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Option to become a heavy equipment operator freelancer

When you are the best in performing an activity that has good demand in the market you will never find yourself short of opportunities. You will be loved in your organization for your good work and will always remain a valued employee. Now this is what we all want to become at the end of the day. A person who will be known for his wonderful piece of work and respected for his job is probably the dream of many. On the basis of your experience and your performance you get rise in your pay. Your performance is assessed at the end of each year and then you are given some points. On this basis of those points you are given a raise in your package. For people who want to earn more as they feel that they have the capacity to work harder, they always have an option to become a freelancer. A freelancer is the one who is responsible for his job and is also his own boss. He does not have anybody to fire him (other than the person for whom he is working).

Heavy equipment operator who has loads of experience in the construction industry working with all sorts of machines can have a great future becoming a freelancer. As long as he knows what he is doing and how to get it done he has every chance to earn handsomely being a part of the construction industry. So if you are a person who has spent almost all his life working on heavy equipment, try to move to the next level and become heavy equipment operator. Finding projects will not be a problem if at all you are known to people in your business circle. You only have to pervade the message that you also work as a freelancer and you will see people coming to you with projects.

Set up a website:-

If you have already thought of become a freelancer the best way to start is by creating your website. You may dealt all your life with machines but now you also have to work a bit on tech savvy stuffs. This will take you closer to become a full scale freelancer. Once you become a full scale/fulltime freelancer you do not have to stick to your salaried job. You can let that go and simply focus on your business. However, to make that a reality you have to start with your website. Fill in everything that you know about yourself. The companies that you have worked with and the kinds of machines that you have operated should be stated in the website. People should know about your qualities which will help you to get work from them.

You can work as a freelancer with your current employer:-

When you decide to become a freelancer, it does not mean that you no longer can work with your current employer. It only means that you will not be salaried and will be paid as per the terms of the contract which may be more than what you usually get. However, you have to put in more hours of work in that case. You will still find that to be satisfying and enjoyable.

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Communication is key for a heavy equipment operator!

Have you ever been to a construction site? There are so many things that go on – creating the foundation for the structure, moving of the heavy construction equipment, workers randomly moving and working here and there! It is quite possible that you hurt yourself, if you are not properly aware of what is going on and where.

Proper safety gears must be worn and used by everyone who is working as well as moving about in the construction site. At some place, there might be some concrete construction going on and on the other side, there can be structures of glass being made. Being careless can be dangerous for you as well as for others.

What needs to be done?

Very construction site follows some basic safety measures such as –

  • Wearing safety gears – high visibility jackets, eye protection gears, helmets etc.
  • There are boards and signs that clearly indicate the actions or steps that need to be taken
  • Things that are prohibited and should not be done.

Whether you are a worker or even a visitor at the construction site, you need to make sure that all these measures are followed by you.

Operating the Heavy Construction Equipment:

Heavy construction equipment is something that cannot be operated by everyone. It needs skill, training and certificate. Therefore, when you are about to operate the heavy construction equipment such as loaders, excavators or backhoes, lifts or cranes, it is a must that you communicate well with the other workers.

The heavy construction equipment often moves very fast and swiftly. Within a fraction of a second and just by clicking on a single button or by moving the steering handle or joystick slightly, the lifts, cranes or the buckets can move swiftly from one direction to the other. Hence, the unaware and inattentive workers can get hurt or harmed by the movement of the heavy construction equipment.

On the other hand, it is also quite not possible to remove the workers from the construction site. The reason is that the workers do all the manual labour and make sure that the dumping, excavating, lifting and all other construction works are performed well.

How to communicate with the workers?

There are some key factors that the heavy construction equipment operator must keep in mind. The machines or equipment move quite fast and swiftly on all directions. Hence, before pulling or pushing the steering handle, a concerned person must indicate the clearance of the ground. It is only then that the operator should start the task.

On the other hand, the concerned person should communicate with the other field workers. It is only when the workers give thumbs up to proper tie up of the objects that need to be lifted, or the clearance of the excavation ground or the proper direction of the dumping ground that the operator would start the action. Hence, it is a chained or a linked process that is successful only when all the workers and the heavy construction equipment operator communicate together well. To communicate with each other, signs or boards, high frequency lights, torches etc. are frequently used. But the traditionally popular method of communication is two-way radios, though smartphones are also widely used nowadays.

