some use of it and keep the machine in working order. If you keep heavy equipment idle for a long time and then all of a sudden start using it, it will generate issues. It may just not start or might give problems for which you need the help of a mechanic to get that sorted. This is why it is always better that you rent the machine out to someone who can use the machine and also pay you the rental.

There are some companies who solely deal with renting heavy machines to contractors and other small and big sized construction companies. As a matter of fact most of the big construction companies to a certain extent depend upon rented heavy equipment. The big sized companies hire contractors for the job who in turn largely depend on rented heavy equipment. This means that as long as you have a thriving construction industry, the parallel business of renting heavy equipment will never run dry. One of the most common heavy equipment that is used in almost every construction jobsite is an excavator. So you will normally find the demand for excavators on an increasing trend and if you have them in plenty then you can for sure make good sum of money by not doing anything.

All you got to do is simply rent them out to contractors or construction companies and ensure that they do not misuse it or overload it with work. Normally people have the tendency to get more work done on heavy equipment that are rented. They know that they do not have to keep the machine with them forever and therefore do not have to bother about the maintenance and service costs. Since it belongs to you, you are supposed to make sure that the excavator is not overloaded with work and is also serviced at regular intervals.

You can rent your excavator by listing the machine on an online portal. Portals that are meant for renting heavy equipment should be used for this purpose. Register on one such website and take few pictures of the excavator to post it on the listing. Please mention the model number of the excavator on the title of the listing and be a little descriptive about the machine. You may want to add things like the age of the machine and few of its features that will attract the attention of the prospect. The pictures that you add should be clear for the prospect to make out if at all the machine is worthy to be taken on rent.

Leave your number on the listing for interested people to contact you and if they want to inspect the machine you should not have any problem with that. The website will charge you some fees to list the item but that will be too nominal and should not be an issue.

How to rent off-road articulated trucks

Heavy equipment always has a pretty decent sales value attached to it. This is why people do not mind paying more for equipment that will last for long and at the same time will fetch them a good price while selling it off. But selling the machine will be the end of the story and he can’t expect anything more once it’s sold. Therefore, there is something that can be done rather than simply selling the equipment. The machine can be put on rent if it is not required for the time being and once the tenure is over, it will be returned to the owner. It in fact makes more sense to let out your heavy equipment as you keep getting regular income and at the end of the tenure, you can let it out again at an increased price. Not just heavy equipment that are used for construction works but also trucks are widely let out across US.

A person can earn anywhere around $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the type of truck he has. It is simple to let out your articulated truck on internet. You only need to ensure that you have an account with an online portal that deals with letting you rent out of heavy equipment. There are some portals who only deal with selling heavy equipment and some deals with both selling as well as letting rent out. So you need to list it in the right place.

Articulated trucks are quite high in demand. It is because of their ability to carry loads of dirt at a go. It can also move on bouncy routes with the load on it. You seldom get a proper road on a construction site. More often, you have to carry the load on bouncy uneven paths. Using a normal can be a big pain for the driver but articulated trucks offer a bit ease to them while driving in such horrendous paths. Now if you have an articulated truck and you know the website where you can list the item, become a member and post the truck out there.

Few things that need to be remembered to catch the attention of the taker is how well you put down the information on the site. Just giving complete information is not much helpful. Putting it in the right way so that people find it easy to read must be your priority. Other than that, putting sufficient pictures of the truck is important. The look of the truck will form an impression in the minds of the takers and they might find your truck to be suitable over others. You can mention the rental value on the listing or can just state “Call for price”. This means that you will discuss the rental value over the phone or only when the taker likes the stuff. It also leaves both the parties with the option of negotiation.

Rent a wheel loader

If you have any heavy equipment that is out of work for any reason other than it has stopped working you can always try to rent it out to guys who can make good use of it and will also pay you for renting the machinery. There is absolutely no point to keep heavy equipment idle. It will catch rust if it stays all season not doing anything and then one day when you need the machine it will just not start. It is better to keep the machine in active mode so that the engine remains in order. Heavy equipment that deal with loading construction debris have huge demand in the sector. They never run out of business as you will always find some or the other construction work happening in and around your vicinity and whenever there is some construction work going on it will also involve debris that needs to be loaded. This is why you require heavy equipment that can do the work for you and what better option you can have other than a wheel loader.

