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Tips For Starting an Excavators rental business

The construction activities have increased due to increase in population. Many big and start up construction companies cannot afford to a buy and maintain all new equipment for their work, especially in case of short term projects. Hence, they prefer to buy equipment and machines on rental basis at an affordable price and return it after use. Thus, rental business is profitable and is booming. It is observed that many equipment rentals only rent specific equipments and do not keep all types of equipment. It is because they have studied market and functional aspects of the equipment. Since most of the heavy equipments are multifunctional, being in rental business of specific equipment can be a good idea as it saves the cost of buying and maintaining different equipments.

Excavators are called the giants of the construction industry. They are powerful machines which can dig through concrete, install electrical service, transfer loads of bricks, lift objects high, and break down huge rocks and entire structures. Due to their wide applications, they are very much required in any construction project, however they are expensive. Excavators are in demand, hence starting the business of renting these machines can be profitable. Being a costly investment, it is expected that person should do some research before starting this business.

The following guidelines will be helpful for the person who wants to start the business of renting an excavator:

  1. Excavators are cost and rental service provider (RSP) should be able to afford to buy them. He should be aware of his personal expenses while owing a big place or showroom, advertising, labour and maintenance costs, and so forth. He should make a business plan for selling excavators.
  2. If RSP provides excavators at high rental price then many buyers will find it expensive and difficult to purchase. Hence they will negotiate with the price. RSP should provide excavators at appropriate price.
  3. RSP should make his excavator rental service popular by advertisements in newspapers and websites.
  4. Buying entire fleet of brand new excavators is indeed very costly. To avoid, RSP should study the demands of the market to know which the most preferred model by the construction industry is. Keeping excavator from small to mid-size of different brands is a good option.
  5. Due to technological advancements, the new equipment have become compact and easy to operate, using such equipment has increased the speed at work place and increased productivity. The new compact excavators are more in demand and are preferred to old versions. RSP should provide such technologically advanced excavators on rent, which increases the customer interest and sales.
  6. Buying used equipment on rental basis is common for the short duration projects, hence they are in demand. Thus, RSP can also look for option of renting ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ excavators, since purchasing such equipment is cost affordable. However, they should be careful while choosing such equipment that they are not damaged. Only when these used machines have less wear and tear and their parts are available that they should be purchased from the seller.
  7. RSP should be careful while renting the expensive heavy machines to the buyer. They should understand the nature of work requirements of the customer and should guide them properly. They should make sure that the buyer has the capability to pay the rental amount and would take care of the equipment and will return the equipment in good condition. After all the terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties, a rental agreement has to made between RSP and prospective buyer

Caterpillar 323F L Excavator

For a construction company that is into excavating work, it is very important for them to possess a reliable, strong and efficient excavator. Their complete business depends upon this very machine and therefore choosing the best excavator is so crucial for them. A construction company before buying an excavator should do thorough research of the model that fits their business requirement and also check if its costing will have any negative impact on the business. Only after they are sure of the machine they should buy it.

Other than that, the after sales service is also crucial. You just can’t forego the importance of after sales service. So it is crucial for you to analyze the facts well in advance. It makes no sense in buying an excavator from a brand that does not have good features or have issues with efficiency and also does not have adequate after sales service points. You will be left in a pickle if things go wrong with the machine. Therefore go with the brand that makes more sense and falls apt to your needs.

A brand like Caterpillar can turn out to be real good for your business. Cat has come up with 323F L Excavator that promises the consumers of high performance and supreme quality. It is probably more reliable than any other excavators from any other brand. This particular machine is said to be 9% better in terms of fuel efficiency than its predecessors (E-series). Other than that, the 323F L Excavator is fitted with C7.1 engine that has a net power of 161 hp. With the help of its automatic engine speed control system, it can lower the rpm of the engine when the excavator is not loading any stuff and also has the engine idle shutdown system which will shut down the machine after remaining idle for a defined duration.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the machine is fitted with ECO mode which permits the operator to adapt the machine’s performance to the application and simultaneously consumes less fuel. It has the regeneration circuits for the boom and stick that helps in reducing the load on the main pumps. The maximum operating weight of the machine is 56,000 pounds with a max dig depth of 22 feet and max reaches at ground level of 32 feet and 4 inches.