How to operate a loader

Loaders are one of the most essential and important heavy construction equipment that the construction workers simply cannot do without, in the current construction scenario. However, operating the loader, or in fact any other heavy construction equipment, is not an easy task. You need to make sure that you know the steps properly, so that the loader doesn’t tip over or change directions all of a sudden.

Start with choosing the right size and power of the loader. There are different kinds of the loaders. You can choose a skid loader or a wheel loader or the other kinds of loaders, as per your requirement. Once you have done so, you need to follow these steps.

  • Read the user manual:


The first step is to read the user manual of the loader carefully. There you will be guided about the different switches, levers and other tools. Take your seat and carefully identify the switches. Before you start, you must fasten your seat belt properly, so that you do not fall from the loader.

  • Understand the controls:


There are two steering handles in almost all the loaders. They are located on the sides of the arm rest of both sides of the loader. There is also a diagram for the buttons that clearly state how the loader runs and before you start the machine, you need to look at the loader carefully.

  • Start the loader:


To start the loader, usually you are given a key that is almost similar to that of a car. Some loaders are also started by a clearly visible start button. Nowadays, the newer loaders come with a keypad, where you will have to enter the starting code and the machine will start.

  • Unlock the controls:


Usually the control system is locked and hence, as you start the machine or loader, you need to unlock the control system. A toggle switch does the job and when it is turned off, a red lamp is ignited and when it is switched on, it turns green.

  • Moving the bucket:


Usually the bucket is controlled by the left steering handle. It must be made assured that the joystick is moved only to the right or left side or to the front and back. Diagonal movement may cause the machine to act differently; rather than moving the bucket. Many loaders use pedals to run the machine and control the buckets. While moving the vehicle, you must always lift the bucket high enough to see the front clearly.

  • Controlling the right handle:


The right handle controls how the bucket is operated to load and unload the debris. Moving the right handle to the left will raise the bucket and moving it to the right will unload or dump the material in the bucket.

Now that you have understood how the loaders can be operated, it is a must that you stop the loader right in front of the pile of material that you want to load or unload. Once you are done, park the machine properly, so that it doesn’t obstruct the area. Always move the vehicle in slow speed.

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Heavy Equipment Guys

Job opportunities for heavy equipment operator

Construction sector is quite a widely spread industry which has lot of requirement of human resources. Right from the laborers to heavy equipment operators, all play a crucial role in this segment of business. It is somewhat simple to get construction workers but getting experienced operators is way too difficult and is one of the biggest challenges with the major construction houses. They are unable to work in full strength due to shortage of heavy equipment operators which is why a good chunk of machines are lying idle at the jobsite. It is not that heavy equipment operators have paid meagerly which is why they are less in numbers. It is simply the scarcity and hence the demand is huge.

This is the situation in most of the cities in US and as a matter of fact, the operators also have good demand in the overseas market which actually lures them to go out for few years and come back earning decent money. The job opportunities for heavy equipment operator starts right from the day they graduate from their institution. There are interviews held at the campuses of different institutions and the young guns are picked up from there. Since they are without any experience, they are nurtured and molded into fine operators and are allowed to work on machine under the guidance of an experienced operator. The experienced guy monitors their work and gives his report to the higher management. This is probably how the newbie are rated and they perhaps receive their hike on the basis of this report.

Well, once they spend a couple of years operating different kinds of heavy equipment and have a hands-on knowledge, most of them begin switching companies. They move to the next construction company probably a bigger one with the hope of a better package and gain more experience. The brand of the construction company that they will be joining also matters as it will decide what they can expect from the new company. Once they are 5-8 years old in this line of business they have set up a position in the industry. It means that they will not be turned down by any construction company as long as their conduct is good and are not engaged into any sort of unethical activity.

Other than working for a construction company, they can also work on contracts which mean that they are not employed by the company. However, they are paid more than what an operator who is employed with the company earns. Well, people who work on contracts are ideally very experienced people to whom the company can’t afford to keep throughout. Therefore, these people are hired and once the work is done they are paid their dues and they move on to the next company. They may use their own machines or can operate the ones provided by the company. Some are also hired to just teach the newbie and monitor their performance. Give them the feedback and nurture them into competent operators.