When we talk of wheel loader it is not restricted to clearing off construction debris but also during this season of the year when we have snow all over the road, the wheel loaders play a pivotal role in clearing off the snow from the road. You can attach bigger buckets to gather more snow which can get the work done faster. This however increases the demand of the machine amongst contractors who are incapable to buy it. So if you have a wheel loader and you do not see much use of it for the time being you can simply rent it out to people who need it. To find a guy who will take it on rent will not be a difficult task at all and all you need to do is list the machine on an online portal that deals with renting heavy equipment.

An online portal is perhaps the most convenient and hassle free way to list heavy equipment for rent. But before you list the loader, please ensure that the machine is in working condition. You will not want to give a dead one and expect to get money in return. No doubt the person before taking the final call will inspect the loader and may even bring some expert along with him who will check if it is worth taking. This is why it makes ample of sense to redo the machine before listing it. You can then ever demand a higher rent and people will be ready to pay for it if they find it worthy.

Before you list the wheel loader on a website, you need to do some research to know the rental price that you should quote. You can’t quote an unimaginable price and if you do so you will not find any takers. So try and know the market price and what others are quoting. You can then quote a similar price or may be a bit more based on the age and performance of the loader.

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Renting your heavy equipment can fetch you good money

Big construction companies are always in search of state of the art technology machines and the ones that are redundant; they have to take the call to either sell it off or to give it to somebody on rent. Selling could be a good option but at times it becomes real tough to get buyers. Not everybody has enough money to spend in buying used heavy equipment and that too when they know that their project is only for a limited period of time and thereafter they may not need the equipment for the next many months. The big companies can’t sell their used machines to another big construction house. They have to look for small companies or contractors who ideally take machines on rent and once the work is over they give it back to the owner.

This ideally leads to two things. Since the owner do not require the machine and also does not want to keep it idle can make full utility of it and in turn can also earn some descent money and the taker in other hand also fulfills his requirement. Therefore it serves the dual purpose and makes life simpler for both the parties. However, there are few things that is needed to be taken care before you put the machine on rent.

Check if the machine is in good order:-

Since the machine was lying idle for days, there are high changes that the machine is not functioning as it should have been and therefore it becomes your priority to check if it is in good working condition. In case you see the equipment has become non-functional, take help of an expert mechanic to fix the machine. Try to replace all the faulty parts with new stuffs and ensure that you give the equipment in the same condition you would like to take had you been the taker. It is also important to paint the machine or remove any dents to give it a new look. Add some stickers on the dent to cover it.

Making an agreement is a must:-

When you are renting your equipment, it becomes very crucial to make an agreement putting every possible clause that keeps you on the safe side and also ensure that your equipment will be in order. You should state in the agreement that if anything goes wrong with the machine then you have full authority to charge penalty. An agreement will protect your rights and also the right of the taker. Hire an attorney who has experience in making such agreements. They may know what all clauses should be there in the agreement and will prepare the draft keeping in mind the interest of both the parties into consideration.

Make a quarterly visit to check your equipment:-

You must clearly state that you would like to make a quarterly visit to check your equipment The person who will be taking your equipment on rent will realize that you give lot of importance to your machine and this will compel him to take good care of your machine.

Renting construction equipment will turn out to be prolific in the long run

Construction business has been continuously doing well for the last many years. Though it is haunted by certain ups and downs that can be said to be a part of any business, it has been a fruitful business for many who have managed to strive through the downs of the market. Similarly, there are many people who are becoming a part of this industry and are in constant hunt of quality heavy equipment. Since heavy equipment are high priced items, most contractors find it difficult to purchase it and therefore they depend heavily on companies that give them on rent. Now this particular need of heavy equipment has given rise to another business and that is renting construction equipment. So people who know about construction machines can also see a career in this business. As a matter of fact, many operators and mechanics have come together and have started this business through partnerships. They see huge potential in it and many of them are also doing well.

People who know about heavy equipment should get into it:-

Renting construction equipment business may not be for everybody. It is perhaps only for them who has sound knowledge about heavy equipment and has worked in the respective industry for quite a long time. People who have studied and worked on construction equipment will also understand the requirements of their client and in turn will be able to get the right stuff for them or give them the correct advice.

It may be risky for guys who have just completed their studies in heavy machineries and wanting to give it a shot. They may lack experience and this industry requires a lot of experience or there is a wider chance of losing clients. There are many people who are readying to take your clients and serve them. Also it is definitely not for folks who do not have absolutely any knowledge about heavy equipment. They may end up losing all their money that they have invested in the business.