The most intrinsic feature of the 323F L Excavator is the technology installed in the machine. It is integrated with technologies like Product Link which helps the operator with key information like the location, hours of constant activity, fuel consumption and idle time. The operator can make use of this report to understand the efficiency of the machine and can be used for various other operating needs.

The excavator can be purchased from any CAT authorized dealer in your city. Placing the order in advance will be a big help to the dealers to make the machine available for you to check before buying it. The dealers will also assist you to get loans from institutions at lower interest rates and they do this for f

The unbeatable advantages of using modernized excavators

Probably everyone is acquainted with the name ‘Case’ in the field of construction. The big manufacturers of heavy equipment like LLC and CNH America make extensive use of hydraulics to pass on the power to the machines used in the construction sites. The use of hydraulics is nowhere more liberal as compared to the recently modernized compacted excavator CX55B. Its hydraulic cylinders with long feat provide a greater area of work – maximal depth of digging 3.91m.

Advantages of using modernized excavators

Hydraulic excavators are used for propulsions, braking, steering and beating speed of the cab. To accomplish the steering, the crawler adjusts the speed of the individual tracks. This single feature helps it to rotate on its center by forwarding and reversing the tracks. The engine of CX5B’s rambles a single pair of axial-piston pumps of flexible dislocation, each pump having a highest flow efficiency of 15 gpm. One can use half of the flow to carry out the auxiliary tasks which is almost 30% more as compared to the earlier model. In addition to this, optional second-rate auxiliary hydraulics can run apparatus with numerous capabilities or add a fixed circuit.

To go on with the work of propulsion, the excavators use dual-speed axial-piston motors. When the speed is low, the motors can turn the vehicle with the highest torque of speed of 1.7mph. Each motor transmit the power to a track drive sprocket with the help of erratic reducer of gear-speed. The combination of the gearbox of the motor permits the small-sized motor to hammer on the excavator with the needed torque.  The motor of CX5B in the mode of high-speed can drive the equipment at a rate of 2.9mph.

The hydraulic system of the excavator contains a total fluid of 16 gal of which only 9gal is stored in the reservoir. The reservoir’s size is comparatively smaller than the traditional excavator is. So, it becomes quite easy to keep the fluids clean in this case. The cleaned fluid of the hydraulic excavator boosts up the reliability and life of the component.

The setting of the standard relief of the hydraulic system is 3336 psig. This huge pressure permits small-sized actuators to be used which transport power identical to that of large-sized working at bigger-pressure.

The CX55B also contain a standard balanced controller of hydraulics which uses operator joysticks. A chain of the lines of pilot transfuse the feedback and input signals as compressed fluids. Though the valves of electro hydraulic are used widely in equipment of mobile hydraulic, the simplicity and authenticity of pilot’s efforts are picked up for big region of constructional machines.

Another great advantage of hydraulic excavator is that one can still operate the hydraulic works without kicking on the engines. This is possible due to the presence of an accumulator circuit which stores the power of the hydraulic. So, in case of sudden shut down of the engine, the pressure of the accumulator uses the in-cab controller to debase the attachments in a safe manner.

To sum up, modern excavators CX55B has all the advantages which makes its use more prominent in the field of construction.


    Why does my excavator won’t start in the cold?

    Heavy equipment are the life line of a construction business. If we ask a person who has been in this industry for long, he will claim that without the help of heavy equipment, doing business in the construction segment is almost impossible. We understand that all the heavy equipment that is meant to work in a construction site is very essential. However, there are some machines that are so important that if they do not work for a day, it will lead to severe loss of money. Equipment like bulldozers, excavators, back hoe loaders fall under the “most important” category. There have been instances wherein these machines have failed to work, especially during the winters, they just do not start. The main reason for failing to start is improper maintenance of the machine or increase in viscosity in the engine oil leading to losing oil pressure.