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Go to esteemed institutions to hire operators

A construction company spends good amount of money for buying heavy equipments and then needs to spend a lot to simply keep the equipments well maintained. Servicing and maintenance of heavy equipments is a necessity that one can just not ignore and if they got to spend some dollars to keep the stuffs in order, it is perfectly a fair deal. In order to lengthen the life of the machines, the owner should also hire able and competent operators who possess in depth knowledge about them and work without causing any unwanted damage to the machine. Experienced and highly skilled operators are rare to find. You will just not find them idle and are usually hired by construction houses at a price which most of the small construction companies will find difficult to pay. Just in case if you get to find someone of this stature looking for a change of company, you got to be sure that you can shell that amount of money to hire him.

Simultaneously, if you have such kind of experienced operators in your company, ensure that you keep them happy and well paid because if they are unhappy about their package there are many other companies ready to pick them up. Quitting of experienced operators is always a threat and you should be ready to counter such threats if you want to stick to the industry. Well, there is one smart move that you can take to minimize this threat if not eliminate it completely. You can hire young operators who may not have much work experience and are ready to work for you at a lower price. In this way, you are not exploiting their talent and can also mitigate the threat of experienced operators moving to some other company.

Hire people from esteemed institutions:-

You need to first make a list of institutions and their rankings. Once you know the names of some good institutions, reach them out to hire operators. You can arrange a campus interviews and hire guys with good scores in their academics, people with real good knowledge of this domain and guys who are looking to make this profession as their career. Out of the many that you will hire, you will definitely get few who will stay long with the company and in this process can eventually prove to be a valuable asset to the company.

Knowledge on machines is vast:-

Going to esteemed institutions gives you the benefit of hiring guys who have good knowledge about the latest breed of machines. Young kids and ideally smarter than their earlier generation. It is just that they are not experienced in dealing with things and once they get some hands-on knowledge, they can really excel in their domain. These kids may need some guidance and will be able to pick things up very quickly.

Once you get them trained in the right fashion, things will start moving smoothly for you and you will diminish the threat of the old chaps leaving the company as you have the newer guys to take care of their businesses.

Gifts that can be given to heavy equipment operator during Christmas

The month of December has arrived and so is the month of Christmas. The start of this month brings a lot of joy and ecstasy. The entire environment is filled with happiness and almost everybody is the mood to enjoy the festival. The construction industry which remains completely involved in work during the entire year may see some respite in this particular month. They probably can ask for some leave from work as most of the construction sites remain closed. Many go out for vacation as they all plan their vacation almost a month in advance. So if everybody is on leave, you better keep the busy business close for few days and let all enjoy and get absorbed in the sweet mystic fervor of Christmas.

When it is Christmas time, it is the heavy equipment operator that enjoys a lot. They can expect a lot of gift from the construction company as well as from the heavy equipment manufacturing company. Having said that, it does not that the other people who are associated with the construction industry do not get anything, it is just that the operators benefit a lot amongst the rest. The gifts that they get ranges from t-shirt, jackets that can protect them from cold weather, sunglasses and also at times they are gifted with a bonus check.

Ideally, most of the big construction companies do provide their employees with bonuses during this period. This is a taken as a goodwill gesture and also appreciated a lot by the employees. Everybody needs a bit of extra cash during this festival and what better time to get it other than during Christmas. Heavy equipment operators are given hooded sweatshirt that they can wear as a casual dress at any point in time. They can wear it while they are at work or at home.

People love to wear trendy clothes and they like to look good. So when they get such trendy stuffs from the company they are working with, they just can’t ask for more. They feel very delighted by this gesture and at times it even works to retain an employee who has every plan to quit the job. Off-late, it has been used as an extremely useful tool to hold back employees who for some reason are not happy with the company or the way things are going in his department. Though measures need to be taken to fix the issues, however giving gift to an employee really makes him feel special and he gets the message that the company needs him. He starts feeling wanted and that enthusiasm is more than enough to stop him from quitting the company.

Water bottles can also be given to heavy equipment operators as they need it the most after working endlessly in the scorching heat. Winters may be a bit different for them and summers do take a toll on them as they often feel dehydrated. They can’t manage to get down every now and then to drink water and therefore gifting those water bottles also make sense.