Do not expect profits in the first few years:-

It will not be a wise thing to expect profits in the first few years of your business. Though there is every chance for you to incur profits but setting up expectation may not be the right way to take this further. Profits will happen once you gain momentum in your business and momentum comes only when you stick to your business for long. People start recognizing you for your work and more and more people will turn up to you to take construction machines on rent. You got to give them the time to know you. If there are other players, you have to prove that you are better than them and you can’t achieve that in a fortnight.

Be smart to beat competition:-

You will have a hard time beating your competitors. You got to be smarter than them. Outsmarting them is perhaps the only way out for you to make your mark in this industry. Come up with offers that sounds fresh and which might pull crowd to your shop.

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Renting an excavator

The most used heavy equipment in the construction and mining sector is an excavator. Right from forming a foundation for the building to clearing dirt, it is probably the only machine that is used for various purposes. So you visit a construction site and you will always get to see an operator working on an excavator. Since it is such an important heavy equipment, heavy equipment manufacturing companies are in a mode of producing technologically sound excavators and which is why they come in varying prices.

Other than that, different brands have different prices so if a person who works only on CAT or Komatsu may have to pay slightly more than excavators produced by other brands. But there is a better option for people who work on seasonal basis or may need the machine on a temporary basis. It makes no sense for them to buy an excavator to meet their requirements. On the contrary, they should be borrowing the machine for few months and once the work is done, give it back to the owner.

Such people can go for taking the excavator on rent. Here they have to pay monthly rent to the owner for using the machine and one their work is done they have to give it back to the owner. However, they have to maintain one important thing and that is the machine should be in order. They have to return it the way they got it from the owner. So just in case if there has been any minor dents or some part of the machine has gone faulty, they need to fix it before they hand it over to its owner.

Finding an excavator on rent is no big problem. There are plenty of companies who deal with renting heavy equipment. These agents have tie ups with owners of heavy equipment who do not use their machines and wishes to let it out. All you got to do is get in touch with such companies and check if they can arrange for an excavator. You name the model number and the attachments you need in the machine and they might get that for you. Well attachments are never an issue. You can always modify your excavator as per your needs. You can add a bucket to put the dirt in on simply increase the neck of the machine. What you need to know is if you can add any attachments on the excavator.

So let the renting company work for you and once they give you some options, check which one suits you. No doubt the excavator should be a good one but the owner should not overprice it and make it look expensive for you. So you should make it ample clear to the agency about your budget and the duration that you may need the equipment. Remember that the company will charge you an amount as their fee so you should get the best and your requirements should not be compromised.

Rent heavy equipment after carefully deliberating the pros and cons

It is pretty obvious that you do not want to keep your construction equipment lying idle and want to make some use of it. In case, you are running out of projects and do not have much work to put all your machines to some use, you might consider to rent them. But by just renting the machine can’t ensure that you do not have to worry about it any longer. No wonder that you can start getting rental money on each and every month but there is something you are losing in this bargain. Well, you are definitely not losing your equipment but if you hand it over to the wrong chap, then you will without doubt get scrap in return at the end of the rental term.

It is therefore very crucial to identify the pros and cons of renting the machine before you actually go for the deal. Knowing the benefits and the disadvantages can help you a long way in taking a concrete decision on how you should be going ahead with the deal. If you have been renting machines in the past, then you would be knowing about how to deal with situations but if you are a newbie, then you got to learn things first before you go to strike a deal.

Identify the heavy equipment you want to let out:-

It is very critical to first identify the heavy equipment that you want to put on rent. You may not want to give a new one on rent as you may want that for your projects. You can play around with the older stuffs that you have. Check your inventories, know what you have and rent the machine that are not being used by you any longer. Do not let out the new equipment if you have any and especially not the ones that you feel are doing great guns in your company. You should pick out the ones that are lying idle for long, the ones that are not technologically advanced and are probably a little out of date.

Renting heavy equipment has high possibility of it getting worn out before than ever:-

If you have decided to let out your heavy equipment, you should also be ready to acknowledge the fact that you will not get it back the way you gave it to the taker. When you rent your heavy equipment, the user uses it exclusively to complete his projects on time and he may use the machine the way he wants without paying much attention to the wants of the machine. This may end up in deteriorating the quality of the machine and at the end of the rental period you will find the machine to be in a bad state. You may also have to spend lot of money in getting it repaired so that you can probably rent it again or just sell it to another person.