    It has been seen more in the case of excavators that they simply do not start in the cold. Excavators as the name suggests excavates soil and in this process, a lot of dirt gets attached to the machine. At times, you will find the excavator in the middle of a ditch excavating dirt. By this, one can clearly understand the attachment this machine has with dirt. As a result of this, there are high chances of the dirt particles to enter the region close to the engine and hence can become the reason why it will not start.

    Other than this, when the mercury goes down, it directly impacts the thickness of the engine oil. Cold weather and machine not maintained properly can be the two possible reasons why the viscosity of the oil increases. Just in case, one does not pay heed to the problem and still try to start the engine, then it may also affect the filter and may even ruin the system. Therefore, when one finds the problem, an alarm is to be raised and it should be fixed in no time. Simultaneously, also check few very simple things that may skip one’s mind. Check if there is fuel in the tank, check if the valve at fuel tank is on or off. There shouldn’t be any water in the cylinders and things like that should be checked first before you suspect anything wrong with the engine.

    Once you have finally found that the excavator is not starting due to increase in the viscosity of oil, you have to change the engine oil and the filter. This is the only fastest solution that you can take to avoid any further complications. To add more on this, during cold weather, it has been witnessed that diesel fuel develops fungus that clogs the filters. The user needs to take extreme care to avoid such fungus from growing inside the machine. He can use several additives that help to prevent the fungus from growing.

    Other than this, it is highly recommended to get the excavator checked by a mechanic. Cold weathers causes lot of dampness and the user has to be ultra-careful to keep the excavator up and running.

    Caterpillar 336F Excavator

    When it comes to precision, stability, reliability and high productive work with low fuel consumption, there is only one name that has no real competition from the rest of the population and it is Caterpillar. Over the years, Caterpillar has made a reputation of serving its customers by delivering the maximum and charging reasonable prices from then and till now they have stayed intact on that reputation. This is probably one of the many reasons why Caterpillar has been the best choice of thousands of customers all over the globe.

    The opening of the economy has nevertheless opened new fronts for the foreign heavy equipment manufacturing companies to invade other markets but that has not deterred CAT a bit and it has taken up the challenge of keeping its position unbroken. Though with the usher of other heavy equipment producing companies having more choices to the customers, which in a way is better for the end user as they can select the best from the rest, they often select CAT products as they believe it to be the best from all other companies. The continued support and unbroken faith of the customers has given CAT the courage to hop out of the US and expand its operations all around the globe. Caterpillar is renowned for producing all kinds of heavy equipment particularly dozers and excavators.

    We will be discussing about CAT 336F excavator and will sneak a bit into its specs.

    The 336F excavator meets the US Tier 4-Final emissions standards which have now become a must across all heavy equipment manufacturing companies operating in US. Having this technology means the machine will emit lesser intoxicants as compared to the previous versions and will be quite high on productivity. This machine also has a timer that shuts the engine off after being idle for a while. This feature ensures that the life of the engine is longer than expected and no unnecessary trouble comes up with the engine that becomes the reason of worry to the owner of the machine. Other than this, the operator can slowly move the engine speed to idle thus making it more reliable and user friendly, therefore also helps in lower fuel consumption.

    This machine can also be fitted with LINK technology that will assist the fleet owners to keep a track of the machine’s utility or like the total amount of fuel it has consumed, the productivity, the idle time etc. These many features are available at a very reasonable price as CAT is not charging a fortune from its customers. It is ideally within the reach of many but those who find it to be a bit expensive can go for borrowing money from lenders to buy the machine.

    The purchaser should keep into deliberation the project requirement before going for the purchase. If the project is huge then he has the option for going for more advanced excavators but if the project is not that big then the 336F will suffice his business purpose.