How to operate a bulldozer

Operating heavy equipment can be easy only if you have hands-on knowledge and know which gadget has what function. It is definitely not a child’s play and just in case you do not know how it works and still try your hands on it then you should be also ready for the consequences. Guys who are new to the construction world are often found to be curious to work on a construction machine and they try their luck when the operator is not around. However, that is not a healthy thing to do as they can cause serious damages to life and property. Out of the many heavy types of equipment that one can see in a construction site, the one that is very frequent is a bulldozer also known as “Dozer”. It may not be difficult to learn to operate a dozer but it is absolutely difficult to operate it in vulnerable places like on the mountain slide or on muddy surfaces. This means that one needs a lot of practice to become an expert operator of the dozer and therefore can also become a highly priced driver.

We will speak about some basic techniques that one can make use of to operate a dozer.

Start the engine and keep your foot on the brakes:-

The first thing that you will do to operate a bulldozer is turn the machine on by turning the machine into ignition mode. Once you find the dozer has started, keep your foot on the brakes so that just in case it starts off and catches speed, you should be able to control it well within time and stop it by applying those brakes.

Start moving the machine:-

Once you have started the dozer, it is time that you start moving it a bit by having complete control on the machine. Now you should hold the joystick and move it slowly on the place you need to go. The joystick of the machine is smooth and will facilitate you to move the machine the way you want it to.

Keep good control on the speed:-

You can’t treat a dozer like your car and therefore you need to take immense care and ensure that you keep the speed of the dozer in control. You should make use of the decelerator to bring down the speed of the machine. You hit the decelerator with your foot which is located just beside the brake and can slow it down.

Make the ground smooth:-

The sole purpose of the dozer is to keep the surface of the ground smooth like butter which is done with the help of the blades that runs on the ground. You have to lower the blade so that it can hit the ground in a way that it is making it look smooth. You have to make use of the pedal and the joystick to maneuver the entire area and make sure that the face of the blade is always hitting the ground as you move over it.

Choose Best Online Heavy Construction Equipment Training Institute and Become a Proficient Operator

Nowadays, heavy construction equipment training courses are popular among the teenagers due to the rapid development of construction and mining industries. Weighty paraphernalia training courses provide wide variety of opportunities to the trainees. Often, it can be seen that graduate pupils are browsing on the web to find the best online heavy construction equipment training school so that after the completion of the course, they get the job in top rated construction companies.

If you want to become a heavy equipment operator, you should gain knowledge of operating varied bulky apparatus such as backhoe, bulldozers, excavators, motor graders and so on. The heavy construction paraphernalia operation programme teaches the trainees the procedure of running the equipment in safe manner. Majority of these courses are provided in amalgam system because the main subject is related to the several bulky paraphernalia operating rules and regulations. To get admission on any online heavy equipment training institute, the learner should be bodily capable of controlling a heavy construction apparatus. Though, nowadays, apprentices get the scope to learn the theory papers at their home due to the introduction of online education system but it is essential for them to attend construction site to gain practical knowledge of operating heavy equipment. As you scan every word of this web page, you will realised that practical knowledge is also a vital part of online heavy equipment operating course.

Catalogue of Well-accepted Heavy Equipment Training Courses

If you want to pursue your career as a proficient heavy equipment operator, you are required to do the heavy equipment operating program. Due to the beneficial factors of online educational institute, many of the virtual institutes are now offering bulky paraphernalia training programmes that help the apprentices to learn the technical rules related to the different heavy apparatus properly. Choose your suitable programme from the below mentioned list of heavy equipment training courses:

  • Heavy Equipment Safety programme educates trainees about the safety rules and regulations ascribed by the weighty paraphernalia manufacturing industry. In this course, the students get to learn the particular hand signals and communication process, operators use while running the equipment.
  • In Heavy Equipment Operation course, the faculties teach various techniques of operating heavy equipment to the apprentices. Some of the common heavy equipments whose operating techniques are included in this curriculum are loaders, excavators, earth movers etc.
  • There are scores of online equipment training institutes which provide Heavy Equipment Maintenance programme to the trainees. Basically, this course focuses on the effect of equipment on natural factors such as soil condition and temperature, climate on the job construction site and so on.
  • In the Heavy Construction Project Management course, the apprentices get to know about the procedure of securing the big construction assignment by construing documents and contracts.
  • If the trainees accomplish the Heavy Construction Infrastructure program, they become proficient in scheduling and scrutinizing varied infrastructure like utility and marine system.