Therefore, do not spend all that you have made from the rental income. Save some money to get the stuff repaired.

Rent a Cat heavy construction equipment from B&R Equipment

Renting heavy construction equipment has never been as simple as it is in today’s time. Earlier when there was no internet and when people had to hunt for machines on rent, they were largely dependent on newspaper advertisements or classifieds that gets published in some magazines that is based on construction equipment or equipment salesman. Another mean to know if someone is renting a machine is through a person from their circle. Other than this, they were hardly any means to know if anybody is renting heavy construction equipment. Things have however changed for better now and with the advent of internet we are get what we want at a faster rate and we can also expect to get something better through internet. Nowadays, brand matters a lot and someone who is letting out branded items are invariably everyone’s choice.

We have B&R Equipment Company that is in the business of renting branded heavy equipment and one can indeed vouch for what they have to offer to the construction companies. They are in the business of heavy equipment for the last 20 years which makes them one of the most experienced in the lot. Experience does matter and when it matters it matters a lot. So a company with over 20 years of experience will suggest you machines based on your needs. If needed they will do an overview study of your project and try to understand what kind of heavy equipment will best suit your project. This will help them to give you better suggestions and this is what they have been doing since long.

You can vouch on them on any kind of heavy construction equipment. Right from a dozer to an excavator to scraper or a grader, all you have to do is name the equipment you are looking for to take on rent and you will get that at a better price; a price that you will not get at many places. So here you can get some real good branded machine at an affordable price. All you have to do is check their website and see the machines. In case, you need to speak to someone to get a better picture about the services you get from them, then you can get the number of the person and call them up to get all your questions answered.  817-379-1340

B&R equipment offers 200 hours of operation on every rental month which is far more than its competitors who are offering just 160 hours of operation per month. So in case, you have already taken the machine on rent, you can give it back and latch on to B&R Equipment Company for more hours of operation. B&R Equipment Company rental plan is of 30 days unlike other companies plan which ceases on the 28th day of the month which means you have to renew it on the 29th day. Going as per this calculation, other companies charges you 13 times in 12 months whereas B&R charges you only for 12 months. So if you want to rent a CAT heavy construction equipment it makes more sense to get it from B&R Equipment Company.

Heavy equipment rentals

Few decades ago, it was quite a difficult task to get heavy equipments on rent. It was firstly not easy to identify the giver and once the giver was located, some or the other issue used to crop up which tarnished the deal. However, that was the story which is not at all relevant in the current scenario. Today things are quite simple and are also quickly processed. No one has to wait for the newspaper classifieds to search for rental heavy equipments. All they have to do is turn on the internet and check things on google. It provides you with array of machines, some are expensive and some may fit in to your budget. However, what is more important is to understand the right heavy equipment for your project. Though the rental price matters a lot but to make the right choice is rather more imperative.

Inspecting the heavy equipment is important:-

Remember that you are dealing with stuff that you will not be able to see or feel in front of you. It is all there inside the computer and therefore merely going by the description of the equipment may not prove to be enough. What make sense is to inspect the machine personally. Once you are convinced with the description given on the listing and are confident that this is what you need for the project, you better call the party and fix a meeting. Go to his place and check the equipment that he has put up on the listing. Only when you are convinced with the quality of the equipment you should go ahead with negotiation. If you feel that the equipment is for some reason not apt to your requirement or does not have certain features that you were specifically looking for, you should refrain from any sort of negotiation. Talk it out to the giver and walk away.

Do not bug givers who are not ready to negotiate:-

Not all givers are willing to negotiate the rental price. Some may specifically mention that on the listing and if they do mention it, it is better that you take the machine at that price or leave it. It does not make any sense to bug the person to reduce the price. You may ask him for once and check if he is ready to negotiate but if he is not, then better leave it there and you take a call on what you want to do.

Agreement papers are important:-

If you decide to go for the deal, please make sure that you ask the giver to prepare necessary agreement papers which states all the points that you both have agreed upon. The guy who rents his machine for obvious reason wants to stay clean by preparing the agreement and getting it signed in front of his attorney. Have one copy of the agreement with you so that if there is any confusion in the future, you can just pull it out for reference.