    Caterpillar 320E L Excavator

    An excavator is perhaps the second most useful heavy equipment after a bulldozer. It is not that other heavy equipment are not so useful but no other heavy equipment can replace an excavator in terms of the various functions it can perform on the job site. An excavator is a multirole machine and can be used for various purposes like digging the dirt out, loading it in an articulated truck, it is also useful for agricultural purposes and so on and so forth. An excavator means a lot to a mining or a construction company as without it, it will be very difficult for them to sustain in the ever changing business environment.

    Caterpillar is one such company that specializes in manufacturing class excavators. The reason why they are good with their products is they keep into consideration the needs and wants of the customers and accordingly they try to put in their innovative minds into work resulting into real classy machines for the end users. One such model that has been real famous among its users is the 320E L excavators. The engine model of this machine is C6.6 ACERT with a displacement of 403 in3 and with a net power of 153 hp.

    If we speak about the dimension of the machine, the maximum length of the machine is 31 ft 4 in, maximum height is 12 ft 3 in and the overall width is 10 ft 5 in. The ground clearance of CAT 320E L is 18 inches and the dig depth of the mono boom is 24 ft 10 in. The fuel tank capacity is 108.3 gallons and hydraulic tank capacity is 37.8 gallons. The operating weight of the machine is 48940 lbs. They have tried to keep the weight of the machine appropriate to its size.

    Knowing the importance of possessing an excavator especially when one is in the construction business, caterpillar has ensured that the price of the machine should be within the reach of everybody and therefore if one intends to buy the machine, he should not find it hard to procure it. However, if you still find it outside your reach then you can get it financed from any financial institution and can pay the loan in easy installments. It is however necessary to pay the installments on time or else it may lead to repossession of the machine.

    The CAT 320E L excavator can be bought directly from the company or from an authorized dealer. You should be very conveniently able to locate an authorized CAT dealer in your city. Placing the order with them will suffice the requirement to get the machine shipped to your place. You can pay the money in one go or can pay in easy monthly installments. All that should be informed to the dealer at the time you are making the purchase.

    The other option is checking out few online stores that deal with CAT excavators. There you will easily find the 320E L machine for sale.

    Check these steps to operate the useful heavy equipment- excavator

    Construction business has become very popular from last few years. Due to its amazing facilities and profit, it has made a very strong position in the market. Excavator is one of the most useful equipment of construction site that help the workers to perform many works. Without a proper excavator you cannot work on the construction sites. It actually makes your work smooth and easy. However, before using excavator in your site, you have to know how to operate this machine. It is very important to know every single detail of this machine and then use it in your worksite. Here are some tips on operating an excavator. Check this out-

    • At first you have to select a machine for your work. If you are going to work in a small place or you have to dig a ditch for irrigation projects then you can rely on the small or mini excavator. However, when you are required to dig a large landscape project, then it is good to purchase an excavator like Bobcat 335. It will make your work easier. You will get excavator in different sizes. You should buy the machine according to your work priorities.
    • It is very important to look on the manual and get familiar with the different description of the controls. You have to know how to control the machine. As it comes in different shapes and sizes, thereby, you should always know the different ways of controlling it.
    • You have to sit on the driver’s seat in order to familiar with the Gauges, controls and the restraint system of operator. On the right side of the machine you will find the ignition key. During the time of operation you should look on the oil pressure, fuel level and of course the engine temperature. There will be a seat belt for you and you can use it.
    • You have to know the detail of controlling the joysticks. It is important to know how to move or handle the joystick. Joystick helps to handle the bucket or boom assembly and the machine’s other function. When you will release the machine, it will come back to the neutral position. For operating the machine it is really important to get familiar with joystick.
    • There will be two long steel rods along with handles. These are the steer controls of drivers. Each one helps to control the rotation of the machine and help it to move forward. If you can push a stick forward then it will help the machine to turn in the opposite direction. If you can manage to push the controls more then the machine will start to move faster.
    • There is a small pedal or a button on the left side of the machine. It helps to control the high speed, and helps to move the machine from one location to another with high speed.

    These are the basic steps of operating an excavator. If you can manage to learn these steps ten you will be able to operate this equipment properly.