As this page ends, surely you will realise that if you completed one of the aforementioned heavy equipment training course, there is none to create obstacle in getting a prestigious job in well-renowned construction companies.

Practical experience is highly important when it comes to becoming an operator

No wonder a formal education is an important aspect of everyone’s life but is that enough for us to learn everything that we want to or does that help us to become what we wanted to. Let’s say you want to become a doctor and nothing less than a heart specialist, will the bookish knowledge that you go through during the years of your study will make you a good heart specialist. The answer for this is most definitely a big NO. Though the subjects that you study in school or colleges always helps you in becoming what you want to but there is something more that needs to be done in order to achieve the goal of your life.

In order to become an able heart specialist, he need to do quite a lot of practical surgeries, of course under the guidance of senior doctors and then only he can see himself as a good heart surgeon in some day of his life. In the same way, if you aspire to become a heavy equipment operator gaining practical knowledge is very important to get a better understanding of the subject and to eventually shape up your career in becoming a competent heavy equipment operator.

Join a reputed training center/institution:-

First thing first, get yourself enrolled with a reputed training center that holds a good status of teaching students the “Everything” of heavy equipment. Well, if you want to become an operator, you may not need to learn everything but can select your zone. Once you have selected the area of your interest that is becoming an operator, you start taking lessons on it. It is important to check the admission criteria of the training center as they have set up different guidelines and you got to see if you fall fit in those guidelines. May be they might conduct a test checking if you have the competency to become an operator.

Co-relate the study materials with videos on internet:-

It has found that going through learning videos on internet can help you learn things quickly. All you have to do is study from the book and search for videos pertaining to what you have read in the book. In this way, you co-relate it with the teachings from the book which will help you to learn things quickly and in the most effective manner.

Make optimum use of site visits:-

The training centers/institutions do take their students on site visits where they can see people working on heavy equipment. This is the time when you can learn the most by asking direct questions to the operators working in site. If possible, you can also sit beside them and see how they are operating the machine. Be a keen observer at that point in time and feel free to ask any sort of question. Remember, no question is a dump question and you ask it because you do not know it. Therefore, keep on shooting questions and get your facts clear. If you are allowed also try your hand on the machine but under the strict guidance of the operator in charge.

Hiring unskilled operators can cost your business dearly

It takes a long time for a person to establish a business and when it is a construction business, it may even take his entire life to take his business where he wanted to. One can’t afford to lose all that he has created over the span of years in just few days by hiring incompetent heavy equipment operators. It will really cost him a big deal if he ever intends to employ operators who are not skilled because they will end up doing so many mistakes that you will find it difficult to continue with them.

You may get unskilled operators at a very nominal price but you also got to check how good they will be to your company and if at all they can’t be any good to you then what is the point in hiring them. When you are running a construction business, saving money should not be the only thing that should run in your mind. You definitely do not get quality at a cheaper price. You got to pay good to get able and competent employees who knows how to complete a given task and overcome difficult situations.

This does not mean that you will not hire any inexperienced operator. However, you got to play cleverly out there. You should always make it a point that no matter what, you have a bunch of experienced and very experienced people working with you. Even if you have to pay them more, you should not mind keeping them with you. Simultaneously, you start hiring guys who want to become operators but have little or no experience at all.

You can go to institutions that teach students on becoming heavy equipment operators. There you will get ample of such young guys who may not have any practical knowledge. Since they lack experience, you can hire them for a meager salary and get them trained under the experienced ones. In  this way, you are countering the threat of the experienced guys leaving your company as you will have the young guns working for you and also save a good deal of money by paying them a lower package.

It is equally important that you increase their salary on a timely basis or else once they learn the work, they might leave your company and join somewhere else with a higher package. You just do not want to leave those resources. So you ensure that you keep them happy by increasing their salary at a descent level.

Hiring of inexperienced operators only comes into picture if you have a big business with multiple projects running at the same time and you are in dire need of operators. However, if you do not have that big business then it is advisable that you stick to the ones you already have rather than getting more from outside. You will unnecessarily shoot up your business expenses and that will really not be a healthy decision. Take your moves slowly and after having given enough thoughts on the subject or else things may backfire pretty soon.