    Get the detail information on New Cat 311F RR Excavator and use it

    Are you going to start your own business?  Well, it is a very good decision but you need to be very careful on choosing the right field. Construction business is the best business arena that can bring huge success for you within short time. Therefore, you should try to indulge in this business in order to get success and make money. Running a construction site is not an easy job, you need to be very careful and buy the perfect heavy equipments to maintain your work site. There are many heavy machines that help to continue your work in your site. Without the help of such heavy machines you cannot work properly in the construction site. Among the other popular machines excavator is the most popular one. It helps the workers to dig the field properly and enjoy the best services. The latest cat 311F RR excavator is the best machine that is powered by 70 net horsepower. It has 4B engine that provides great performance and is highly standard.


    Features of the machine:

    • It is a very useful machine that has 5,400 pounds of counterweight. So it is a very strong and stable machine that can easily handle difficult heavy duty works.
    • It comes with a unique design that actually creates space for a full size cab. All these features help to improve its productivity and help the operator to work with it comfortably.
    • It is a fuel efficient machine that helps the workers to perform their work smoothly. It has a useful hydraulic system which actually helps to work properly.
    • This Cat 311F RR excavator has unique engine along with idle shutdown feature and different performance levels which are adjustable. With the help of these features the excavator work properly and give many advantages.
    • This cat 311F RR excavator is very environment friendly machine because it runs on biodiesel as well.
    • The small cab of this equipment offers easy controls, great visibility and large service doors.  So, it is safe and comfortable to work with this machine.

    The all new cat 311f RR excavator has the best features that help it to work smoothly. Its innovative features ensure the stability of the heavy duty cab’s structure. Its undercarriage is made of high tensile steel elements which make sure that it can perform for many years and many applications. Its internal components are made flawlessly so it works properly. So, this equipment can be the most useful equipment for your site.


    You should definitely purchase this machine to enjoy its smooth and perfect work. It helps you to perform your work easily.




    A Basic Degree Of Skill Is Sufficient To Operate An Excavator

    In early years when the excavator was newly introduced in the construction arena, it was considered as a toy and can be used very easily to get the required work done. However, now the situation has changed completely and with the kind of changes the construction industry has seen during the last few decades, it has compelled the heavy equipment manufacturing companies to modify the machine and bring in technological advancements to meet the requirements of the end user. Therefore, what was once considered a toy perhaps no longer fall in that category. Having said that, it no where imply that learning to operate an excavator is a tough business. It is rather considered a simple task and operators master the art of playing with the system in no time.

    We would be discussing how one can operate an excavator and what are the things that he needs to keep in mind before he starts off with the machine.

    Nature of work:-  The excavator is meant to dig deep in the earth but not all excavators have the potential to go that deep. That is why, excavators manufacturing company manufactures different models that are used for different purposes. They also vary in weights. Hence, it is important to know the kind of project you are in and then you can determine the type of excavator you would need for the project. Ideally, the rule is you can use a compact excavator to dig on a small plot. However, if you are working on a big project where you are given a big piece of land to excavate, the huge excavators are the one you’d be looking for.

    Know your machine well:-  Many a times we take the longer route to do a particular work which could have been done at a lesser duration. This happens due to lack of knowledge of the machine you are working on. An operator is supposed to know almost everything about the excavator (barring few technical things which are known by the mechanic). It helps to perform the work at a much faster pace and with great accuracy. Also, if you tend to know a bit of technical stuff, it comes handy in many ways. For instance, you see the excavator is not working at its full swing. You assume the problem is with a particular part of the machine which after doing a thorough check is found to be faulty. You immediately get that fixed and therefore save a good deal of time of your company by recognizing the problem in the first stance. This was only possible by someone who knew a lot about the machine.

    Work under an expert:-  Working under an expert fills you with a lot of positivity and helps you learn more from his experiences. You may not commit the mistake which was once done by your trainer/senior. If you have the urge to learn, they will be the best teacher for you.